Who is Tyyaun Sullivan? Meet the arrested suspect in deadly Columbus gas station shooting

A second guy has been detained in connection to the shooting death of a 21-year-old at a Sheetz gas station in northeast Columbus. Let’s see Who Tyyaun Sullivan is and about the deadly Columbus gas station shooting in detail.

Who is Tyyaun Sullivan?

On Thursday, Tyyuan Sullivan, 19, was taken into custody in the 3200 block of Rabbit Hill Lane in east Columbus.

In connection with the shooting that killed 21-year-old Kevin Sobnosky on October 30, Sullivan was charged with three counts of felonious assault.

On November 15, warrants were submitted for Sullivan. He was transferred to the Franklin County Jail, where he will be arraigned on Friday early in the morning.

Tyyuan Sullivan is the second suspect in the incident that has been detained.

Columbus gas station shooting Incident

A report of gunfire in the neighborhood prompted police to be responded to the Sheetz at 1485 North Cassady Avenue.

Three men were travelling close to the gas station on the 1400 block of North Cassady Avenue at around 3:50 a.m. on October 30 when gunfire from the parking lot struck the vehicle.

Kevin Sobnosky was struck by one of the bullets and was transported to the hospital with severe injuries. On October 30, shortly after 4:15 p.m., Sobnosky was declared dead.

Other Suspects

Keimariyon Ross, 18, surrendered on November 10 after being charged with murder in connection with the death of Sobnosky.

18-year-old Malachi Demetrish Ross was detained on November 14. He was charged with nine crimes by a Franklin County grand jury, including Kevin Sobnosky’s murder.

Police Investigation

A report of gunfire in the neighborhood prompted police to be dispatched to the Sheetz at 1485 North Cassady Avenue.

The hospital where Sobnosky later passed away from his wounds was located by Columbus police. Police were informed by the three people who took him to the hospital that the shooting took place at the gas station.

Sobnosky, a native of Youngstown, was in Columbus with the other males from out of town, according to CPD’s commander of the major crimes bureau Mark Denner, who made this statement in early November.

Denner reported that Sobnosky graduated top of his class from Girard High School and on the dean’s list at Youngstown State University.

At the location, where there were apparently several gunshots, police discovered 20 shell casings.

During the ongoing inquiry, CPD listed up to 12 people as potential witnesses.

Eight individuals with semi-automatic rifles allegedly emerged from the gas station, sparking a gunfight, according to the police.

On Friday, Tyyuan Sullivan is due to be arraigned.

Court Statement

According to Franklin County Municipal Court records, surveillance footage shows Sullivan leaving the store with a woman and getting into a black car.

Tyyuan Sullivan was seen reaching out the passenger window and firing shots at a crowd of people leaving Sheetz as the car began to move away.

According to records, no one was hurt by the gunfire.


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