Who was Ryheam Damon Brown? Why the suspect shot and killed by Lynchburg Police? Explained

Who was Ryheam Damon Brown? Why the suspect shot and killed by Lynchburg Police? Explained

Lynchburg man Ryheam Damon Brown who produced a gun during a police chase died after an officer shot him, the Lynchburg Police Department said. Let’s see more details about the incident in the following.

What happened in Lynchburg Thursday night?

According to the Lynchburg Police Department, one man is dead following an officer-involved shooting in Lynchburg Thursday night. On Thursday, just before 9:23 p.m., officers were called to the 700 block of Grady Street for multiple reports of shots fired.

LPD said an officer tried to stop a vehicle on 12th Street that they believed to be involved. But, the driver took off and tried to get away from the police.

Who was Ryheam Damon Brown? Why the suspect shot and killed by Lynchburg Police? Explained

Who was Ryheam Damon Brown?

After Driver took off from the spot, the driver got out of the vehicle and ran into the area of Pierce and 14th Street. After a short foot chase, the officer encountered the suspect in an alleyway in the 1400 block of 17th Street. LPD said the suspect pulled out a firearm and the officer then shot the suspect.

Police said they performed life-saving measures at the scene until the Lynchburg Fire Department could take the suspect to Lynchburg General Hospital. 25-year-old Ryheam Damon Brown, from Lynchburg, later died at the hospital.

Investigation On-Board

Virginia State Police is now investigating the incident and the involved officer has been placed in a non-enforcement, limited-duty status until the investigation is complete. A Lynchburg police officer is on limited-duty status after shooting a suspect Thursday night, says the department in a news release posted to its Facebook page.

Requests for any additional information should be directed to the Virginia State Police.

The Lynchburg Police Department (LPD)

The Lynchburg Police Department (LPD), as it is organized today, was not officially established until 1866, or shortly after the end of the Civil War. City Council, which was known then as the Common Council, adopted an ordinance to found a “Police Force for the City of Lynchburg.” However, as long as there has been a town or city of Lynchburg, there have been police officers protecting it.

Social Media Response

Pat Sump Posted

Good work Officer! Am grateful for your action and that you were unharmed in carrying out your duties. Thank you for your serv to the community and stay safe!

Could have all been prevented! These youngsters have no respect for themselves or any type of authority! When a cop says stop just stop and I’m sure the officer probably said it a hundred times before weapons were involved! Play stupid games and win stupid prizes!

Joanne Mobley

So young, it breaks my heart to know he gave his life for this. Senseless. Praying for the family and for the officer. I know it’s traumatic on both sides.

Sussane Posted

Actions have consequences. We all try to teach that to our children. Praying for the officer and the family of this young man. Better to be in jail for a few than dead.

Misty Rb

Before I say anything I want to see the body cam that’s how you know it was justified so I can’t say who is right are wrong as of now.

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