How did Rosa Isela Castro Vazquez die? Merciless Couple Cuts Unborn Baby from Womb, cause of death explained


How did Rosa Isela Castro Vazquez di


Mexican woman who was eight months pregnant died after being hacked open by a couple to remove the unborn child. Learn more about Rosa Isela Castro Vazquez’s cause of death and how she passed away.

How did Rosa Isela Castro Vazquez die?

According to officials, a couple in Mexico killed an eight-month-pregnant woman after they cut her open to tear out her unborn child, who was luckily saved alive.

20-year-old Rosa Isela Castro Vazquez was last spotted last week on her way to visit a woman she had been corresponding with online and who had offered to provide her secondhand baby clothes, according to local law enforcement.

Following her disappearance, Vazquez’s husband notified authorities about online exchanges that revealed she had intended to meet the lady in the eastern state of Veracruz, according to local sources.

Rosa Isela Castro Vazquez

Who were the suspects?

The expectant mother was seen in surveillance video meeting the suspect outside the pharmacy and being put into a car, according to the reports.

Prosecutors revealed that the pregnant woman’s body was ultimately discovered on Saturday during a raid on a ranch, with the unborn child removed.

Merciless Couple Cuts Unborn Baby from Womb

Local sources claimed that on the same day, a woman only known as Veronica “N” aroused questions when she brought a newborn to the Veracruz Regional Hospital but was unable to verify that it was hers.

When Veronica “N” and her companion Gonzalo “N” were detained, “they had a newborn minor with them, which was retrieved safe and sound,” according to officials.

Rosa Isela Castro Vazquez’s cause of death

The two were charged with femicide and kidnapping when they stood before a court on Monday. According to an official involved in the inquiry, the woman attacker was unable to have children of her own, so they allegedly cut up the victim to obtain her fetus.

According to official statistics, more than 3,700 women were killed in violent Mexico in 2021, with almost 1,000 of the killings being femicides. Although infrequently, such horrible crimes have also been committed in the US. For the murders of Reagan Michelle Simmons-Hancock, 21, and her infant daughter in New Boston in October 2020, Taylor Rene Parker, then 21 years old, was just given the death penalty in Texas.

Attorney General of Veracruz’s Statement

In a statement posted on Facebook, the Attorney General of Veracruz said, “The State Attorney General’s Office…reports that officials of the Ministerial Police arrested Gonzalo ‘N’ and Veronica ‘N’ as alleged perpetrators of [the kidnapping.]”

When the suspects were arrested, “they had a newborn minor with them,” the statement says. Local outlets report that the female suspect took the infant to a local hospital but was unable to prove the baby was her own.

It is unclear if the two alleged attackers have retained counsel who can speak on their behalf or entered a plea.

Feminist collectives’ Statement

Feminist collectives issued a statement to demand justice for the femicide of Rosa Isela and assured that it is not the only one that occurred in Veracruz.

At least since 2018 to date, there has been a record of various cases of adolescent women and girls whose ages range from 17 to 23 years, being just in a state of pregnancy, they have been found lifeless 

However, the Veracruz Prosecutor’s Office rejected that there is a similar pattern in these cases that could presume a situation such as a child trafficking.

Since 2018, the prosecutor’s office only has 3 complaint folders of pregnant girls who were disappeared, we could not talk about an issue like this, I don’t think we can count this case or think that it was this way, from my point of view it is ruled out


Suspect’s motive: A Cruel Reality

Not even the most disturbing script of a fictional film can overcome this cruel reality… She was kidnapped to get her baby out of the womb, to fulfill an alleged obsession by a woman, who couldn’t be a mother, and she did it at all cost.

The unfortunate death of Rosa Isela RIP. Luckily her baby is alive, while the alleged perpetrators are in custody. Veronica wanted to give her new partner a family; she killed and stole the baby from #RosaIsela

Veronica Troncoso, detained for the murder of Rosa Isela Castro Vazquez, was constantly pressured by her new partner, Gerardo Galván, who joined her in months past. She, a mother of 3 from another marital relationship, underwent birth control surgery seven years ago. She couldn’t turn back time and the fights over the same topic wore the novel marriage more and more out.

But in love, and in order not to lose her new husband, she made a macabre plan that ended with the life of Rosa Isela Castro Vazquez, all to steal her baby to make her pretend and give her beloved the much-desired family.

Supported by a subject known as Gonzalo N, from the town of El Rincon (who only received a thousand pesos as payment), Rosa Isela was deprived of liberty. They tied her to a chair. They tied his hands and feet up nicely as well as a gag. With a sharp knife, they took her and opened her belly very carefully so as not to cause harm to the baby.

Rosa Isela was brutally killed

Without anesthesia, without minimum medical care, Rosa Isela was brutally stripped of what she harbored in her being for months. Between Veronica and Gonzalo (who, to be clear, is not her current partner) ended her life by placing a plastic bag on her head, later threw her corpse into a river near Rancho del Padre, very close to the conurbation area Veracruz-Boc to the River.

Before throwing her into the river, after having obtained the baby, Veronica took abundant placenta and blood from Rosa Isela and threw it into her intimate partners while calling the ambulance.

When rescuers arrived at her home, they found her covered in blood, with Rosa Isela’s baby on her side, she was perfectly pretending that she had given birth.

So she was taken by ambulance to a hospital, where doctors swallowed the whole story of the alleged murderer, and she was admitted for childbirth.

Veronica was discharged last November 30, the same day she killed Rosa Isela and ordered to throw her into a river, she left that medical center with documentation confirming that she was the mother and that the baby was born at her home, and that this ba perfect of health.

When the Ministerial Police of Veracruz found her, she also had in their possession the baby of the end, she was removed and channeled with DIF personnel who currently has her under care in the Pediatric Tower.

Vero and his accomplice have a tough time ahead, the State Attorney General said in a statement that there will be no impunity in this case and that the full weight of the law will be applied.


#Justice for Rosa Isela





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