Who is Yaser Abdel Said? Why did he kill her daughters? Trial Updates

who is Yaser Abdel Said

Yaser Abdel Said, who was charged with killing his two daughters, spent six years on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted List. Let’s see who is Yaser Abdel Said.


who is Yaser Abdel Said?

Yaser Abdel Said, a 65-year-old Lewisville taxi driver accused of killing his two teenage daughters in an alleged “honour killing,” opened his capital murder trial on Tuesday in Dallas.

Where was the girl’s body identified?

Both of the girls’ bodies, which had been shot numerous times, were discovered in their father’s taxi outside the Omni hotel in Irving. Sarah called 911 just before she passed away, saying to the operator, “My father shot me; help! I’m really, really dying!”

Said vanished and was last heard from 12 years before the FBI apprehended him in Justin in August 2020.

Is Yaser feels guilty?

Said entered a not guilty plea on Tuesday and would be sentenced to life in prison if found guilty.

But, according to Black, in yet another instance of “control” and “manipulation” on Said’s part, he persuaded them to go back home by claiming to have changed. She claimed that their father had planned to take only the two of them out to dinner the night the sisters were shot.

Who is Connie Moggio?

Connie Moggio, the aunt of the girls, sobbed on the witness stand as she recognised her nieces in the autopsy images. On the day of the murders, she had a hurried chat with Amina, which she related to the jury. Moggio testified, “She didn’t want to go back home; she would sooner be dead than ever go there.”

Is Said express his feeling?

Said expressed his displeasure with his children’s “dating activities” in a letter to the judge presiding over the case, but he denied murdering his daughters. In his opening remarks, defence attorney Joseph Patton said that the evidence did not support a conviction, that Said, who was born in Egypt, was the subject of excessive police attention, and that anti-Muslim prejudice may have contributed to that attention.

Is Yaser is in the Criminal list?

“For the sake of their story and their goal, the government should neither generalise or criminalise an entire culture. Yaser is wanted by the authorities for being a Muslim in 2008 “Patton stated.

No one will testify that they saw Said at the crime site, according to his defence, and police ought to have looked into the girls’ mother or Amina’s boyfriend. He said, “They were the last to see Amina and Sarah alive.

Who is Amina’s Boyfriend?

Amina’s boyfriend stated that just before the shooting, he and his father did saw Said and both girls in his cab and that they briefly followed them out of worry. Edgar Ruiz, Amina’s boyfriend, remarked, “Her look was one of terror; she didn’t look like she wanted to be there.”

Where did the gunshot happen?

Both daughters, who attended Lewisville High School, apparently suffered several gunshot wounds from their father. Later, their bodies were found inside his taxi, which was parked in front of an Omni hotel.

Hallucinations can occur in situations of intense trauma, such as being shot numerous times, according to Patton.

What black claimed that Yaser said?

Black claimed that Yaser Said became “angrier” as the sisters grew older, became more educated, and became more independent. Black claimed that the sisters, both high school students in Lewisville, desired of becoming doctors.

“That was less control for him when they had greater independence,” Black said.

Who is Sarah’s boyfriend?

Sarah’s boyfriend provided evidence as to why she concealed their relationship. Erik Panameno told the jury, “Something would happen to me or something would happen to her.”

What mail amina sent to lewis?

In an email allegedly sent by Amina to her Lewisville instructor days before she passed away, Amina allegedly confided that her father was planning to file for divorce and that she and her sister were preparing to flee. Amina wrote, “He’ll kill us.”

More than 58 persons, including the mother of the girls, local and federal detectives, and specialists in Muslim culture, are anticipated to be asked to testify.

The judge is also permitting the prosecution to inform the jury of claims that Said sexually assaulted his own daughters, who later withdrew those claims.

Yaser Said’s Trail begins, on Day 1

Prosecutor Lauren Black claimed during the opening comments on Tuesday that Said was “obsessed with possession and power.”

According to Black, “He controlled what they did, who they talked to, who they could be friends with, and whether or not they were allowed to date.” And he had complete control over everything in his home.

Is their mother in-home or not?

About a week prior to the sisters’ deaths, their mother and they left their Lewisville, Texas, home for Oklahoma in order to avoid their taxi-driving father, according to Black. The sisters decided to leave when Said “placed a gun to Amina’s head and threatened to kill her,” according to the prosecutor, because they had grown “extremely terrified for their lives.”

Why did Yaser Abdel said killed his daughter?

The daughters were allegedly killed by their father as part of a “honour killing,” a practise when someone is killed after bringing dishonour to their family, according to the movie “The Price of Honor,” which was filmed about the killings. The movie supports rumours that the father of the girls disapproved of his daughters leading a “American lifestyle.”

Why FBI add Yaser to the most wanted list?

The FBI added Yaser Said to its most-wanted list because he has been sought since the killings on a warrant for capital murder. Said was detained in Justin in August 2020, and two family members were detained in Euless. The relatives were revealed to be Said’s brother Yassein and his son Islam by the Dallas FBI.

Both men are currently doing time in federal prison after being accused of sheltering a known fugitive.

In Yaser Said’s case, the death sentence is not a possibility. He would be condemned to life in prison without the chance of release if found guilty of capital murder.


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