Who is Ryan Sanders? A suspect who kidnapped and brutally assaulted an elderly woman arrested explained

Ryan Sanders

Ryan Sanders is the suspect detained by the Nye County police for assaulting the elderly woman. Let’s see who is Ryan Sanders and why did he assault an elderly woman in detail.

Who is Ryan Sanders?

Ryan Sanders is a Nevada man who is detained after allegedly kidnapping, harassing, and assaulting an elderly woman in Pahrump. According to reports, the suspect demanded that the victim to tell him “where the money and guns are in the house.”

According to the local sheriff’s office, Ryan Sanders was detained after reportedly breaking into an old woman’s home, choking, assaulting, tying up, and kidnapping her.

Ryan Sanders

“Dedicated search efforts made to find wanted fugitive Ryan Sanders by NCSO Detectives and US Marshalls [sic] resulted in the detention of the Sanders. The Nye County Sheriff’s Office reported, “After a long day, we are delighted to report that Ryan Sanders has been taken into custody, is en route to the Nye County Detention Center, and has been arrested ”

What happened to the victim?

The victim attacked by the Sanders is now hospitalized. The 73-year-old victim was sleeping in her bed on Nov. 21 when she awoke to find Sanders seated on her breast. According to an arrest warrant, he strangled her and warned her she would die.

During the incident, he was reportedly wearing a black mask, black top, and black gloves. According to the authorities, the man repeatedly beats the woman while demanding “to know where the money and guns are in the house.”

The suspect eventually tied her up and taped a plastic bag over her head. He is also accused of hitting her in the head with a heavy object, causing her to pass unconscious. The suspect felt that he had abandoned the woman for dead.

Why did he assault an elderly woman?

The suspect entered the woman’s house and robbed some of her belongings. According to the report, Sanders eventually forced the woman into the trunk of her Chrysler vehicle. Sanders then loaded many of the victim’s possessions, including personal papers, a computer, and her pocketbook, into the victim’s Honda before moving the woman from the Chrysler to the Honda, according to the arrest warrant.

The woman was in the trunk as Sanders made several stops, including Desert View Hospital and a Mexican restaurant, before making his way back to the victim’s house, according to the arrest warrant. Sanders allegedly forced the victim into an abandoned RV nearby after removing her from her Honda and covering it with a tarp, according to the arrest request. The victim was allegedly assaulted sexually once again by Sanders.

However, the woman was able to get assistance from a neighbor after awakening the following morning. She was taken to a nearby hospital, but as of Tuesday afternoon, there are no updates on her health.

According to authorities, Sanders made an attempt to sell the woman’s two cars by claiming to be “selling them for someone else.”

How did the police arrest the suspect?

Authorities were able to capture the suspect after a daylong manhunt on Wednesday in the town of Pahrump. According to the sheriff’s office, his 13-year-old son, who was present at the time of his arrest. His son is currently in the care of Child and Family Services, is in good health.

A long list of offenses is brought against Sanders, including attempted murder, attempted sexual assault, kidnapping in the first degree, false imprisonment, domestic burglary, grand theft, sexual assault, and battery.

The crimes are being described by authorities as revenge attacks rather than random ones. He is detained at the Nye County Detention Facility.


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