How did Tariku Birhanu die? Actor cause of death Explained

Tariku Birhanu

The young Ethiopian Film actor, director, and producer named Tariku Birhanu also known as Baba passed away. Let’s see, how did the Ethiopian Actor die and Tariku Birhanu cause of death in detail.

How did Tariku Birhanu die?

Ethiopian artist Baba has worked on more than 40 Ethiopian Movies. He had an amazing talent for playing any characters as needed. The Fauna Broadcasting Corporation has confirmed that the young film star Tariku Birhanu has passed away due to an illness he suffered from.

Tributes flooded social media after the demise news of Baba broke out. The fans, friends and family of the Tariku Birhanu has shared their heart-felt condolences.

EndAmharaPain shared his condolence saying,

“Artist Tariku Birhanu has passed away. The famous artist #Tariku_Birhanu/Baba, who is known for making many movies suddenly got sick today December 2nd, 2015 E.C. I heard that he passed away in the morning. RIP”

Tariku Birhanu cause of death:

The famous artist Tariku Birhanu aka Baba passed away due to a sudden illness. Tariku Birhanu cause of death was an illness. however, the type of illness he suffered from is not known yet.

According to information gathered by Al Eye Amarna from artist Tariku Birhanu (Baba)’s classmates, Tariq has been sick for a long time and has been receiving treatment for the past few months.

The artist Tariku Birhanu (Baba) died this morning while receiving treatment, according to the artist’s co-parents.

Who was Tariku Birhanu ?

Tariku Birhanu (Baba) is an artist who began his career in the arts at an early age. Birhanu has been in over 40 films. Baba, an artist rose to prominence after acting in several Ethiopian films.

The artist Tariku Birhanu was born and reared in Teklehamanot, a neighborhood in Addis Abeba’s Addis City Sub-city. Tariku Birhanu has participated in local art associations since his childhood, acted in many films at a young age. The 30-year-old artiste has starred in more than 40 Amharic films and won many accolades and awards.

Among the films in which the artiste has starred are 300k, ABCD of Love, Bletena, Bole Mangeka, Like Husband and Wife, The Engineers, Reconciliation, Eorika, My Case, Your Country, My Life, Life and Laughter, Heavy Weight, Love and Facebook, Beyond Words, Laundry Boy, Our Star, Martreza, Mechesh – Son of Arada 2, The Foolish Son of Arada, Searching for Marriage, One Two, Love Me Don’t Steal, My Bird Stopped, My Brother Jacob, As a Joke, Woto Adder, Fatherland, The Nanny’s Sons, Swallow Us, The Cave, Gossip and Young They are the main ones in 97.

Artist Tarikhi Birhanu (Baba) was survived by his wife, actress Kalkidan Tibebu and one son.

Tributes to Tariku Birhanu

Temesgen Worku Baro posted,

I’m really saddened and shocked when I hear the tragic and unexpected death news of this young Ethiopian Film actor, director, and producer named Birhanu Tariku(Baba).

He has left and passed something special in the heart of many Ethiopian movie lovers including me. He had an amazing talent for playing any characters as needed. It’s a big pain for his fans to lose him while they were expecting something new as usual.

I really want to express my deepest and heartfelt condolence for his beloved family, co-workers, fans, and the whole Ethiopians.

Kotola Dida posted,

Tariku biranu Tariku Birhanu (Baba) May your soul rest in peace Ethiopian film actor Tariku birhanu Baba😭😭

Zemen Addis posted,

This is so heartbreaking. 

Artist Tariku Birhanu #Baba has passed away. The painful death of a young man. This world is nothing but nonsense. We say we are alive today but we don’t know what will happen next. Rest in peace !! 

Tariku birhanu baba Fans posted,

We can’t believe our condolences to Tariku Berhanu’s fans and families.

Birhan Ayinewatweeted,

posted, Artist Tariku Birhanu (Baba) has passed away. it is really heartbreaking. May the heavenly host guide you in peace. Condolences to his family, relatives, friends, and all. May your soul rest in peace.


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