Who is Samaya Anderson? Teenage girl shot and killed in South Jackson


Who is Samaya Anderson? Teenage girl shot and killed in South Jackson

A 15-year-old girl was fatally shot at a South Jackson intersection. Let’s see Who is Samaya Anderson, is and why the teenage girl was shot and killed in detail.

Who is Samaya Anderson?

On the crossroads of Meadow Lane and McCluer Road, a teenage girl was shot and died on Wednesday night in South Jackson. Just before six o’clock in the evening, Jackson police responded to calls and discovered a body at the intersection.

Samaya Anderson, 15, was later identified as the victim, according to Hinds County Coroner Sharon Grisham-Stewart. Witnesses reported hearing almost a dozen gunshots.

What happened to her?

One witness, who desired to remain anonymous, reported that she heard gunshots and peeked outside her window to see a man running on foot westbound on McCluer.

She claimed that he looked to be shooting at random while running. Around the woman who had been shot, a crowd started to gather. The shooter then turned around and started running east while firing at the onlookers. After then, according to the witness, the gunman was put in a car and driven away.

How do People react to this incident?

Mccree Chasity

What is going on with our youth??!!!! This does not sit well with me at all! My heart goes out to her family and other families that are losing their kids to gun violence. Our youth don’t give a cow for human life!! Y’all have not even reached the peak of your lives to just take another life. We have to get these kids in the church, we need something for these kids to do to occupy their time when they are out of school.

Parents we need to get together to find a solution. We have to save our kids!!! This is too much for me. for her family. Lord, please place your armor of protection around our kids! Lord keep them from harm is seen and unseen father God. Lord direct and lead their path in Jesus’ name! Amen! 

Brandy Prewitt Rubio

What a beautiful girl. Praying for her family, especially her mother. Why in the world? 

Jae Phillips

This is so sad…When are the city officials going to “DO SOMETHING” or request ASSISTANCE from outside agencies? Enough is Enough

Mag Paige

This is my opinion… ok we all see that the enemy and his HELL hounds are robbing these children of their lives… the devil comes to kill, steal, and destroy.. he doesn’t care who the child is on his list! So parents we got to go back to the village. If you don’t know where your child is ask your neighbor. It’s time or past time on getting these young teenagers off the streets and at home with their families or at grandma’s house. It’s time for a change to come!! I know what it feels like to lose a young adult at 37 from an illness. My God I just don’t understand these babies being killed.

This is too much to handle. Where does it stop? I’m glad I asked myself.. when parents become accountable for their teenagers.. don’t misunderstand me, I know they will get out of hand. But you’re still responsible for them. If they don’t listen and obey you. put them under house arrest.. whatever you have to do, death is forever unless they were saved by Christ. I’m dealing with pain.. and it’s terrible pain for my son. I know I’ll see him again. It hurts to keep hearing about these teenagers dying is my whole point.




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