Who was William Shea McKay? Dangerous suspect who shot and killed Riverside County Deputy Isaiah Cordero


 Who was William Shea McKay? Dangerous suspect who shot and killed Riverside County Deputy Isaiah Cordero

A deputy sheriff for Riverside County was shot and killed in Jurupa Valley on Thursday afternoon, according to the sheriff’s office. After a motorway chase and gunfight, a suspect was ultimately shot and killed by police. Learn more about the suspect Who was William Shea McKay in detail.


Deputy Isaiah Cordero Murder Case: Explained

Isaiah Cordero, a 32-year-old deputy who joined the organization in 2014, was named by the department. During a traffic check in Jurupa Valley’s 3900 block of Golden West Avenue, he was fatally shot.

William Shae McKay, 44, was stopped by Cordero just before 2:00 p.m., said Sheriff Chad Bianco during a press conference on Thursday evening.

Deputy Cordero was shot by the suspect as he got close to the car, according to Bianco. “A resident who saw the shooting dialed 911. Our department and a few allied organizations responded right away.” Bianco reported that once McKay was located in San Bernardino County, police pursued him on Interstate 15 and State Route 60.

According to Bianco, McKay’s truck’s axle eventually failed and damaged his back tires, throwing the vehicle off the 15 in a lateral motion. Also, Bianco said, “the suspect fired shots at the deputies.” Deputies then opened fire on the suspect, killing him.

Cordero had previously been brought to Riverside Community Hospital and was later declared dead. He is survived by his parents, stepbrother, girlfriend, as well as other friends and family, according to Bianco.

Who was William Shea McKay?

Who was William Shea McKay?

Past Criminal History

William Shae McKay, 44, was named as the shooter by officials during a press conference on Thursday evening. His last known address was in the county of San Bernardino. McKay was accused of kidnapping, robbery, and several attacks, including stabbing a California Highway Patrol K-9. He also had an “extensive criminal history” and a “violent past.”

Unknown numbers of hits were made to Cordero, and McKay drove away from the scene in a pickup truck. The officer was taken to the hospital, where he was subsequently pronounced dead, by paramedics after neighbors called 911 and provided first aid until they arrived.

Following the incident, a huge manhunt that covered both Riverside and San Bernardino counties was launched. Upon identifying McKay as the suspect, officials sent a widespread alert to surrounding law enforcement organizations.

Officers ultimately identified him, and hundreds of police cars chased after his dark-colored pickup truck—possibly a Chevrolet Silverado—driving south on the 15 Freeway. Just below an overpass on the interstate, in Norco, the high-speed pursuit came to an end.

Suspect Shot dead

Sheriff of Riverside County Chad Bianco claimed that McKay fired at law police, who then fired back. After being shot, the suspect passed away on the spot.

Multiple police enforcement cars could be seen encircling the pickup in a video from Sky5 after it crashed onto the motorway shoulder and became immobilized. The windscreen of the car had bullet holes in it. The chase ended at Limonite Avenue, which was blocking off all southbound traffic on the 15 Freeway. For an unknown period, the far left lanes on the northbound side of the motorway were also blocked. Those road closures were still in force as of 8:15 p.m.

At Riverside Community Hospital, law enforcement officers from several agencies came to participate in a procession for the deceased deputy, whose body was being taken to the county coroner’s office. The Sheriff’s Department’s union, the Riverside Sheriff’s Association, was the first to identify the deceased deputy as Isaiah Cordero.

The union stated in a release that “Deputy Cordero made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty today – a debt that can never be repaid.” On social media, Jurupa Valley Mayor Chris Barajas expressed his condolences to “[Cordero’s] family and our entire law enforcement community.”

McKay’s 1990s-era criminal record

According to Bianco, McKay had a 1990s-era criminal record that included kidnapping, robbery, and numerous attacks with dangerous weapons.

The judicial system ought to have prevented this tragic catastrophe, according to Bianco. “McKay has a long history of violence and was found guilty of his third strike in November 2021,” says the report.

The sheriff claimed the incident constituted both kidnapping and lethal weapon assault. “The judge lowered his bail, allowing him to be released, instead of passing the proper sentence of 25 years to life,” Bianco claimed. The judge’s name was withheld by the sheriff.

McKay was detained once more for missing his sentencing “and other criminal charges,” according to Bianco, but the judge released him. According to a Times analysis of San Bernardino County court records, McKay was found guilty of receiving stolen property, eluding a peace officer, making criminal threats that were likely to result in death or serious bodily harm, and false imprisonment on November 8, 2021.

Zip ties, duct tape, an axe, and gang paraphernalia were among the items used as evidence, according to a court document. McKay was found not guilty of kidnapping and kidnapping with intent to conduct robbery or rape in that case.

In addition, it was discovered that he had a long history of significant felonies. According to the documents, McKay’s attorneys attempted to have one of his earlier strikes overturned after his conviction.

After a motion for a new trial was filed, Judge Cara D. Hutson postponed sentencing at least twice. On October 22, a different judge presided over a custody status hearing without McKay.


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