Who is Michael L. Ramos? How did he finagle Edie McClurg? Explained



Who is Michael L. Ramos? How did he finagle Edie McClurg? Explained

Actress Edie McClurg, who played in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, has been given a protective order against a California man. Let’s see who is Michael L. Ramos and the man who tried to marry Edie McClurg in detail

What happened to Edie McClurg?

Edie McClurg, an American actress who has dementia, is supposedly the victim of elder abuse by a man who calls himself her “long-time friend.”

According to the outlet’s filings, a judge granted Edie protection under a conservatorship and “directed” Michael to “stand down” on the “claimed marriage plan.”

Despite “knowing she lacked mental capacity,” they claimed he still sought to wed her outside of the state.

Additionally, the filings state that Michael “supposedly” sexually attacked her current caretaker, and that “a police report has already been made with the LAPD.”

They “have never been romantically involved,” according to the actress and the aforementioned longtime friend.

Due to Edie’s medical conditions, the caregiver is “fearful he may have been sexually assaulting her” without her knowledge.

An abusive relationship between Michael L. Ramos and McClurg

According to the court documents, Michael was permitted to reside in Edie’s house for “companionship.”

However, the conservatorship’s attorney is now requesting an order to completely remove him.

The actor’s family requested the legal arrangement and the appointment of Edie’s cousin Angelique Cabral as her guardian in 2019.

Her “male partner who was verbally abusive and tried to influence the disposal of her inheritance by getting her to sign documents,” according to the accusation, was Michael, with whom she had previously been living.

By 2019, he had been living with her for a while and had even broached the subject of marriage, according to a previous TMZ report.

She couldn’t live alone, according to neurological tests at the time, and is “particularly vulnerable to inappropriate influence given her poor judgment and obvious dementia.”

The initial paperwork was filed by her “niece, cousin, and a friend,” and Michael was an “urgent worry” to them.

Who is Michael L. Ramos?

According to court documents acquired by TMZ, advocates for the Ferris Bueller actress’ conservatorship claimed that a guy by the name of Michael L. Ramos claimed to be a friend of the actress and attempted to elope with her outside of Los Angeles.

The man in question has been ordered by the court to abandon his plans to wed the 77-year-old celebrity.

Doctors claim that Ramos, who is McClurg’s roommate and is unemployed, “finagled” his way into her life despite being aware of her mental illness.

According to the Mayo Clinic, dementia is a generic term used to describe a collection of symptoms that interfere so significantly with a person’s memory, thinking, and reasoning that it limits their ability to carry out daily tasks.

Additionally, according to court documents acquired by TMZ, Ramos sexually attacked McClurg’s caretaker, and a report was made to the Los Angeles Police Department.

The caretaker further claimed and voiced concern that the man, who is not romantically involved with Edie, might have also sexually assaulted the actress but that she might not be aware of it because of her dementia.

A judge had previously allowed Michael L. Ramos to live with McClurg for companionship, but now her conservatorship attorneys have asked the court to kick the man out of her house.

On Monday, Angelique Cabral appeared on behalf of the seasoned actress in the Superior Court of California in Los Angeles County.

A protection notice submitted by McClurg’s attorney was approved against Michael L. Ramos, according to People.

For the subsequent hearing on August 25, Ramos is expected to show up in court.

The Teacher’s Only actress’s family filed a conservatorship request with the court in February 2019.

They claimed that the actress was living with a verbally abusive man who was attempting to acquire her property by tricking her into completing the necessary paperwork.

Who was Edie McClurg?

American actress, voice actress, and comedian “Edie” McClurg have lent her voice to several Disney productions.

American actress, voice actor, stand-up comedian, and opera singer Edie McClurg were born on July 23, 1951.

She has appeared in approximately 90 movies and 55 episodes of television, frequently playing roles with a jovial Midwestern accent.

On July 23, 1951, McClurg was born in Kansas City, Missouri, to Mac McClurg, a mailman, and Irene McClurg, an FAA secretary. Bob, her elder brother, is a fellow performer.

Midway through the 1960s, McClurg enrolled in the University of Missouri-Kansas City, where she later spent eight years as a radio instructor.

She graduated from Syracuse University with a master’s degree.

Even in 2022, Edie McClurg is still performing, but most of her work has been voice acting. Declining health is one factor in this.

According to a TMZ report from 2019, the comedic actress might be at the center of a conflict as a result of the onset of dementia.


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