Rudi Valentino, North America’s oldest male orangutan dies at 45

Rudi Valentino

Rudi Valentino, North America’s oldest male orangutan dies at 45. Let’s see more about the Rudi Valentino and how did the oldest orangutan die in detail.

How did Rudi Valentino die?

The Houston Zoo announces the demise of Rudi Valentino, the oldest male orangutan in North America, with deep sorrow.  Rudi Valentino, the longest resident at the Houston Zoo and the oldest male orangutan in North America, passed away at 45.

Just a few days after the Zoo celebrated Rudi’s 45th birthday, he passed away on December 20, 2022. Houston Zoo shared this sad news on its social media page today.

While saying about Rudi, its Primate keeper said,

“Rudi loves to play with his keepers and will call over and twitch his hand, which is his most obvious playful sign. He will grab a piece of browse and poke at keepers and try to touch them. If he touches you, the best thing to do is act super dramatically and fall over. It LOVES to do this and will keep poking at keepers and watching them closely,” primate keeper, Miriam Gordon said about Rudi on it’s birthday.

Rudi Valentino cause of death:

Rudi suffered from severe heart disease, which affects adult male orangutans frequently. Valentino was very effectively treated up to his death, with meticulous monitoring and treatments in partnership with the Great Ape Heart Project.

According to experts in animal care, Rudi was in good health when he passed away. According to Tarah Cornelius, director of animal care at the Houston Zoo, “Rudi was an incredible ambassador for his species.”

“Rudi will be deeply missed by all who knew him, and his memory will live on through the lives he touched and the important work he inspired.

He will always be remembered as a beloved member of the Houston Zoo family.”

About Rudi Valentino:

Rudi was born on December 8, 1977, at Brownsville’s Gladys Porter Zoo in Texas. When he first came to the Houston Zoo in 1978, he rapidly won the hearts of everyone there.

Rudi relocated to the Milwaukee Zoo in 1991 before returning to Houston in 1993. With his sweet demeanor and astute personality, Rudi earned the hearts of countless volunteers, visitors, and staff members over the years.

He served as a true spokesperson for his species, spreading knowledge about the need for conservation and the situation of critically endangered primates.

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The Houston Zoo supports initiatives to rebuild forests in Borneo, where wild orangutans reside, as part of its dedication to orangutan conservation. The Zoo also assists nearby communities in preserving and protecting these vital ecosystems.

Rudi was directly helping his wild cousins when he entertained guests. The animal care staff at the Zoo will closely monitor Rudi’s friend Kelly and the four surviving orangutans Takai, Cheyenne, and Aurora for signs of grief.

Social media posts:

Peter Coulombe commented,

My most sincere condolences to all who loved and cared for Rudi, and to his orangutan friends and family.

Diane Bissell commented,

So sad! Rudi was my favorite when I was a docent. He was always fun to interact with at the window!! RIP great man!

Leslie Wagner commented,

So sorry for your loss. How wonderful he was at our zoo for so many happy years

Margaret Crockford commented,

Love & hugs to all his keepers, my heart goes out to them. I was lucky enough to volunteer at WWP in the early 2000s & Rudi was definitely a favorite for me. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to volunteer there, at least I have many happy memories of him. He was well loved & looked after & had a great life.

Debbie O’Neal commented,

Oh, I’m so sad to learn Rudi passed. We always enjoyed seeing him


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