Who is Derek Gotchie? Meet the Minnesota dad saves 4 children taken during carjacking

According to the Minneapolis Police Department, a father used the suspect’s vehicle to pursue a stolen automobile with his kids inside on Wednesday night. Let’s see Who Derek Gotchie is and how Minnesota dad saved 4 children taken during carjacking in detail.

Carjacking Incident

According to reports, the suspect in the case drove a stolen car to Minneapolis’ 800 block of Russell Avenue North.

The suspect then took another car, this one carrying four little children, all under the age of five.

Minneapolis police said,

“Derek Gotchie, of Burnsville, used a vehicle left behind by the suspect, which was later determined to be stolen, to track down his own vehicle, which still had his four children sitting in the backseat. The father rammed his own vehicle and the suspect fled.”

Who is Derek Gotchie?

The father of children, Derek Gotchie, who was nearby, jumped into the suspect’s stolen automobile and chased after it until, according to the Minneapolis Police Department, he rear-ended the car around Plymouth Avenue North and Penn Avenue North.

Around 8:30 p.m. yesterday, Deanah Gotchie of Burnsville claimed she was dropping off some belongings at a friend’s home in the 800 block of Russell Avenue North. For a short instant, her husband Derek got out of the car to close the back door.

The family’s car was quickly hijacked by a suspect, who escaped while the four young children were still inside.

Deanah Gotchie recalled,

“I turn around, and I’m like, ‘What?’”

“I look out the door, and I see our tail lights leaving.”

How Minnesota dad saved 4 children?

Derek Gotchie noticed that the suspect’s stolen, abandoned van was still running. He decided to engage and pursue the suspect.

He said,

“I didn’t know what to do.”

“I’m jumping in there, I’m going after my kids.”

The pursuit ended quickly. Near Penn and Plymouth Avenues, a few streets away, Derek Gotchie caught up with the suspect.

The rear bumper of the GMC Yukon was harmed after Derek Gotchie collided with the SUV while pursuing car thief, as seen in this photo provided by the Gotchie family.

He added that the suspect stopped to allow a car to pass, and the father jumped on the opportunity as soon as he went back onto the road.

“I just hit the back of my truck and pushed him into this alleyway to pin him against this fence,”

Derek Gotchie said.

It works. The truck stopped after the suspect rear-ended the car slowly, got out, and fled, leaving the children behind.

The family’s truck’s rear bumper was harmed, but no one was hurt.

Gotchie’s son statement

During the pursuit, the little son of the Gotchies reportedly requested the suspect to slow down. Deanah Gotchie arrived at the site eventually, and the police informed her of what had occurred.

I questioned the policeman, “Did you find them?”.

His response was, “Your husband did.”

“What are you talking about my husband did?” said Deanah Gotchie.

“I got there, and I hear the story, I’m not surprised at all, I’m not surprised at all. I’m like, ‘Yup, that sounds like my husband.’


Authorities claimed that the guy got out of the car and ran off on foot. No arrests have been reported, according to the police.

There were no injuries recorded.

The event is currently being looked at by MPD.


The family has put up GoFundMe campaign to pay for the costs of fixing their car.

To Helphttps://www.gofundme.com/f/help-derek-dee-cover-expenses?utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet&utm_content=undefined&utm_medium=copy_link_all&utm_source=customer&utm_term=undefined

People Comments

People have been commenting about this issue. Some of them praised the Dad for his heroic act and some have commented about the judicial and the safety measures provided by the Government.

Robert Gotchie posted,

“Proud of my Brother Derek good job. thank god everyone’s ok. #dadoftheyear”

Lavanne clay Cloud tweeted,

“Holy shit bro that’s incredible glad the babies are ok!! Derek Gotchie”

Cocaine McCaine tweeted,

“Wow. Good job protecting his kids! Kind of surprised he’s not facing charges by backwards HennCo prosecutors. (Not saying he should be, just that the CJ system is that irrational.)”

Stopthe Insanity tweeted,

“Now he has to pay for the damages caused by some thug. Doesn’t matter if the thug is caught. Judge will release anyway.”

Rand Sibet tweeted,

“Minneapolis is a huge shithole. Jacob Frey is the Mayor of the shithole.”

Ashley Lannum commented,

“Wow! What a courageous story! One hell of a man and father!!!!! Teared me up reading this!!! So glad you got your kids, praying for your family in such a traumatic event!!!! 💜🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽”


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