Why did Doja Cat announce Quitting? Will she come back?

Why did Doja Cat announce Quitting? Will she come back?

Doja Cat announced quitting on her Twitter page. Let’s see Why did Doja Cat announce Quitting and Will she get back to the game again.

Doja Cat’s music career has come to an end… Thanks to Twitter.

That is, at least, what the musician and rapper claims after going toe-to-toe with the Twitter mob over a canceled show in Paraguay.

Her first blunder was going online after performing at Lollapalooza in Brazil on Thursday night.

Doja admitted to putting on “not a good enough show,” but pledged to do better on Friday night. Her fans in Paraguay were irritated because she never apologized for skipping a festival performance there earlier this week. That show, however, was canceled due to a devastating storm and floods… thus it was not DC’s fault.

Anyway, Doja’s answer to the ludicrous outcry was “I’m not sorry,” which sparked a Twitter feud with supporters and even Paraguayan media.

She finally responded, “I moved on, I’m just going to let people be mad,” and changed her Twitter account to “I quit.”

Doja also said that she wouldn’t be taking photos with anyone after her current tour

“I can’t wait to f***ing disappear, and I don’t need you to believe in me anymore,” she raged on Twitter. She said, “I’m a f***ing fool if I ever thought I was built for this. It’s a f***ing nightmare. Please unfollow me.”

Doja capped it up by saying, “This s*** isn’t for me, so I’m OUT. Take care of yourselves.”

BTW, she’s slated to tour with The Weeknd in North America this summer… so we sincerely doubt she’s finished — but, way to go, Twitter. Are you pleased now?

Will Doja Cat ever get back again?

Apart from Why did Doja Cat announce Quitting the main question around her fans is will Doja Cat ever get back again.

According to a source close to Doja, she still plans to play tonight in Brazil and “is looking forward to it.”

Also, a recent post singing Rihanna’s ‘Kiss It Better’ on her Instagram shows that she is still in the game.


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