How did Yoshi die? Japanese enka singer cause of death Revealed



How did Yoshi die? Japanese enka singer cause of death Revealed

The Japanese entertainment industry was shocked because the male singer died at the age of 19. On the 6th, media personality Fifi (46) mourned singer and actor Yoshizumi Sasaki, who died in an accident while riding a motorcycle. Let’s find out what happened to him and Yoshi cause of death in detail

How did Yoshi die?

Nikkan Sports reported that male singer and actor Yoshi had an accident on the morning of November 5. The incident left him severely injured and later died.


Singer and actor YOSHI (real name = Kasumi Sasaki) died in a traffic accident at a hospital in Tokyo on the 5th. On the 6th, his management office officially announced this tragic incident.  According to his family, the funeral and farewell ceremony will be held only by close relatives. A memorial service will be held at a later date.

Yoshi cause of death

Fifi quoted YOSHI’s obituary and tweeted, “I was impressed by the strong impact when I appeared on TV. She continued, “I learned that YOSHI passed away. Just recently, when I passed the band vocalist for ‘YOSHIKI SUPERSTAR PROJECT X’. YOSHIKI was overwhelmed by his power and was evaluated as “having a rock soul.” This is too sad.”

YOSHI participated in an audition for a boy group produced by YOSHIKI of X JAPAN. Shortly after midnight on the 5th, YOSHI was hit by a truck while riding a large motorcycle at a prefectural road intersection in Tama Ward, Kawasaki City. He was taken to the hospital but was pronounced dead at 2:17 am on the 5th.

Kanagawa Prefectural Police have arrested a 60-year-old self-proclaimed company employee who was driving a truck on suspicion of violating the Automobile Driving Death and Injury Punishment Act (negligible driving resulting in injury). YOSHI was born on February 26, 2003, in Hiroshima Prefecture.

When he was 13, he met fashion designer Virgil Abloh, and became a hot topic on Instagram, appearing in fashion shows. He made his debut as a singer in May 2019 with the album “SEX IS LIFE”, and in September 2019 he made his debut as an actor in the movie “Taro no Baka”.

Who was Yoshi?

YOSHI was born in Hiroshima Prefecture on 26th February 2003. At the age of 13, he was spotted by the late fashion designer Virgil Abloh and became a model for many brands including Helmut Lang.

In May 2019, he became a singer and created an impact on the Japanese music scene. In September of the same year, he took on a cameo role in the movie “Stupid Taro” (タロウのバカ) alongside the actor Sugata Masaki.

According to a report by the fashion website WWD Japan, Yoshi disclosed that his father was born in Hong Kong and worked as a designer in Okamura (オカムラ), a large Japanese furniture company, while his mother worked in a textile company. Yoshi recently participated in “YOSHIKI SUPERSTAR PROJECT X”, a rookie show produced by X JAPAN leader YOSHIKI.

YOSHI’s Instagram stopped updating on May 18th. In the last post, he wrote, “Trauma, only the person who created it can erase it…” In a room surrounded by mirrors, wearing a blue top, Posting a selfie shot.

This last post included “It’s too early…” “I still can’t believe it” “It’s too early I loved Yoshi-Kun’s song Thank you RIP” “No matter how many times I read the article I can’t believe it” “Sad” “Go I pray for the repose of the soul.” “I loved Yoshi-Kun’s song.” I will live. He is still young and has a lot of talent, but I pray that he rests in peace.” I was surprised… I don’t know what to say, but I pray from the bottom of my heart that he may rest in peace.” “I’m speechless.” Rest in peace,” “Eternal star,” “Even though I still have a long way to go.

16-year-old YOSHI debuts “CHERRY BOY”, from 1st album “SEX IS LIFE”

One of the newest musicians signed to Universal Japan’s Virgin music label is YOSHI. 

He supposedly began when he was 13 and gained notoriety for his excellent sense of style.

Being a person with many connections, his official Instagram is full of images of him visiting fashion events from all the major companies, like Louis Vuitton, OFF-WHITE, and Alexander Wang. 

He also enjoys posting photos of his well-known “friends,” like fashion designer Virgil Abloh.



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A post shared by YOSHI (@yoshi.226)

Even Japan’s Shinzo Abe, the prime minister, has come into contact with him.

In advance of his September acting debut, YOSHI has already begun his musical career. 

His first studio album, “SEX IS LIFE,” is now downloadable digitally in some countries and stores. 

It’s guaranteed to be an interesting listening experience with song titles like “COBAIN,” “INSANE,” and “MORE TO ME.”

“CHERRY BOYmusic “‘

The main promotional song “CHERRY BOYmusic “‘s video has been posted to YouTube. 

The song, which has been dubbed an “aggressive hip-hop number,” has passionate lyrics like “My mama told me to tidy my room, shout woo, CHERRY BOY.”

In the MV, Yoshi plays around in an empty parking lot, pretending to play the guitar, dancing in front of a flaming piano, and reclining in a cherry-filled bathtub. 

Look it below:



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