Who is Philipp F? Hamburg shooting suspect shot and killed 7 people at Jehovah’s Witnesses hall before he died

Philipp F

A mass shooting on Thursday night at a Jehovah’s Witness hall in Hamburg, Germany have left numerous individuals dead. The gunman, Philipp F was also died. Let’s see more about the Hamburg Jehovah’s Witness hall shooting suspect in detail.

Hamburg shooting: Explained:

The alleged shooter who opened fire in a Jehovah’s Witness congregation, near Orchideenstieg, killing seven people and critically injuring more, has been named and identified by the authorities.

Armed police were called to a Jehovah’s Witness meeting hall in Holly, Wisconsin, Hamburg, Germany’s second-largest city, soon after shots were heard.

Four minutes later, officers arrived on the scene, and special forces joined them almost instantly. The officers had to break windows to get into the building, where about 50 people had assembled.

The suspect fled to the first floor and was identified as a 35-year-old “sports shooter” with a gun licence. Shortly after, his “lifeless corpse” was discovered.

Nine magazines of ammunition had been shot by him, and 20 more were discovered in his bag.

Senator Andy Grote of Germany claimed that police officers’ “fast and decisive actions” had saved many lives. He added that the assault was the “worst crime” in recent Hamburg history.

The gunman then allegedly killed himself, according to the reports. Former Hamburg mayor and current chancellor Olaf Scholz called the shooting “a brutal act of violence.”

However, no motive for the attack has been revealed as of yet. Lingering disruptions may still occur as a police investigation continues.

Who is Philipp F?

The suspect in the nighttime massacre at the Hamburg, Germany, facility is identified as 35-year-old Philipp F. According to unconfirmed sources, the suspect is thought to have once belonged to a religious group.

German media reported that the shooter, Philipp F, was 35 years old, claimed to be a business expert, and had previously belonged to a religious organization.

He was a former member of the congregation with no criminal record. Some sources says that, the suspect have had “ill feelings” towards the religious community.

German authorities claim that the shooter had a sport shooting license to carry the pistol he used. Police also say they’d earlier received an anonymous letter warning them that the shooter might have an undiagnosed mental health condition.

It appears that the suspect then committed suicide using the same weapon. Apparently, after police officers entered the building, he fled to an upper floor, where he took his own life.

As it was initially unclear whether one or more armed perpetrators were on the run, the police searched extensively in the city area, according to the police.

The police helicopter “Libelle” was also operationally involved. In addition, alerts were issued via “Cell Broadcast” as well as the warning apps “KATWARN” and “NINA” to inform the public. Further investigations eliminated suspicions that another perpetrator was involved.

Who are the victims?

According to reports, the shooting left 24 people with minor injuries, while eight people allegedly suffered serious injuries.

At least eight individuals are thought to have died. Those injured included a Ukrainian and a Ugandan. Today, it was revealed that a baby who had been struck “in its mother’s womb” was one of the victims. The unborn baby has also died. The mother of the unborn baby, who was one of the victims is survived.

Police are still looking into potential motives. Police said, atleast seven people, ages 33 to 60, including the 35-year-old suspect and an unborn child (28 weeks), have died.

Additionally, three people (45, 38 and 22) suffered life-threatening injuries; three others (32, 26 and 22) suffered serious injuries; and one man (32) suffered minor injuries. The crisis intervention team of the German Red Cross provided trauma response care for those directly affected, their relatives and witnesses.

What happened at Hamburg Jehovah’s Witnesses Hall?

Around nine o’clock on Thursday, police responded to 911 calls. According to preliminary findings, a shot was fired in a church on Deelböge street in the GroßBorstel district, leaving multiple people deceased.

“I heard loud gunshots… I saw a man with a firearm shooting through a window and filmed it,” according to the eyewitness who filmed the video of the shooting.

Police said they do not currently have a solid motive for the killing, but they believe there was only one shooter.

“Several people were seriously injured, some fatally. We are on-site with a large contingent of forces.”

The shooter was reportedly a former Jehovah’s Witness between the ages of 30 and 40, according to the German publication Der Spiegel, though police have not verified this.

Despite the fact, that police claimed on Twitter that a sizable investigation was underway in the city’s Alsterdorf neighborhood.

Officers may have discovered a person upstairs who may be a gunman after hearing a gunshot from upstairs when they first arrived.

Police did not have to use their firearms at the site, according to spokesperson Holger Vehren.

Vehren said: “We only know that several people died here. Several people are wounded, they were taken to hospitals.”

Unidentified witnesses reported hearing 12 shots. Police had no information on the event that was taking place in the building at the time of the shooting.

Police officers are heavily armed as they examine the area near a Jehovah’s Witness hall where several people have been killed. “My deepest condolences to the families of the victims. The emergency services are working flat out to track down the perpetrators and clarify the background.”, he added.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are a Religious sect with approximately 8.5 million members, which is separate from the religion.

Police investigation:

Forensic experts in white suits worked all night inside the meeting house’s brightly illuminated interior. “The forces are working at full speed to pursue the perpetrators and clarify the background.”, according to the Mayor.

Police says that, “In order to rule out the involvement of other perpetrators, we carry out checks and search extensively.”

Police have also stated that, “There is no reliable information about the motive for the crime” and they urge the public not to make assumptions or spread rumors.”

Hamburg mass shooting


Police further stated that a significant investigation was ongoing in the city’s northern Alsterdorf neighborhood, which is right next door.

The area is a few kilometres north of Hamburg, Germany’s second-largest metropolis, and its central business district.

Numerous police vehicles and armed officials were seen in the vicinity of the incident.

According to the findings of the police and the Capital Offenses Department of the State Attorney’s Office so far, the man had gained access to the church hall through a window from which he fired on participants in an even

The urgent investigations by the State Attorney’s Office and the police are still ongoing, including into the motive of the perpetrator.


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