Amy Hambrick found dead: What happened? Cause of death Revealed


Amy Hambrick found dead: What happened? Cause of death Revealed

Police determine that the bones are those of the missing Ohio woman. Let’s see who is Amy Hambrick what happened to her, and her cause of death in detail

According to police, a set of remains discovered last month correspond to a woman who has been missing since 2017.

Who is Amy Hambrick?

Amy Hambrick, 29, who was last seen in November 2017, was identified by the remains, according to a press conference held by Youngstown police on Tuesday morning. Her family reported that she did not arrive at the North Jackson residence where they were to meet.

On August 26, her bones were discovered in a wooded area of the East Side near Thorn Hill.

At the news briefing, Chief of Detectives Capt. Jason Simon revealed that a woman who was searching the woods for her lost dog discovered the bodies. They were placed in a cloth and transported to the coroner’s office in Mahoning County.

Dr. Loren Lease of Youngstown State University’s anthropology department put the bones together at the coroner’s office.

Following the skeleton’s assembly, forensic dentists used Hambrick’s jawbone and dental records to positively identify her, according to Simon.

Amy Hambrick cause of death

Amy Hambrick cause of death has not been determined. Officers continue to investigate what was previously a cold case.

“Today is going to be an opportunity for us to provide closure to this family,” Youngstown Mayor Jamael Tito Brown said during the news briefing on Tuesday, Sept. 13.

Even though the bones had been in the woods for some time, Simon claimed it was impossible to determine from their condition how long they had been there or even how long it had been since Hambrick had passed away.

To find any further evidence, Simon added that detectives will be re-interviewing suspects and performing additional testing on the remains.

In North Jackson, Hambrick was last spotted in November 2017. Since she vanished, the department has tried to locate her using cadaver search dogs, interviews, and warrants on electronic devices, but to no effect.

Family members made a concerted effort to learn what had happened to her. She leaves a daughter in her wake. Three family members attended the news conference, but Mayor Jamael Tito Brown hustled them out after the officials finished speaking so they wouldn’t have to respond to questions from the media.

In a statement, Simon said that the family had requested privacy. The department is now only investigating 14 cases of long-term missing persons as a result of the discovery of Hambrick. Anyone with information on any of those crimes is urged to call the police, Simon pleaded.


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