Who is Osvaldo Marrero? Suspect who killed Anthony “Ant” Holley has been arrested



Who is Osvaldo Marrero? Suspect who killed Anthony “Ant” Holley has been arrested

Suspect in the shooting death of an aspiring rapper outside a housing project in Manhattan. Learn more about Who is Osvaldo Marrero the suspect and this case in detail.

Anthony “Ant” Holley Killed

An ambitious rapper from Manhattan with a loving family and two kids, according to heartbroken relatives, was shot and killed in Chelsea on Thursday. On Sunday night, police said Anthony “Ant” Holley, 44, was shot while standing on West 17th Street near Ninth Avenue.

According to his sister Tashey Holley, “They came up to him and shot him in the back of the head.” Holley was taken to Bellevue Hospital but passed away there. They Holley remarked that “everyone who knew him loved him.”  “He assisted everyone,”

Cause of Holley’s shooting

The gunman fled the scene while covered in black clothing, and he is still wanted. Although the cause of Holley’s shooting is unknown, investigators are investigating any potential ties to his background.

He was detained 16 times, the majority for drug-related charges, and was sentenced to four periods in state prison for drug-related convictions. He served more than 16 years in prison in total.

Moreover, his sister refused to discuss his history, pointing out that he was employed at odd jobs and was keen to pursue a career in rap music recording. He expressed a desire to pursue it until this occurred when he was in the studio, she added. 

He was shot in the back of the head as they approached him. She claimed that Holley had a loving family that consisted of a son, age 18, and a daughter, age 8.

Who is Osvaldo Marrero?

According to authorities, a suspect has been detained in connection with the shooting death of a rapper outside a housing building in Manhattan.

Tuesday saw the arrest of Osvaldo Marrero on murder and weapons charges. On the night of November 27, he reportedly killed 44-year-old Anthony “Ant” Holley outside the Chelsea Houses on West 17th Street close to Ninth Avenue.

Thus, Police reported that East Harlem resident Marrero, 34, had been arrested previously approximately a dozen times. The reason for the murder was not known as of Wednesday.


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