McKeesport shooting: Who is Johnathan Jermia Morris? Suspect shot and killed officer Sean Sluganski and injured Charles Thomas


McKeesport shooting
McKeesport shooting

A shooting in McKeesport resulted in the death of one cop and the injury of another. Let’s see who Johnathan Jermia Morris is in detail.

What happened to McKeesport police officers?

McKeesport Police Officer Sean Leonard Sluganski died, and another officer named Chuck Thomas was injured in the shooting that occurred on Grandview Ave. & Versailles Ave.

Officers were responding to a domestic disturbance complaint on Wilson Avenue when they came across the suspect on Grandview Avenue.

According to Allegheny County police, the suspect, Johnathan Jermia Morris produced a weapon and started shooting two officers.

Officer Charles Thomas is now in stable condition after being critically injured and rushed to the hospital along with Officer Sean Sluganski.

In a gunfight with a third cop, the suspect, Johnathan Morris, also sustained injuries and was taken to the hospital.

He is now being accused. Sadly, Sean Leonard Sluganski died as a result of his wounds.

Chuck Thomas, a second McKeesport police officer, suffered leg and face wounds. He is now in critical condition in the hospital.

Suspect accused of murder:

The suspect, Johnathan Jermia Morris, who shot two police officers is now in custody. Charges have been brought against Johnathan Morris in relation to the shooting.

Pittsburgh County police late Monday filed homicide and related charges against Morris for killing one and injuring the other officer.

Charges against Johnathan Jermia Morris, 31, of 1411 Wilson St. include two charges of attempted homicide, two counts of aggravated assault, and homicide.

Officer Sean Sluganski, 32, of the McKeesport Police Department, was fatally shot while on duty.

Jonathan Jermia Morris
McKeesport Police Officers

Who is Johnathan Jermia Morris?

Johnathan Jermia Morris is a 31-year-old suspect who is accused of killing one McKeesport Police and injuring another.

Police claim that Johnathan Morris also shot fellow officer Charles Thomas. Candance Taylor, KEMorris’ mother, was a former McKeesport police officer.

Police were called to Morris’ home, per the criminal complaint, when his mother reported that her son was “having a PTSD episode” and acting “aggressively” towards her.

Morris’s mother allegedly told police that he had a gun. According to the complaint, when police arrived on the scene, the mother reported that her son had left the house.

Later, when he was discovered running, an officer, later identified as Sluganski, radioed, “Watch his right hand in pocket, appears real heavy.”

According to the complaint, another cop who was later identified as Thomas radioed in to report that shots were fired and he was struck. He fired back and hit Morris in the leg.

According to the complaint, Morris then fled to the Uni-Mart parking lot on Versailles Avenue and informed two individuals that he had been shot.

Morris shot at a third McKeesport officer as the two witnesses were assisting him. After then, he was arrested.

Morris was known to the police, they said on Monday.


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