Who is David Linthicum? Dangerous suspect who shot 2 police officers is arrested


 Who is David Linthicum? Dangerous suspect who shot 2 police officers is arrested

After an hour-long standoff close to Fallston mall, the suspect who is accused of shooting two police officers is in custody. A man wanted in connection with the killing of two Maryland police officers was reportedly taken into custody early on Friday. Authorities said that he escaped from the car he had taken from a cop he had shot on Thursday night as they chased him. Let’s find out Who is David Linthicum the Dangerous suspect and why he shot 2 police officers in detail.


Who is David Linthicum?

 David Linthicum

David Linthicum is detained after killing two Maryland police officers

An extensive search for a guy in Maryland who is accused of shooting two Baltimore County Authorities Department officers within 36 hours and leaving one of them critically wounded has come to an end early on Friday morning, according to police.

Locally, the home where Linthicum resides is infamous for being the place where a teen boy shot and killed his family nearly 15 years ago.

Nicholas Browning, a student at Dulaney, used his father’s revolver to shoot and kill his parents and two younger brothers on Friday, February 1, 2008, while they were sleeping. He then threw the gun into some bushes close to their home.

The remainder of the evening and the next day were then spent socializing with Browning, who was about to turn 16. When he got back home, he dialed 911 while acting shocked to see his parent’s and siblings’ bodies.

The following day, Browning admitted to the murder. He was later found guilty on four charges of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison on each count. He is still detained at the Cumberland Western Correctional Institution.

Police were aware of another significant historic event on Friday morning. The day deputies Patrick Dailey and Mark Logsdon were shot and murdered while responding to a disturbance at a Panera Bread in 2016 is commemorated by the Harford County Sheriff’s Office on February 10 every year.

Gahler noted that one reason why authorities were focused on a peaceful conclusion was that “we’re going to raise the flag at the boulevard where we lost two officers on Feb. 10, 2016, in my opinion, the most awful day our county has ever seen.”

It’s not as simple as approaching him and handcuffing him, Gahler added. “Another gunfight is the last thing we need.”

“Suspect in custody”

Police found the suspect, named David Emory Linthicum, 24, on Thursday night and had him “trapped” inside a “perimeter” in Fallston, according to the Harford County Sheriff’s Office. The man was taken into custody after an extensive staff off with police that lasted several hours.

A Baltimore County police officer was critically hurt during a firearm battle after the suspect was discovered, according to Harford County Sheriff Jeff Gahler. The Harford County Sheriff’s Office said, “Suspect in custody.”

Police spotted the culprit overnight, and they encircled him for hours before making the arrest. The Harford police stated late on Thursday night: “We have a person we believe is the culprit, a perimeter is set, and we are attempting to bring this issue to a peaceful resolution.”

Around 9:41 p.m., the suspect was cornered close to the Fallston Mall when a car chase began. “The person is contained by ourselves. We’ll figure this out right here. The neighborhood is not in danger “Added Gahler. “First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers are with the BCPD officers who were hurt by the suspect,” said Sheriff Gahler.

David Linthicum

What did authorities confess about the incident?

According to Interim Baltimore County Police Chief Dennis Delp, who was quoted by WBAL, the wounded officer is in stable condition at Shock Trauma. The investigator sustained numerous gunshot wounds to the body, according to Shock Trauma’s chief medical officer Dr. Thomas Scalea, and will require “a tremendous amount of repair,” WBAL said.

He’ll stay with us for a while, he continued. Officers were summoned to a home in Cockeysville Wednesday afternoon to assist a distraught person, and as a result, the manhunt was first started. When Baltimore County cops arrived at the house on Powers Avenue, a family member led them to Linthicum, who was eventually identified as the crisis victim.

Who is David Linthicum

How did the suspect attack officers?

He allegedly fired several shots during their exchange, hurting one officer, according to a statement from the police. The police did not retaliate, according to police spokesperson Joy Stewart. The hunt for the suspect was subsequently launched, with a strong police presence and aircraft hovering over.

Authorities shut down local roads while examining the neighborhood’s single-family homes, many of which have spacious yards that back up to wooded regions. Authorities also advised locals to stay inside their houses throughout the nightlong manhunt for the culprit.

Following that, several local schools were shut down, including Cockeysville Middle School, Dulaney High School, Mays Chapel Elementary School, Padonia International Elementary School, Warren Elementary School, and Pot Spring Elementary School, according to Baltimore County.

The hurt policeman was taken to a local hospital and eventually released. Police once more instructed people in Cockeysville to take cover after Linthicum was discovered in a residential area. Deborah Weiner, a reporter for WBAL, claims that the guy had one rifle when he was apprehended.

The Harford Sheriff’s Office also expressed gratitude to “federal, state, and allied agency partners that are working relentlessly to ensure the safety of our community” in an early-Friday morning statement.

The statement stated, “This occurrence has harmed numerous citizens over two days.” “I would like to thank the people for their patience and diligence.” Additionally, the Harford police warned locals against posting tactical details about the officers’ locations online.


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