Fraser High School stabbing: What happened? Explained


Fraser High School stabbing: What happened? Explained

Metro Detroit Crime Report stated that Fraser police were investigating a reported stabbing that prompted a lockdown after school. Let’s see about Fraser High School stabbing what happened to the students and why they were involved in an altercation in detail

Following a reported stabbing on Tuesday afternoon in Fraser, police have launched an investigation.

What happened at school?

Tuesday’s evening events at Fraser High School were canceled as police looked into the reported stabbing.

In a statement on Tuesday night, Fraser Public Schools stated they had opted to postpone all events after police issued the “all clear” at 5:15 p.m. and placed the campus on lockdown at around 4:45.

According to the story, police have not provided many specifics about what happened, and one officer predicted that they won’t until Wednesday.

Despite the lockdown, school officials insisted that the incident did not take place on their property.

What did the police reports confess?

According to reports, Fraser Police were summoned to a scene at Klein and Garfield Roads, close to Richards Middle School.

Unverified posts on social media claim at least two teenagers got into a brawl after school that turned violent and resulted in a stabbing. It was unclear if someone had died in the purported stabbing or if police had taken any action against anyone.

What did the school authorities confess?

The school issued a statement declaring, “We recognize social media can be difficult to monitor and process. I ask you to be cautious of what your child sees on social media and in our community and to chat with your child to ensure they are receiving appropriate information.

According to school authorities, “the safety of our kids, staff, and community is our primary priority.” They also claim to be cooperating with police in the investigation.

On Wednesday, counselors and social workers will be on hand at both FHS and RMS to meet with anyone who needs to talk.
Police from Fraser will be present at both schools, according to school administrators.

People’s reaction on this incident:

Kim bowl posted,

We are in lost and boomed society. Home school seems the best choice with violence, shootings and CRT and brainwashing in public schools that are literally failing our children!

America is failing more and more in education than other countries. An unsafe system. So sad!

Lisa bewick tweeted,

Not finding one news article. this is devastating!

Andrew posted,

Internet and social media has ruined our world.

Dan jeffry posted,

As horrible as it is, it happened off school grounds, after school had dismissed for the day. This isn’t a school safety issue. There’s no reason for the school to be closed.

Harrier tweeted,

My daughter attends the middle school. I had no idea till I seen this post just now at 11pm. I don’t even want to send her tomorrow at all

Collen posted,

Paryers to the families of the young men that have passed. It breaks my heart

Cheryl posted,

Problem is the raising of yhese kids and all the bullying in schools and social media



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