How did Alex Dolorosa die? Bacolod City paralegal officer cause of death Explained


How did Alex Dolorosa die? Bacolod City paralegal officer cause of death Explained

BIEN Paralegal officer Alex Dolorosa was stabbed to death in Bacolod (Source: Facebook)

According to reports, Alex Dolorosa, a paralegal for the BPO Industry Employees Network (BIEN) in Bacolod City, was found dead. He was discovered to have suffered many stabbings. Additionally, it was stated that he had been missing for three days before this. Here’s what we know about Alex Dolorosa cause of death.

What happened to Alex Dolorosa?

MANILA, Philippines — A progressive organizer of business process outsourcing (BPO) employees in the Visayas is dead after being found stabbed three days after disappearing.

BPO Industry Employees’ Network Statement

This is what the BPO Industry Employee’s Network (BIEN) Pilipinas group, shared regarding the fate of their member, Alex Dolorosa.

“We received reports that our paralegal officer in Bacolod City, Alex Dolorosa, was found dead with multiple stab wounds yesterday,” according to BIEN this Tuesday in a statement.

“He was reported missing for three days and local reports confirmed he was killed in Barangay Alijis, Bacolod City.”

“We abhor and condemn this attack against union organizers and the state of impunity and lawlessness in the country,” ayon sa grupo.

The group is still waiting for more details in their local village in Bacolod regarding the crime. 

Anakbayan Political Organisation’s statement on Alex Dolorosa’s death

This is strongly condemned by Anakbayan as a direct assault on employees who are defending their rights. Given that a significant portion of the BPO industry’s workforce is made up of young people who must sacrifice their dreams to exist, we find this to be extremely distasteful.

The Philippine BPO Industry rarely meets a family’s necessities despite its productivity and primarily young employees. There is currently a “race to the bottom” in terms of pay for BPO employees.

The average monthly pay of P18,000 is currently insufficient to cover living expenses in a nation where unemployment and rising prices are roiling the economy.

This incident further demonstrates the need for workers to unite in favor of and with the youth in joining in on collective action as May 1, or International Workers’ Day, approaches.

Only the collective force of the laboring masses can stop incidents like these from happening again, as oppressive working conditions and violence perpetrated by the state on behalf of BPO company owners seeking to maximize profits must be opposed.

Demand for immediate investigation

We demand an immediate investigation into Dolorosa’s death, which we contend was related to his continuous devotion to the general public as well as his fellow BPO employees.

The workers he assisted in the legal arena will always remember his contribution to the struggle of the laboring masses for better working conditions and their right to organize.

We share the same commitment as Dolorosa. As a result, we urge that the Marcos-Duterte administration finally pay attention to the requests of his supporters, whom he frequently disregards.

Marcos Jr. must issue an executive order right away to put the P750 pay rise into effect. On May 1, he must stand before the workers and the young rather than travel to the US to work with Biden to exploit the Philippines’ plentiful cheap labor and inexpensive resources.

Alex Dolorosa cause of death

The man who was found dead yesterday in Barangay Alijis has been identified. He is Alex Dolorosa, who lived in Cadiz City and is a call center agent. The motive for the murder is still under investigation.

The victim was positively identified by his coworkers when Captian Edward Bolivar, the police station 7 commander, interviewed them. Bolivar claims that while their investigation is ongoing, there are currently no persons of interest in the case.

Victim’s partner’s statement

According to the victim’s partner known to Aj, they are pure members of the LGBTQ community, they’ve been in a relationship with the victim for more than two years, and he admitted that he’s a kind person.

Listen to AJ, Dolorosa’s two-year crush, whose last conversation was Sunday night, around 11:00 when it was reported that he had passed away in the New Government Center cafeteria.

When asked what was their last conversation, AJ: “He ate at NGC then ate two rice instead of that. At last, I said ‘Okay let me sleep first because at 4 am I will wake up on Monday because I still have to study’. “

After this, I can’t contact you anymore, Dolorosa is no longer answering chats and messages. Listen to AJ, he doesn’t get nervous because he thinks Dolorosa is just sleeping.

AJ woke up on Monday night after he read the news that a man had been infected. They arrived at Station 7 very early and referred them to the punery and there it was confirmed that the corpse was actually Dolorosa.

AJ’s statement that Dolorosa is not a moth kind of person and will keep it. They don’t know if they are against it or if they have an enemy. “He really wants ya, not hurting, understanding… Listen to AJ. They just rolled around and AJ got to where he had this massive bump on his neck, head, and stomach.

Apang, AJ doesn’t know why he was covered in a hut near the camp where the house is being replaced by Brgy. Taloc, Sang Bago City, Negros Occidental.

Justice For Alex Dolorosa!

Statement on the Murder of Alex Dolorosa

The BPO Industry Employees Network abhors and condemns in the strongest form the treacherous murder of Alex Dolorosa! Alex is the paralegal officer and union organizer of the BIEN Philippines Bacolod chapter. He is also a National Council member of BIEN and has been instrumental in the chapter building of BIEN Bacolod.

The manner of his murder reflects the state of lawlessness and the never-ending culture of impunity in the country. The motive surrounding his death cannot hide simply from personal reasons knowing his current paralegal work with BPO workers. As a union organizer, it is terribly callous to underestimate the motive for his murder.

The state of lawlessness is not good for businesses in the country. Our security, as BPO workers, are always put at risk whenever we commute to work at night. The murder of Alex only underscores this risk and the government remains blind and deaf to our working conditions.

This is on top of the prevalent red-tagging and vilification by state forces. Two of our national members face trumped-up charges, and our organizers and members continue to face harassment and threats on social media.

All we want to do is to organize unions in the BPO industry — the government doesn’t seem to want us to do this. BIEN Philippines is demanding from the government to ensure the safety, security, and protection of all BPO workers. Justice for Alex! Stop the attacks against union organizers!

Alex Dolorosa

Workers and youth offered a minute of silence and appealed for justice after the brutal murder of Alex Dolorosa. Stop the violence and oppression against unionists, workers, and citizens! (Source: Facebook)


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