Who is Caleb Swafford? Man who killed by Houston police officer responding to call


Who is Caleb Swafford? Man who killed by Houston police officer responding to call

Police in Houston struck and killed a man while responding to a call, the HCSO reports. Learn more about Who is Caleb Swafford the man who killed by a Houston police officer responding to a call in detail.

Who is Caleb Swafford?

The guy who was struck by a Houston police officer in north Harris County late Wednesday has been recognized by family members.

Around 11:37 p.m., a collision occurred in the 5500 block of Aldine Bender close to Picton Drive. According to HPD representatives, the officer was responding to a report without turning on his lights or sirens.

Family members have identified the fatality as 24-year-old Caleb Swafford. He was at some point walking to a friend’s home to spend the night there when the HPD officer struck him while driving in the middle lane on Aldine Bender. The officer attempted to save Swafford after exiting the car, but he passed away at the site, according to authorities.

The victim’s brother recognized him as Caleb Swafford. According to Cameron Swafford, his brother was crossing the street to visit a buddy who was staying at a nearby apartment building.

“If I had been driving too fast and had run into someone, I would already be in jail. The same outcomes ought to occur, you understand?” stated Swafford.

Police Investigation

This occurred on Aldine Bender Road at Lee Road, just west of the Eastex Freeway, sometime after 11:30 p.m. The officer struck and killed a guy who was standing in the center of the road while responding to a report without turning on his lights or siren, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, which is in charge of the investigation.

According to investigators, the implicated police officer turned around to try to assist, but Swafford died. Although it doesn’t appear that speed played a role in the collision, Sean Teare of the Harris County District Attorney’s Vehicular Crimes Division said that the investigation will take that into account.

Additionally, they are looking for any security footage of the incident. The involved officer has worked with the Houston Police Department for two years, according to the department.

He will be put on administrative leave while the matter is looked into. A grand jury will ultimately determine whether or not charges should be filed in the matter. For everyone concerned, including the police, Teare said, “these incidents are really unfortunate.”

In less than a week, this is the second fatal auto-pedestrian accident involving a Houston police officer. A person was struck by a Houston police officer on Friday while crossing the East Freeway near Lathrop, not far from Wayside Drive.



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