How did Pete Sutherland die? Instrumentalist and Folk Musician cause of death Explained


How did Pete Sutherland die? Instrumentalist and Folk Musician cause of death Explained

A folk musician from Vermont Pete Sutherland passed away at 71. Let’s learn more about his passing and Pete Sutherland cause of death in detail.

What happened to Pete Sutherland?

Pete Sutherland, a well-known musician from Vermont who excelled at and loved playing music with others, passed away in Montpelier on November 30.

According to his buddy Mark Sustic, he had cancer and used Vermont’s Death With Dignity Law to terminate his life with medical assistance. 71 was Sutherland’s age.

Sutherland performed traditional and folk music as a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, composer, and arranger.

According to those who played with him, his main instruments were the violin, guitar, and piano, and he was a sensitive and creative accompanist and ensemble performer.

Sutherland coached and tutored young musicians as well. On the same melody, he could call dances and play the violin.

Grey Larsen, a well-known Irish tin whistle and flute player remarked, “It was a wonderful delight to be able to produce music with Pete.


Pete Sutherland cause of death 

As per the online reports mentioned above, it was confirmed that he passed away from cancer complications.

Sutherland, Larsen, and Malcolm Dalglish, a musician of the hammer dulcimer, created the group Metamora in the 1980s. The ensemble performed across the country, in every state bar Hawaii, and published three albums.

He played the fiddle with both ferocity and tenderness as if he were singing through it, according to Larsen. He had a very vivid imagination for chords, harmonies, and counterpoints as a guitarist and pianist.

Additionally, Pete writes with a great deal of heart and knowledge. Sutherland was raised in Shelburne after being born in Burlington.

Although he had taken piano lessons as a child, his musical talent had already emerged. Twenty years ago, his mother told a reporter, “Peter could hum a familiar tune before he could talk. Sutherland started taking music seriously in college and self-taught fiddle and banjo.

Who is Pete Sutherland?

Over the years, Sutherland participated in a variety of bands, including Pete’s Posse and the Clawfoot Strutters. Additionally, he gave private lessons and taught music in classrooms.

Artistic director of Young Tradition Vermont

He served as the artistic director of Young Tradition Vermont, a youth music and dance program connected to the Vermont Folklife Center. Sustic, the executive director of Young Tradition Vermont, declared that “Pete had a gift.” “A gift of seeing things and hearing things other people didn’t hear in the clamor of everything that’s going on in life, and in a music group.”

Sustic continued by saying that after referring to Sutherland as “talented,” he “got into problems” with Sutherland. He wanted to contribute, but he didn’t want to stand out among the herd as a talented individual, according to Sustic. Sustic, however, claimed that Sutherland both improved the playing of musicians around him and met individuals “where they were” as a musician. “It would be so right, you just wanted more of it,” he recalled. “You just kind of fell into his arms.”


Cindy Kallet, a musician and singer, visited Sutherland the day before he passed away with Larsen, and she praised his compassion and skill in mentoring budding musicians. Kallet proclaimed that Pete’s guidance was “renowned.” “Pete seeds are spreading everywhere, including in Vermont.”

Sutherland performed a song titled “Farthest Field” with Kallet, Larsen, and other visitors on November 29. “Walk with me and we will see the enigma unveiled / When one day we wend our way up to the distant field,” the song’s lyrics read.

Sutherland informed a buddy through email that evening that his time was running out. He remarked, “I feel completely at peace and ready.”

Pillar of the traditional music

Pete Sutherland, a stalwart of the traditional music scene in northern Vermont, is well-known both domestically and abroad for his distinctive musical voice on the fiddle, piano, banjo, and song, and as a songwriter.

This discussion focuses on Pete’s role as a mentor for the next generation and his ideas on music and songwriting, but it also touches on a variety of other topics.

It was partially recorded live in front of an audience at the Northeast Heritage Music Camp and was finished later in the week when there was some free time.

Tributes to Pete Sutherland

Neal said,

Pete Sutherland will be missed by so many. What an inspirational artist & musician & human being. May the LIGHT always shine on you. 

Laffan said,

Well damn. I unexpectedly found myself in Costa Rica once playing a fiddle tune with an incredibly patient Pete Sutherland…I met him other times but that one was special. have always been so inspired by him- he was one of the good ones. And I only got to spend the day with Aline Kominsky-Crumb but she sure was super nice. The artists are flying away at a record rate …

Oliver said,

His lyrics, his melody, my fiddle tune, our arrangement, our song. Farewell brother, teacher, mentor, father figure, colleague, and deep friend. As you said in your final months, nothing changes as you depart, your impact lives on in so many ways, for so many of us. We will only miss the chance to make further memories with you. Love you so much. 

Avery said,

Along with many others, I’m definitely feeling the loss of Pete Sutherland. I feel fortunate to have gotten to know him, and always appreciated the various formal and informal opportunities to sing or musically collaborate, or just to chat and learn from him. I’ve always been particularly impressed and moved by how giving he was as a teacher and mentor and admired the kind ways he took so many young people under his wing. I’ll remember, the shape note singing next to him, Revels 2013, the Village Harmony/ Young Tradition Vermont collaborations, and all the times running into him in Addison County, Burlington, and Central Vermont in various cafes or audiences to talk politics, music, or whatever. A beautiful person with true integrity and generosity. I’ll miss you, Pete!

Carla said,

The world lost a wonderful human being this week. Pete Sutherland was a long-time friend, fellow musician, and the producer of three of my albums. His inventive musical direction brought a new dimension to my music, for which I am forever awed and grateful, not to mention the pure joy of working with him.

Pete Sutherland cause of death. Here is one example of his arrangement prowess. He and Claudia Schmidt and I put this together, with the backdrop of genius percussionist Eric Robnett. I wrote the lyrics and melody as a cappella song. Pete created all the harmony parts, which I consider to be brilliant.

Fare thee well, Pete, wherever you may be. I wish I could hear the parts you are making up now. They must be heavenly.



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