Who is Alexa Sciuto? Crazy Maryland teacher claims professionalism is a white supremacist myth, explained

In a TikTok video, a teacher from Baltimore, Maryland, danced in celebration of “indoctrinating” students.  Let’s see Who that teacher is and about the crazy TikTok video in detail.

Who is that teacher?

A teacher from Baltimore talks about using taxpayer funds to ‘indoctrinate’ students.

The teacher was identified as Alexa Sciuto by Fox News Digital.

Alexa Sciuto works at Pine Grove Middle School in the Baltimore County School District.


TikTok Video

The middle school Spanish teacher posted on TikTok, dancing jovially,

“Put the taxes in the bag.”

The teacher, Alexa Sciuto was responding to criticism of her use of a music in which she lip-synced “f—k up on your b—ch” in a video adorning her classroom with pride materials.

A user responded to Alexa Sciuto’sTikTok Video,

“None of this is what education is supposed to be about. Reading. Writing. Arithmetic. Why are you so f-ing hellbent on indoctrinating our children?”

Alexa Sciuto said,

“I just got fired for indoctrinating my students.”

The following clip showed



She said,

“Still employed, Put the taxes in the bag.”

She added,

“Y’all will never take me alive.”

The video clip also included a gif of money dropping with the words “Your taxes” written in an arrow next to it.

On another occasion, Alexa Sciuto claimed that,

“Professionalism is a patriarchal and White supremacist myth.” 

The effects of indoctrination

Teenagers are only exposed to and taught what is presented to them in the media and in the educational system.

When these systems emphasize biased ideas, it becomes challenging to create personal opinions. The brainwashing can begin at the youngest possible age.

From morals to political stances, kids accept the beliefs they are taught. A significant national concern now is educational indoctrination.

Some persons may suffer harm from one-sided education. A person is solely exposed to one point of view, leaving them with no choice but to ignore other viewpoints.


What is White Supremacy?

The idea that white people are superior to those of other races and should rule over them is known as white supremacy or white supremacism.

The viewpoint is in favor of preserving and defending any advantage or power that white people may possess.

White supremacy was a major defense of European colonialism and has roots in the now-discredited theory of scientific racism.

The term “white supremacy” can also refer to a social structure in which white people, despite nominal legal equality, have structural advantages (privilege) over other racial and ethnic groups.


Teachers bragged about “indoctrinating” students

Other state teachers have bragged about “indoctrinating” students.

Fox News Digital discovered that a Texas middle school teacher named Kelsey McCracken bragged about “indoctrinating” students on TikTok while questioning each of her classes about if they were uncomfortable with a non-binary identity.

Math instructor Kelsey McCracken works at Meacam Middle School in Fort Worth, Texas.

(Meacan Middle School/iStock)

In response to the McCracken story, Republican Governor Greg Abbott said,

“Our schools are for education, not indoctrination.”

“We will put a stop to this nonsense in the upcoming legislative session.

Schools must get back to fundamentals & stop pushing woke agendas. We will pass laws to get it done.”

Nairobi Colon, a teacher, too bragged about “indoctrinating” students.

Nairobi Colon discusses ‘neo-pronouns’ on TikTok. 

(Nairobi Colon/TikTok)

Colon, an art instructor who works for the KIPP charter school network in New Jersey, produced films in response to user criticism that the teacher was “grooming” children using gender ideology.

New Jersey teacher, Nairobi Colon, discusses “they/them” pronouns with 4th-grade students. (Nairobi Colon/TikTok)

In response to criticism, Colon recorded and interviewed fourth-grade kids about the teacher’s use of “non-binary” “they/them” pronouns, and over several months, posted the videos on a public TikTok account.

Nairobi Colon interrogates a student about “they/them” pronouns.

(Nairobi Colon/TikTok)

People Comments

Martinex tweeted,

Baltimore teacher brags about ‘indoctrinatingstudents with taxpayer money: ‘Put the taxes in the bag’ – Why aren’t all these perverted teachers arrested?”

Paw tommy tweeted,


Doc tweeted,

“This is what a child predator looks like. ”

Lowell Mennenga tweeted,

“AUDIO AUDIT CAPABILITY IN CLASSROOMS !!! No longer is school admin or boards proper oversight of kids education. ”

Vinny snags tweeted,

“If parents don’t stand up against this nonsense, then they are the ones to blame. Demand these “teachers”(groomers) be fired!”

Rita Jane tweeted,

Body cams protect the police from spurious accusations as well as the general public from police overreach. I’m in favor. Also, cameras in every classroom so we can see what some ‘teachers’ are indoctrinating their students into.”


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