How did Mimi Parker die? Cancer battle and Cause of death Explained


How did Mimi Parker die? Cancer battle and Cause of death Explained

After a battle with cancer, Low’s Mimi Parker, whose otherworldly vocals helped define slowcore, passed away. Let’s look into Mimi Parker’s Cancer battle and Cause of death in detail

How did Mimi Parker die?

Alan Sparhawk, Mimi Parker’s husband, and bandmate confirmed her passing. Mimi Parker was the drummer, singer, and songwriter for the Minnesota indie band Low. Parker received a December 2020 ovarian cancer diagnosis. Her age was estimated to be 54 or 55. On social media, the band posted the information.

“Friends, it’s challenging to express the entire universe in a few words, but She went away last night surrounded by love from her family and friends, including yours. Protect and revere her name. Give this opportunity to someone who needs it. Indeed, the most significant factor is love.


Mimi Parker’s Cancer battle: Explained

(August 15 statement from the band)

Low had to postpone their forthcoming foreign trip due to Mimi’s recent health issues.

‘Changes’ in Mimi Parker’s cancer treatment, according to the American indie music duo, have rendered “travel difficult at this moment.”

Parker, who received her ovarian cancer diagnosis in 2020, spoke up about it for the first time this year in a SHEROES Radio podcast episode from January.

The postponements will affect several international events, including their appearances at the UK’s Connect Festival on August 27 and All Points East on August 26.

We have to postpone our forthcoming concerts this month in Wales, Scandinavia, England, and Scotland, the band announced on Instagram.

Some of you are aware that Mimi has been battling cancer. Extensive travel is not currently possible due to recent advancements and treatment adjustments.

We are hoping that she will respond to the new medications and be able to perform at the shows we have planned for the upcoming season, including the Water Is Life festival on September 4 in Duluth.

“We sincerely apologize for any trouble caused by the changing of tickets and related travel costs. We appreciate your kind wishes and prayers as we do the same for all of you. I’m grateful. Peace.” Mimi Parker’s death from ovarian cancer in November 2022 stunned the indie rock community.



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Low American (band)

Low is a 1993-founded American indie rock band from Duluth, Minnesota.  Alan Sparhawk (guitar and vocals), Mimi Parker (drums and vocals), and Steve Garrington are the group’s original members (bass guitar). 

Parker and Sparhawk are wed, and they have two kids. Since 1994, the group has put out 12 studio albums, with 2018’s Double Negative receiving some of the highest reviews in their history.

Mimi Parker (1967/1968-2022) and George Alan Sparhawk (born 1968 or 1969) were originally connected in primary school in a little community outside of Bemidji, Minnesota. 

Eventually, they got married, fell in love, and relocated to Duluth, where they started their band. 

They are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, where Sparhawk has stated that “our spiritual convictions embrace our complete lives and knowledge of who we are and what we do.” They have two children, Hollis and Cyrus[29]. 

At the age of nine, Sparhawk moved from Seattle to Minnesota. Sparhawk has assisted the Maasai people in Kenya through charitable endeavors. 

He played a Christmas show to gather money to construct a school there where children had previously been meeting in the shade outside after a buddy of his became a friend of the community of Namuncha.  He counts his visit to the Maasai as one of his most spiritual moments.



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Tributes and condolences messages were poured on social media for Mimi

Many of the band’s peers paid tribute online. “I heard the news in the most base circumstances, surrounded by degenerates, stuck and cursing, in a conference room in Deerfield,” wrote producer Steve Albini. “I was momentarily overwhelmed, the sound of her voice resonant in my memory, beautiful and heartbreaking. Godspeed Mimi Parker. Requiescat.”

Beak>, the Bristol trio led by Geoff Barrow, also of Portishead, said: “We can’t express how saddened we are by this news. Mimi & Alan have created some of the greatest music of our time and to have spent time with them was a very humbling experience for us. A beautiful couple. Our thoughts are with Alan and their family.”

Nathan said,

Power, strength, and love to you & family. We feel incredibly privileged to have shared some wonderful experiences with you. We celebrate life and the positivity you brought to our world. We will always keep those moments close to us, and hold them as an inspiration. Peace & love

 Mathew said,

My heart broke and I get that impact was felt in a weird parasocial way from the fan to the artist. So I can only imagine how much greater an impact she has left on those that truly knew her. She was a light and may she remain so even in the darkness of the grieving process. I wish peace in the hearts of Alan and their family as they process and deal with the heaviness of grief. Sending love out to the universe in this difficult time.

Cata said,

I’m so so sorry Alan. To you and your family. Such a terrible loss. Ovarian cancer is so cruel. My mom died from it last year. I will be keeping you and your family in my thoughts. RIP Mimi

Andy said,

I’m so sorry to hear this. Mimi had the most beautiful voice, was clearly a kind, witty soul, and was part of my favorite band of all time. You were responsible for my favorite ever gig and for my daughters’ first gig (they loved sitting up in the stalls at the Hackney gig in April). Praying for you and your family.

Mickey said,

I’m so sorry to hear this truly awful news. Mimi, thanks for so many beautiful songs which you sang like an angel. You made so many of us so very happy. Rest in peace. Love to you and the family, Alan x x x



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