Kendrick Middle School shooting: What happened? Motive Explained

Kendrick Middle School shooting

After receiving a 911 call reporting two pupils shot, Kendrick Middle School in Jonesboro was placed on a soft lockdown. Let’s see Kendrick Middle School shooting.

Kendrick Middle School shooting

A soft lockdown was implemented at Jonesboro’s Kendrick Middle School after a 911 caller reported two children had been shot.

The school police department reports that all of the children and employees are secure.

It is now unknown who made the fake call.


Clayton County Public School shooting

Clayton County Public Schools say there has not been a shooting at a local middle school.

Social media rumors claimed that a shooting happened at Kendrick Middle School. However, the school district confirmed that no shooting happened.

Kendrick Middle School shooting

According to a statement to Channel 2, CCPS is looking into a potential 911 hang-up call from the neighbourhood. Police officers are stationed nearby out of an abundance of caution.


What happened in the School?

Tuesday morning, a fight at Towers High School resulted in a temporary lockdown, disrupting the school day and upsetting parents who claim conflicts are still happening at the DeKalb County school.

Although it was unclear when the fight started, school authorities from the school district said that by 11 a.m., regular classes had resumed. Police from DeKalb County also responded, but they withheld any information.


Is anyone reported injuries or been arrested?

Officials at the school declined to comment on any reported injuries or arrests. Additionally, it was unclear what may have sparked the altercation or whether students or staff were engaged.

A DeKalb police officer, an ambulance, and three school resource officer vehicles could be seen in front of the school. A few students were also standing outside, but by 11:30 a.m., everyone had returned inside the school save for a few police officers.


What did the Tower High parent spells say?

Towers High parent Lakisha Spells expressed her concern over a recent spate of incidents at the school that have been documented on social media. When the current incident started, she was on school Tuesday to talk with administrators about a fight that occurred last month in which her son was a victim.

According to Spells, she was walking down a hallway when she noticed a “large, gigantic” group of kids fighting, with about five of them participating.

I don’t know who started the fight because nobody was allowed to traverse the halls and everyone had to lock themselves in their rooms.


What did the student’s mother say?

The mother claimed she tried to get in touch with the DeKalb County Board of Education about the altercation involving her kid last month but received no response. She claimed that her kid was attacked while having lunch and sustained several bruises from his waist up in addition to a concussion, broken nose, and other injuries.

Spells described viewing the battle on camera as “horrific.” “My son is 14.” He just weighs 100 pounds, yet you see, he’s sobbing. He feels afraid. You can’t protect your child when he’s being targeted. Nothing can be done by you. Although I am willing to fight for him, I am powerless to do so.

She said, “I don’t like it.” “I don’t want my son to live this kind of life. He attended a private institution. His first year at a public school, and I don’t want my son to be following this trend at this time.

After a brawl broke out in March, pepper spray was used on a sizable number of Towers High School students. According to students who talked with Channel 2 Action News, the brawl broke out in the cafeteria as a result of students hitting police officers after they attempted to defuse the situation.


What did the Superintendent say?

According to Superintendent Morcease Beasley, conflicts in neighbouring Clayton County have increased by 200% since the same time last year. According to him, they have been so persistent, particularly at high schools, that principals urged him to inform the public about the issue and beg parents for support, as previously reported by the AJC.

In another neighbourhood on Tuesday morning, Kendrick Middle School in Clayton saw increased police presence following a 911 call alleging a gunshot that turned out to be a hoax. Police are looking into the call, according to school officials, who declined to speak further.



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