Who is Chad Mason? Florida man arrested for public sex with a dog & ruined Church Nativity


Who is Chad Mason? Florida man arrested for public sex with a dog & ruined Church Nativity

After having sex with a Goldendoodle in front of children a Florida man, 36, gets detained. Let’s see Who is Chad Mason in detail.


  • Following his discovery engaging in sexual activity with a goldendoodle in front of children, Chad Mason, 36, was detained on Sunday.
  • When Mason started to cause trouble, he was walking the dog in an apartment complex at the 2600 block of McMullen.
  • The 36-year-old then proceeded to a neighborhood church, where he destroyed a nativity scene and made an attempt to steal a car.

Who is Chad Mason?

After walking a Goldendoodle and having sex with it in front of kids, the man fled to a neighboring church, destroyed a nativity scene, and tried to steal a car. He was then apprehended.

Chad Mason, 36, was detained after being discovered walking the dog with him in the 2600 block of McMullen Booth Road apartment complex. He was charged with lewd display, exposure of genital organs, and criminal mischief to a house of worship.

Clearwater Police Department’s statement

The Clearwater Police Department released a statement saying, “He was spotted having intercourse with a dog… when he was approached by someone at the apartment complex there, he bolted from the scene.”

Mason departed the area, entered the nearby Northwood Presbyterian Church, destroyed the nativity scene, and shattered numerous potted plants. After that, he left the chapel and went to a nearby street where he vandalized a mailbox and made an attempt to steal a car.

Why Mason tried to enter the church?

According to Fox 13, Mason reportedly knew the owner of the Goldendoodle and took the dog for a stroll before engaging in the indecent conduct. Before going on his wild rampage, the 36-year-old waited until he was accosted by onlookers during a sexual encounter with a dog. Mason was observed by a child as well.

The reason he then decided to enter the church is unknown. He entered Northwood Presbyterian Church and destroyed numerous potted plants and a nativity scene before running away into a nearby neighborhood. He tried to steal a car there and broke a mailbox there, according to the police report.

According to the police, Mason’s damage to the plants and nativity scene totaled roughly $400. At the Pinellas County Jail, he was lodged. Last year, a law in Florida approved that classified sexual activity with animals as criminal. A violation of the law can result in a first-degree misdemeanor charge, which carries a one-year prison term and a $1,000 fine. Mason’s punishment is still to be determined.




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