Who is Jesse Navarro? Suspect who shot and killed Deputy Darnell Calhoun, Riverside County deputy’s murderer is in custody

Who was Jesse Navarro

Riverside county Deputy Darnell Calhoun was shot and killed in Lake Elsinore on January 13, 2022, according to the sheriff’s office. After a gunfight, a suspect was shot and badly wounded by police. Learn more about the suspect and who is Jesse Navarro in detail.

Deputy Darnell Calhoun murder Case: Explained

Deputy Darnell Calhoun, 30, who recently joined the department was the victim of the Lake Elsinore shooting.

Darnell Calhoun responded to a domestic violence and child custody call in the 18000 block of Hilldale Lane, in the unincorporated part of Lakeland Village, on January 13, 2023, at around 4:20 p.m. 

Deputy Darnell Calhoun was shot and killed by the suspect at the Lakeland village. When a second officer came and discovered Calhoun bleeding out in the street.

The second deputy and the suspect then engaged in gunfire, resulting the suspect seriously injured.

Shootout between Jesse Navarro and officers:

As Deputy Calhoun approached the house, the suspect began shooting at him, resulting in a deputy-involved shooting. When a second deputy came, the suspect opened fire on him as well. In the end, the suspect was wounded by the second deputy.

Sheriff’s deputies transported Deputy Calhoun to a nearby hospital after he suffered serious injuries. Later, Deputy Calhoun was declared dead. The suspect was also taken to a nearby hospital to receive medical attention for his wounds.

The suspect’s condition is critical. According to reports, the deputy involved in the shooting will be given paid administrative leave.

Sheriff Chad Bianco’s statement at the press conference:

Sheriff Chad Bianco declared Calhoun’s death Friday evening during a news conference outside the Inland Valley Medical Center in Wildomar.

“I shouldn’t be here tonight having to do this again,” Bianco said. “I’m devastated to tell of the loss of another of our deputy sheriffs who was killed in the line of duty today.”

“A gunfight ensued with the suspect, who was shot. The suspect was treated at the scene and transported to the hospital.”, according to the Bianco.

Deputy Darnell Calhoun started his career in law enforcement with the San Diego police department. He worked there for two years before moving to Riverside County less than a year ago. Calhoun was assigned to the station in Lake Elsinore.

Bianco claimed that nobody had ever had anything bad to say about Calhoun, who joined the Sheriff’s Office in February 2022 after working for the San Diego Police Department for two years.

“He was always so positive,” Bianco said, adding that Calhoun has a “fantastic family.”
Bianco said, “I remember when he was sworn in. I hugged his mother and told her I would take care of him.”

Late on Friday, Calhoun’s body was led by police from the Inland Valley Medical Center to the coroner’s office in Perris.

Deputy Darnell is survived by his wife and unborn child. Darnell is a native of Murrieta and the son of Calhoun’s BBQ proprietors.

Who is Jesse Navarro?

The suspect who murdered Riverside County Sheriff Deputy Calhoun has been identified. Riverside Country authorities named the suspect as “Jesse Navarro”.

At the hospital, Navarro is under police custody. Jesse Navarro, a resident of Lake Elsinore is a 42-year-old and he is in critical condition. The motive behind the shooting is still unknown.

According to court records, Navarro and his wife filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in July. They said they shared the Hilldale Lane house with four teens in their filing documents.

Neighbor’s thoughts about Jesse Navarro:

Residents of Hilldale Lane, where Calhoun was fatally shot, claimed that on occasion they could hear Navarro and his wife shouting at each other.

When the deputies came, Navarro, his wife, and their kids were out in the street, and the kids seemed to be in trouble, according to the locals. They choose not to give their names out of concern for their safety.

One of the locals said that his son had seen the shooting. The witness claimed that after shooting Calhoun, Navarro exited his white pickup truck and fired the officer once again, causing the latter to fall to the ground between some bushes and palm trees.

According to the resident, Navarro got back in his truck, but when the second officer showed up, he got out and fired at that deputy. Navarro was shot at that point.

Navarro, according to locals, has lived on the street for a while. One person asserted that Navarro is a construction worker. None of them stated that they were afraid of Navarro.

Darnell Calhoun, a Riverside County deputy, was killed just a few weeks after deputy Isaiah Cordero, another deputy, was shot and killed on December 29 during a traffic check in Jurupa Valley. The shooter, 44-year-old William Shae McKay, was pursued and murdered.

According to the department, the Riverside County County Sheriff’s Department Force Investigations will assist an investigator from the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office in leading this inquiry.

The Riverside Country police say, that it is an active and ongoing investigation. Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to contact DA Investigator Mario Moreno at (951) 334-0407, [email protected] or Riverside County Sheriff’s Investigator Jarred Bishop at 951-955-1700.


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