Who is Olivia Naserian? Kitengela woman killed and ate body parts while singing

The 24-year-old lady Olivia Naserian is charged with murdering her kid and eating body parts. (Facebook)

The two-year-old kid was stabbed to death by Olivia Naserian, 27, in Milimani Estate, Kitengela sub-county, and she afterwards consumed the baby’s body. Let’s see about it in detail.


Who is Olivia Naserian?

In Kitengela, Kajiado County, on Monday night, Olivia Naserian (age 24) is charged with the murder of her two-year-old daughter after she split from the child’s father.

Strangely, while the neighbors helplessly looked from the window, Naserian stabbed the infant many times while humming hymns.

The mother and the child were both locked inside the home. A video that has been circulating online depicts the woman stabbing the child repeatedly while reciting the alphabet.

According to reports, the 24-year-old’s parents were out of the country at the time the crime was done.

Neighbor’s Statement:

According to a neighbor who spoke with The Standard, Naserian was saying, “You won’t cry again, my baby,” as she stabbed the infant. You will always be asleep. You are loved, my daughter. They hurried to the house to go in when they suddenly heard her begin smashing kitchen equipment.

However, the neighbors were unable to enter, so they were forced to watch helplessly from the window as the woman stabbed the youngster. They reported the incident to the police and asked for their help.

The neighbor described how the infant was screaming and yelling her mother’s name.

‘’The woman ate her baby’s liver as we watched. She also removed other internal organs search as intestines and heart from the body before becoming unconscious.”

The mother lost consciousness, and was sent to Kitengela Sub-County Hospital. In the meantime, an investigation is ongoing in the mortuary of the Kitengela sub-county hospital.

The lady has already been detained and is in police custody, according to outgoing Kitengela OCS David Shani, who verified the incident.

Shani said,

“The remaining parts of her child are at the Kitengela sub-county hospital mortuary. The case is being handled by the DCI.”

The tragic tragedy happened just two days after another murder in which a guy fatally stabbed his fiancée in a well-known restaurant in the same city.


Court Order:

The crime was committed on Sunday, April 23, by 24-year-old Naserian and a college student, who both testified in court on Tuesday. For the murder of Glory Njeri, Naserian has been hauled before Chief Magistrate Jane Kamau.

The court has given police permission to detain Olivia Naserian, who is accused of killing her two-year-old child, for ten days while they conduct their inquiries.

Benson Mutia, the director of the Kitengela Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), stated that the detectives in charge of the case had asked the court for extra time to allow them to finish their inquiries into the peculiar murder.

Mutia said,

“’We believe the court will give us more time to investigate this matter, we also want to establish whether this woman is normal or has a mental illness. What she did to her own baby is unexplainable.”

On May 8, the case will resume.

According to a cop with inside knowledge of the case, they plan to examine her phone to determine who she was in communication with just before the horrifying murder.

The Police source said,

“We will widen our investigations. We will be following some leads to find out the motive of the killing.”



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