Did Tasha and Chad Murray plot a murder? How did Murray’s wife die? Revealed

Tasha and chad murray

Chad Murray was married to Sarah Fenn and they had two children together. After a van crash, Chad’s wife Sarah passed away and Tasha married Chad just two months after her sister’s demise. Let’s see how did Tasha and Chad Murray plotted the murder and how did Murray’s wife die in detail.

What happened to Murray’s wife?

Chad Murray met with the van crash and she passed away from the injuries. A mysterious church van crash leads to the husband of the deceased wife marrying his deceased wife’s sister just two months after a horrific crash.

Chad Murray’s wife Sarah hit an accident and she died away in the tragedic incident that happened on April 2022. After her death, her sister Tasha married Chad Murray after two months. This questioned everyone whether Murray’s wife’s death was a planned murder or it’s a natural accident. After posting a photo of herself and her new husband from their wedding, a bride received negative feedback online.

Accident explained:

Oklahoma Highway Patrol indicates that the Watts bakery’s van was being driven by Sarah Murray when it collided with another vehicle on Feed Mill Road. In addition to McKenna Littlejohn, 11, of Westville, who suffered head and internal injuries, Aubrey Murray, 13, also a resident of Westville, was also pronounced dead at the scene. There were nine kids under the age of 15 on the school bus.

White male Chad Murray, 37, of Westville, was transported to Washington Regional Hospital in Fayetteville by First Flight. He had internal and head injuries and was treated before being released. Later, he reportedly got readmitted.

A 14-year-old local girl was admitted with internal head and body injuries but was otherwise healthy.
Another woman from Westville, age 13, was transported by First Flight to the Little Rock Children’s Hospital in critical condition after suffering injuries to her head, legs, and chest. Adair County EMS transported a 10-year-old boy from Westville to Silom Springs Regional Hospital in Silom Springs, Arkansas. He had internal head and torso injuries when he was treated and eventually released.

Larry Valentine, 61, of Kenny Hill, Arkansas, the driver of the 1991 Dodge Ram, was pronounced dead at the site after suffering multiple wounds. Asa Valentine, 25, of Lincoln, Arkansas, was their passenger and was transported by first flight to Mercy Hospital in Springfield, Missouri, where he is currently listed in critical condition after suffering internal injuries to his head and chest.

Brooklyn McDonald, a previous pupil at the school and the daughter of Kim McDonald, said she was still extremely attached to the Murray family despite being placed in Westville schools this year for educational options. She was Sarah’s very first boss.

“Sara was my first employee, and she worked for me at a flower business. It’s still registering in our minds; it’s hard to believe. It still isn’t genuine”, said McDonald.

Tasha’s statement:

Sarah’s sister Tasha Fenn sent the following to McDonald’s and others from school at 5 a.m. Friday: “My sister was driving her 15-passenger van and was hit on the head. We don’t really know what happened.” No. They were in Watts by the feed mill and the speed limit is 50 mph. There was an extensive investigation and we need to know more today. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through.”

Sarah’s sister Tasha said, “Alexis, 7, is at Children’s in Springdale and I’m with her. Chad was in Washington Regional and was released, but when he woke up he passed out so they admitted him back in. We had our sister Sarah Lost Lynn Fenn Murray and Aubry Lynn Murray, 13, my niece, and our little friend, McKenna Littlejohn. Miley Littlejohn, 13, is at the Children’s Hospital in Little Rock and McCoy Littlejohn was at the Children’s here in Springdale, where we are He’s got staples on his little head; he had a great wound. My Thaddeus, 2, was here too, but he’s going well. He has minor bruises and keeps asking for his mom.” Later Sarah Murray passed away from the injuries sustained in the accident.

Marriage announcement on social media:

Even though it appeared to be a typical wedding announcement, the woman wed her deceased sister’s ex-husband just two months after she passed away. Bride Tasha shared her wedding-related photos on her Facebook. After the bride wed the husband of her deceased sister, people were appalled. Many negative feedbacks and criticisms flooded in her post.

The public reacted to this post and leaves a comment on her post saying that it could be a murder.

Tasha’s post:

Tasha shared her wedding pictures where Tasha and Chad are together and in her Facebook post, she stated: “I prayed and God answered, in more ways than I could have imagined. Mr. & Mrs. ~ July 19th!”

“I love you more than life, Mr. Murray!!!”

In Westville, Arkansas, the bridegroom was engaged in a van accident that killed his wife and one of their daughters.

The picture shared by Tasha was uploaded to a well-known Facebook group with the message, “Y’all… This is her sister’s husband; her sister and niece passed away in an accident barely TWO months ago!

Comments on Tasha’s post:

They couldn’t have even waited six months, could they?” one person asked. The bride has promptly criticized for her “strange” behavior.

“Yes. God killed off your sister and niece so you could have a husband. That is EXACTLY the way God works his miracles. You nailed it sis!” a group member who was enraged wrote.

“I’m more than slightly horrified that her sister’s death was the answer to her prayers. Wtf was she praying for? How accidental was the accident, for real?” one person questioned.

“So basically she prayed for her sister and niece’s death. The only way she could’ve gotten to basically start fresh with her new man. They were probably having an affair while the poor sister was still around. If I were one of her family members I’d fight and then disown her so f**king fast,” commented another.

“If my sister marries my husband two months after I die, I’m haunting her,” a person said.

A different viewpoint was presented by other members, who claimed that sorrow may bring people together.

One said, “I’m not in on this one. Everyone grieves differently. Maybe they are the type that feels life is too short and nothing is guaranteed so they should live life to the fullest.

OR maybe they’re inconsiderate jerks. Either way, it’s a sad story,” one suggested.

“Grief is grief. I’m not going to shame someone for making a choice I don’t think I’d make in the same situation. You do what you have to do to survive after something life-altering like that. Things get messy,” another stated,

Possible explanations for the hasty wedding were also provided by a nurse who works at the hospital that cared for the family following the disaster.

“I remember when this happened, it was a horrible car accident involving an entire family on their way home from church.

“Some in the community suspect the reason for the speedy nuptials is because a) they were already cheating, b) he needed a mom for all those kids, or c) both,” she wrote.


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