Pius MacIsaac dies, A well-known Guitarist cause of death explained

Pius MacIsaac

Pius MacIsaac, a well-known Guitarist from Cape Breton passed away. Let’s see how did Cape Breton musician die and Pius MacIsaac cause of death in detail.

How did Pius MacIsaac die?

Pius MacIsaac, a Cape Breton Celtic musician who performed at numerous ceilidhs, dances, and concerts throughout Inverness County, sadly passed away today.

MacIsaac was a Cape Breton artist from Mabou. He was a frequent performer at the community events and parish hall dances that draw so many tourists to the island.

Pius helped people to experience music by hosting his small ceilidhs at the Mabou Seniors Lounge every second Thursday night throughout the winter.

He started doing it last year around November and continued it through the winter. He is known for his passion for music.

Pius MacIsaac cause of death:

Pius MacIsaac, a member of the Cape Breton music community passed away suddenly. His demise news was confirmed by his family members. Tributes flooded the social media once the demise news broke out.

Although Pius MacIsaac cause of death was not disclosed. Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available.

Pius was a talented composer who performs his original music on the guitar, violin, and mandolin. He is a well-known performer in Cape Breton and is frequently seen providing strong, percussion-based guitar rhythms for many of the best fiddlers on the island.

Leo MacIsaac shared his condolences, saying,

“RIP Cousin Pius Macisaac, you were one of a kind. This YouTube video by Dismatsek Michael Nikas brought tears to my eyes this morning. It features a Christmas song Pius wrote, but more than that, it shows the strength and the heart of a man who overcame so many obstacles in life.”

Who was Pius MacIsaac?

Pius MacIsaac was a Cape Breton Celtic musician. The music played a significant role in Pius’ life after he first picked up a guitar at age 13.

Pius was raised in Foot Cape by his parents, Angie D. and Stella MacIsaac, who came from a large family of 14 children.

“I try to have a different musical guest each time; I’ve been joined by many friends including Shelly Campbell, Rodney MacDonald, Kenneth MacKenzie, and the Campbell Sisters of Southwest Mabou. I’m pretty happy with the turnouts we’ve been getting. It’s a good thing to do for the winter. I think it cheers people up and brings a little joy into people’s lives,” Pius told The Oran

“The feedback has been very good so far. I enjoy being able to play music and bring smiles to people’s faces. That’s what music means to me. It’s gotten me through a lot of periods in the past where I’ve struggled with depression,” Pius added.

Pius appeared in a music video earlier this month that was made by Michael Nikas of the Banks Schoolhouse. In the video, Pius can be heard singing a Christmas song he wrote himself.

“Look out your window and see the snow falling, how beautiful it is. Everyone is full of joy, that’s what Christmas is.”

“Fr. Stanley MacDonald got me my first guitar and I started playing and have been mostly self-taught ever since.

In the early 1990s, I had the opportunity to play with Buddy MacMaster and fairly regularly with Kinnon and Betty Lou Beaton. I grew up listening to Celtic music on CJFX and The Hawk, hung around with The Rankins a lot when I was going to school in Mabou and through the 1990s had the opportunity to play a lot with Natalie and Ashley,” Pius added.

“I mostly play by ear. Pious said, “I do write some tunes and I put them down on tape and I write a few of my own songs as well”.

At Soundpark Studios, Pius collaborated with Jamie Foulds to record two of his own CDs.

With the exception of one song sung by his friend Jeannie Beks, the first CD, Music From the Heart, which was released in 2003, is entirely instrumental. Pius released The Greatest Gift, a new CD, in 2005.

A friend and special guest Mac Morin, Kenneth MacKenzie, Kimberley Gillis, and Chrissy Crowley can be heard on that CD, which combines songs and Celtic music.

He will often perform with his friends, including his nephew Ian MacDougall (fiddle), Joe MacMaster, Sandra Gillis, Gregory Campbell, Doug Lamey, Kevin Lesvesconte, and others.

Tributes to Pius MacIsaac:

CBFM – Cape Breton’s Favourite Radio Station posted,

Another big loss in the Cape Breton music community. Rest in peace Pius

Lee Tremblett tweeted,

A great loss for the Cape Breton music community. This guy introduced my love for the music, and the people of Inverness and area. RIP Pius Macisaac.

Wendy MacIsaac posted,

Sad to hear the news about Pius. He loved music and was so very generous with it. Condolences to his family and friends.

Nerea The Fiddler posted,

The world lost a wonderful soul and an even greater musician, Pius MacIsaac. Pius played guitar on a few tracks of my first album. He did each recording in one take. He was a gem, a great musician, a fun dance partner throughout my childhood and a kind soul. We miss you Pius, Rest in Peace.

Rob MacIsaac posted,

We lost a great one today. My cousin Pius was strapped to a guitar for as long as I can remember. Have a listen, do read the caption, and love one another.


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