Missing: What happened to Alisha Painter? Know everything about the 41 year-old Oklahoma Woman


 Missing: What happened to Alisha Painter? Know everything about the 41 year-old Oklahoma Woman

An adult female from Oklahoma who has been reported missing is being sought by the Pike County Prosecutor’s office, the Piketon Police Department, the Pike County Sheriff’s Office, and the Ohio BCI. In this post, we’ll find out what happened to the missing woman and whether she has since been discovered safe.

Missing: What happened to Alisha Painter?

The search for Ms. Painter, aka. Young is currently being conducted in conjunction with several other agencies. Working together on this operation are the Pike County Prosecutor’s Office, the Piketon Police Department, the Pike County Sheriff’s Office, Ohio BCI, the Southern Ohio Serious Crimes Task Force, and the Piketon Seal TWP Fire Department.

The regions directly to the east of the Sunoco Gas Station in Piketon were searched throughout the weekend by all agencies with the help of a private search and rescue team known as Christian Help Ministries to locate Ms. Painter.

Intense search

A search crew did a grid search while using drones in the region. A white jacket was discovered during the search among some trees close to the sawmill property. About twenty feet from the jacket, a pair of gloves were also discovered, along with shoe prints that vanished into the thick undergrowth. These shoe prints resemble the cut shoes used by women.

This jacket seems to be the one the woman was sporting when she exited her car and out of shot. The ownership of this coat by Ms. Painter has been verified.

Missing Person Alisha Painter found safe (credit: Facebook)


A white removable hood was discovered inside the car when we first started looking around. The hood in the woods was the same brand and color as this one. Moreover, Ms. Painter is shown wearing this jacket in a photograph. The Straight Talk Wireless phone box that was discovered in the car had a phone number, which investigators were able to acquire.

The phone was “pinged,” and Oklahoma was the location. This phone was reportedly left behind in Oklahoma by Ms. Painter.

Investigators are already looking into Ms. Painter’s digital footprint in other areas. Our search activities have grown and gotten more serious as of right now.

Press Release 

The Pike County Prosecutor’s office along with the Piketon Police Department, Pike County Sheriff’s Office, and the Ohio BCI would like to enlist the assistance of the public to help locate a missing adult female from Oklahoma.

On February 27, 2023, the Piketon Police Department received a call about an abandoned vehicle parked at the Sunoco Gas Station on US 23 in Piketon. This vehicle was a Gold 2005 Nissan Altima with an Oklahoma license plate.

The Piketon Police Department ran the tag which returned to a missing/endangered adult female named Alisha Painter. Surveillance footage shows the vehicle pulling into the Sunoco parking lot on February 25, 2023, at 01:47 am. The vehicle parks at the edge of the parking lot.

Around 04:30 am, that same morning, a female matching the description of Ms. Painter is seen exiting the vehicle, walking around the parking lot, and then walking in a South/Southeast direction out of the view of the camera.

The gas station was closed during this time, so the female was not able to enter the store at any point while parked in the lot. She does not come back onto the Sunoco parking lot after she leaves at any point thereafter.

Investigators with the Pike County Prosecutor’s Office and Piketon Police Department have been gathering information about the contents of the vehicle and additional surveillance footage. However, there is no additional evidence as to the whereabouts of the female from the vehicle.

The keys were left inside the vehicle, which contained a purse, cash, wigs, and a Straight Talk cell phone box without the phone. No Identification was found. Investigators are working with Straight Talk to get location pings, subscriber information, and any other information about the phone to track the phone and its location.

Alisha Painter is a 41-year-old female, 5’5 with Blond Hair and Brown Eyes. She is known to change her hair color often by wearing wigs. Ms. Painter suffers from dissociative identity disorder(DID). The female in the surveillance video was seen wearing a white jacket and white pants.

She appeared to be headed South from the Sunoco Station in Piketon. Attached you will find a recent photograph of Ms. Painter and an image captured of the surveillance footage from the morning of February 25, 2023.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Pike County Sheriff’s Office dispatch at (740)947-2111 Option 1 24/7, the Piketon Police Department (740)289-3102, or the Pike County Prosecutor’s Office (740)947-4323 during regular business hours. Thank You.

UPDATE: Alisha Painter Found Safe 

Michael A Davis (Pike County Prosecuting Attorney) Statement

Breaking: A missing Oklahoma lady who had been sighted in Pike County was discovered alive and well in the Chillicothe region.

The news has reached her family. She was reportedly noticed by someone who knew her from online postings and dialed 911.

Alisha Painter aka Alisha Young is LOCATED in the Chillicothe area. She is safe and the family has been notified. A citizen recognized her and contacted local law enforcement who confirmed her identity. The citizen that contacted Chillicothe PD about the missing woman was an off-duty Adena Hospice nurse named Emily Moore RN.

Ms. Moore told me that she noticed Ms. Painter on Western Ave in Chillicothe and recognized her from the social media posts. Ms. Moore contacted law enforcement and waited around the area; keeping Ms. Painter in sight until the police arrived.

We cannot thank Ms. Moore enough for remaining vigilant and calling law enforcement. We also cannot thank the public enough for all the social media shares. The 2 prior media releases on our Facebook page, asking the public for help, have reached over 200,000 people with close to 2000 shares.

Our next step was going to involve a significant search and rescue operation involving several State agencies and cadaver dogs. I am extremely pleased with the outcome and that we did not have to go to such lengths. This investigation has involved several hundred man-hours involving multiple agencies all working together

The Piketon Police Department, the Pike County Sheriff’s Office, Pike County EMA, Ohio BCI, The Southern Ohio Major Crimes Task Force, the Piketon Seal TWP Fire Department, Christian Aid Ministries, along with the public all worked together.

I want to point out a certain investigator with my office (who refuses to be recognized by name) for taking this case by the horns and running with it. This Investigator brought all of these agencies together and worked this case tirelessly until the end. This was truly a collaborative effort and is proof of what happens when we all work together for the common good!


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