How did Pedro M Muniz die? DJ cause of death Explained


How did Pedro M Muniz die? DJ cause of death Explained

Pedro M. Muniz, a DJ, and producer well known for his work in the dance music sector have passed away. Let’s see how he died and Pedro M Muniz cause of death

How did Pedro M Muniz die?

We are devastated to share the news of Pedro M Muniz’s passing. He passed away after a long battle with cancer. One of Pedro’s friends shared the news on his official FaceBook page, the statement reads,

My dear long-time Friend Pedro M Muniz has a serious battle with cancer right now as most might know. I promised him I wouldn’t say anything last year about the situation. Now that it is public, I want to inform those who might not know. He is in a battle for his life right now. Keep him and the family in your prayers. From playing at Jackson with him to becoming great friends outside in our personal life, he is truly one of a kind. He needs everyone’s support at this time.

Pedro M Muniz cause of death

As per online reports, Pedro M Muniz’s cause of death was determined as cancer. Other information regarding his death has not yet been revealed. Once there is sufficient information, we will update the page. We’ll soon post more details about Pedro M Muniz cause of death.


Pedro M Muniz: Biography

Since 2003, Florida’s house scene has been influenced by Pedro M Muniz, better known in the dance music industry as DJ/producer Pedro M.

Muniz, who was reared in South America after being born in Baltimore, Maryland, now calls Tampa, Florida home, where he maintains the quality of his name and music.

In the middle of the 1990s, he started working on his artistic endeavors and co-founded the production business PMNOCTEM EVENTS.

His entire life had been devoted to music, and while still in college, he began DJing on the weekends, which eventually blossomed into a lucrative business.

Chus & Ceballos, Roger Sanchez, Riva Starr, Cocodrills, Luciano, Richie Hawtin, Mark Knight, Paul Oakenfold, David Tort, and many other well-known musicians have all supported Pedro M.

A notable track Muniz has produced throughout his career is “Hear Her” (Original Mix), a Progressive experiment that he worked on alongside Mobin Master and Tony Puccio, that gained significant support from well-known musicians like Avicii Tim Berg and was included in the soundtrack for the 2014 Hollywood comedy “Let’s Be Cops.”

He collaborated with the European producer Sabb to release “Earth” (Original Mix) through Noir Music in 2014. It debuted at #23 on the top 100 Beatport overall charts and went on to become one of the summer tech anthems of that year (and is still being played around the world today).

He has showcased his skills at several prestigious events and festivals, including Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Pacha and Space Ibiza in New York, Numero Uno in Malta, Summerland Music Festival in Cartagena, Colombia, Barcelona Summer Week, Goa Beach Club in Barcelona, Valley Vibe Festival in Australia, Toto in New Zealand, Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), and many others.

RIP messages to Pedro M Muniz :

Lino said,

I have bad news for everyone. Pedro M Muniz has passed away today. RIP PEDRO my brother in arms you will always be. I’m so heartbroken right now about losing one of my best friends. 

Harim said,

I don’t know where to start my brother, Pedro M Muniz. Rest In Peace, my kind friend. I’m having a hard time keeping it together right now. I prayed for a miracle through your battle in recent days and I’m still praying for you. I also pray that there is an afterlife & that I will see you there and we can connect like the good old days. You were an amazing human being and I’ll never forget your nurturing friendship and kindness. You were one of a kind. I love you brother.

Aslam said,

No mortal man can achieve immortality, but as long as he lives in the words and minds of those around him he is immortal. It is not often in life we get a friend like you. It is even rarer that we get to say a proper goodbye. Good luck on your final journey home to Peru. For anyone that ever came out to one of our events with Departures Fridays, it would not have been possible without PEDRO M He gave me a chance when no one else would. Please share your memories of the man and our party so that he may live on in us.

Nick said,

Rest in peace my friend!! It was a pleasure to coincide in this life! We owe you a lot, my brother! Pedro M Muniz we’ll see each other again!!. Rest in peace


How did Pedro M Muniz die? DJ cause of death Explained

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