Who is Oleksandr Shapoval? Valunteered ukrainian ballet dancer killed

Oleksandr Shapoval

After the invasion by Russia, Shapoval offered to fight. He was reportedly slain in war, according to the Ukrainian National Opera. Let’s see who is Oleksandr Shapoval, how did he die, who killed the dancer, what happened, and what was his Cause of Death.


Oleksandr Shapoval

Oleksandr Shapoval

Shapoval was recognised as a “Honored Artist of Ukraine,” an honour bestowed for outstanding accomplishment in the performing arts. He played almost 30 distinct parts over the period of 28 seasons. According to the production company, “He charmed them with his bright and beautiful, passionate and heroic dancing, faultless skill and deep conviction of every image he produced on stage.”


How did Shapoval die?

According to the statement, Shapoval passed away on Monday at the age of 48 “under enemy mortar shelling.”

Shapoval offered to help in Ukraine’s territorial defence within days of Russia’s invasion, assisting in defending Kyiv’s Left Bank. Later, he gained knowledge of grenade launchers. His regiment was recently relocated to one of “the hottest zones” in the country, according to The National Opera of Ukraine. Using Ukraina Moloda as a source,

The Kyiv Independent quotes Ukraina Moloda as saying that Shapoval died during the Battle of Majorsk in the Donetsk area.


Oleksandr Cause of death

After dying on the battlefield, one of Ukraine’s top ballet performers is being hailed as a “courageous romantic.”

Oleksandr Shapoval, a former main dancer for the organisation and a professor at Kyiv State Choreographic College, passed away, according to the National Opera of Ukraine, which made the announcement with “indescribable sadness.”

Alexei Ratmansky, a well-known Russian-American choreographer, paid tribute to Shapoval on Facebook. About 60 Ukrainian refugees work for Ratmansky’s United Ukrainian Ballet Company.


Who killed the dancer?

Oleksandr Shapoval, a Ukrainian ballet dancer, lost his life while fighting after Russia invaded his country. The National Opera of Ukraine reported that his troop was recently dispatched to one of “the hottest zones” in the nation.


Tribute to Oleksandr Shapoval

Anton Gerashchenko said,

Oleksandr Shapoval, soloist of National Opera ballet, Honored Artist of Ukraine, died in combat near Mayorsk, Donetsk region. He went to the frontlines as a volunteer and served as a grenade launcher. RIP, Hero.

Andrew Perpetua said,

Yesterday, ballet dancer* Oleksandr Shapoval died fighting in Mayorsk. He put aside his career and sacrificed his life for his country. I heard he was operating a grenade launcher. * I got it wrong last time

Jade Walker said,

The National Opera of #Ukraine announced, with “indescribable sadness,” the death of Oleksandr Shapoval, one of the company’s former principal dancers and a teacher at Kyiv State Choreographic College.

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