Why David Mellor warns Harry and Meghan Markle? What if the couple attend King Charles’s coronation?

Harry and Meghan Markle

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were encouraged to skip next year’s Coronation by a group of political heavyweights, senior military officials, and eminent historians last night. Let’s see why David Mellor warns Harry and Meghan Markle and what if the couple attend King Charles’s coronation in detail.

Why shouldn’t the Duke and Duchess of Sussex attend the Coronation?

One former cabinet minister stated that Harry and Meghan “categorically should not attend” at Westminster Abbey on May 6 when Charles is crowned amid a chorus of well-known voices urging them to stay at home in response to the backlash to their explosive Netflix series.

Additionally, a shocking poll found that 48% of Britons think Harry should be removed from the succession plan and that close to 50% think the Sussexes should lose their royal titles.

Why would they attend the Coronation if they despise the Royal Family so much, the former head of the Conservative Party Iain Duncan Smith raised the question. They shouldn’t attend the Coronation, said senior Tory David Mellor in agreement. They should not come at all.

He said, ‘They make money out of selling their family down the river.’ I think it should be made clear that the British people do not want them there.’

In addition, he said, “people ‘would be perfectly entitled to boo if the couple did turn up, They are a sad pair and there is no chance for them on their current course.”

The historian and author Lady Antonia Fraser continued, “I hope they don’t arrive because I want the King and Queen to be the center of attention. It worries me that if they come the cameras might waste time on them. They should stay holding hands in Hollywood.’

Nearly half of respondents in a poll conducted today for The Mail on Sunday agree that the pair should not be allowed to attend the Coronation.

Harry and Meghan have disclosed that the iconic song they danced to in their first dance as husband and wife was to the iconic 60s hit Land of a Thousand Dances.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have seen in a recently released video celebrating their wedding in 2018.

Netflix series:

Critics have criticized the Netflix drama’s debut edition, which has a 15% audience approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Following a ceremony at Windsor’s St. George’s Chapel, the newlyweds kiss each other at their wedding reception.

The majority of Britons think their royal titles should be removed. The final three episodes of the Netflix series, which will be available on Thursday, were promoted with the publication of yet another teaser yesterday.

With Meghan is describing herself as “spinning like a whirlwind,” Harry and Meghan disclose that their first dance on their wedding night was to Wilson Pickett’s Land of 1,000 Dances.

What is the people’s opinion?

Nearly 50% of Britons believe Harry and Meghan should lose their royal titles in response to criticism of their Netflix documentary.

Harry should be removed from the succession. Only 19% of respondents disagreed with the survey’s finding that they should lose their titles, compared to 44% who agreed.

Harry should not be included in the succession, according to a comparable percentage, 42%, while 23% disagree. About one-third, 28 percent, think they should be disallowed from attending the Coronation of King Charles III, with 31 percent disagreeing.

The survey, conducted by findoutnow demonstrates the stark differences in opinions across various age groups.

Only 16% of those between the ages of 25 and 34 agree that the Sussexes should relinquish their titles, compared to 51% of people over the age of 65.

Twenty-six percent of respondents who saw the TV show felt less sympathetic toward Harry and Meghan, compared to four out of ten who thought it increased their sympathies.

A different Deltapoll survey refutes the couple’s claim that they have received unjust treatment from the media. Overall, 51% of respondents believe they have been treated fairly, while 31% believe they have been handled unfairly.

Additionally, that survey revealed that 49% of respondents believe in the monarchy is good for Britain, with nearly two-thirds (65 percent) believing we should remain a monarchy and more than half (55 percent) believing we will still have a monarchy in 50 years.

What is the story of their Netflix series?

The upcoming documentaries are anticipated to include even more startling information about the couple’s break with the Royal Family in addition to details about their courtship.

Harry said in the early episodes that Meghan was “handled differently” from others because of a “racial element.” Thomas Markle angrily refuted his daughter’s claim that another person texted his daughter while he was in the hospital.

Meghan’s claims that palace officials told her not to invite her niece to her wedding to Harry were denied;

Commonwealth leaders have vehemently refuted the claim that it is “Empire 2.0”; According to reports, Prince William is “infuriated” that Harry included footage from their mother’s Panorama interview, which Martin Bashir obtained by deceit, in the program.

It is said that the Royals will still extend an invitation to Meghan, Harry, and their children to the Coronation because they are still much-loved members of the family.

Do Harry and Meghan attend Coronation?

Leading Establishment figures, however, came together yesterday night to urge them to avoid attending, with one senior Tory MP stating, “I wouldn’t have them attending anything in my constituency, let alone the Coronation.”

Bob Seely, a different Tory MP, said: “If I were them, I’d stay away, but they obviously want to attend and profit from it after.”

“There is plenty of precedent for not inviting people who would be a distraction too and detract from the focus of the great day,” he said. “Queen Caroline wasn’t invited to George IV’s Coronation, The Duke and Duchess of Windsor weren’t at George VI’s in 1937, and Elizabeth II’s German relations weren’t invited in 1953.”

According to one expert, the claims the couple made in the Netflix programme posed a security concern to the Royal Family’s active members.

Former chief of royal protection Dai Davies stated, “I feel strongly about this.”

Considering what has been spoken, whether it be a falsehood, a half-truth, or a ridicule of the Royal Family, how can anyone want them to be allowed to the Coronation? We don’t know what poison will be released next.

It is offensive to Britain and British people to portray the monarchy and the Commonwealth as being racist.

‘This also gives rise to a very serious security issue. The false narrative presented in this series could give rise to people with a fixation on the Royal Family to enact their families.’

Margaret Holder, a Royal author, said: ‘I think the Sussexes will simply not be invited to events, or they will be advised diplomatically not to attend because it would mean all attention goes on them and not on the Royal Family.’

‘It is the hunter versus the prey’:

Harry’s alleged PR stint after the Duke, 38, claimed in his new Netflix documentary that the ‘majority of my memories are of being swarmed by paparazzi.’

Meghan’s experience was also contrasted by Harry to that of his mother, Diana, who is seen in this image being trailed by a photographer while in her car.

The allegation of a publicity stunt follows Harry’s comparison of Meghan Markle’s internet harassment to paparazzi trailing his mother, Princess Diana.

To watch another lady I love to go through this feeding frenzy is difficult, he admitted in episode two of their shocking Netflix documentary.

The duke of Sussex detailed how his wife, 41, has frequently been the subject of online bullies and said that their interaction is “essentially the hunter versus the prey.”

Harry remarked, “When my mother was growing up, there was physical intimidation, cameras in your face, and people chasing you. Paparazzi still harass people, but the harassment exists more online now.

“The social media harassment starts as soon as the photos are published and the story appears next to them.”

It’s difficult for me to watch a woman I love to go through this feeding frenzy. Harry also discussed his early encounters with photographers.

He remarked that the majority of his memories involved being surrounded by paparazzi and that they seldom ever went on vacation without someone leaping out of a bush carrying a camera.

The counsel that is consistently given inside the family and throughout the system is to not respond.

Don’t feed into it,’ he explained.


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