How did Felix Banda aka Galamukani die? Motivational speaker and author cause of death explained

How did Felix Banda aka Galamukani die? Motivational speaker and author cause of death explained

Business Coach, mentor, and motivational speaker by the name of Felix Banda AKA Col. GALAMUKANI has passed away. Let’s learn more about his passing and Felix Banda cause of death in detail.


What happened to Galamukani?

Dr. Rozious Siatwambo confirmed the death news of his friend and brother Felix Banda on his official Facebook page, the statement reads the following,

Good Night My Dear Friend and Brother Felix Banda AKA Galamukani  It is with a heavy heart that announces the passing on of Felix Banda known by most of you as Galamukani.

My dear brother has gone to be with the Lord. I have walked with my all-weather friend from as far back as I can remember, a man full of humor and warmth of friendship.

Galamukani has been a voice to reckon with in our nation, a man that has impacted most of us in one way or another. I am at loss for words and heartbroken to lose a brother and friend who has left behind many memories forever imprinted on our hearts


What was Felix Banda cause of death?

Felix Banda, popularly known as Galamukani, was a well-known novelist and motivational speaker who recently passed away, according to official sources.

Felix Banda’s cause of death hasn’t been made public, despite this. He revealed in an interview  Felix Banda Health Issue. that he suffered from a number of ailments, including pancreatic dysfunction. He might have died as a result of it. Although we’ll update this page as soon as we have official word on his cause of death.


Who was Felix Banda?

On his official Facebook page @COL Galamukani, he shared his personal life and career. Read the below story to know about him.


Who am I? Who is Felix Banda? Who is Galamukani? I will give a brief description of who I am in this post.

I, Felix Banda was born on the 17th of May 1973 to Felix Banda Snr. (Deceased) and Rita Moonga(Deceased) my parents. I will be clocking 47 years of age this May 2020. I am married Ruth Daka since October 2000 and have been blessed with three beautiful daughters namely Luyando, Lumba, and Lusungu. I and Ruth have experienced nearly 20 years of uninterrupted marriage.

Early Life

Without seeking sympathy, I grew up in a not-well-to-do background and my father was a Teacher. I spent my early childhood In Mandevu and Chipata Compound, did my primary school in Lusaka, and went to Kitwe for my Secondary School education at Kitwe Boys’ High School which I completed in 1992.

I recall during my grade nine session, I was awarded for being the best student in Office Practice as a subject at the National examinations.

At the age of Seven, I already was involved in the selling of Fritas, Ice-blocks, and Sweets. I quickly realized that life was tough in the hood and the only way out was to assist my parents in terms of financing some of my small personal needs and that of our family as well. Life in Zambia, with a meager income, can really be challenging.

Educational Background

With the grade 12 results I obtained, I was encouraged to enroll in the School of Education at the University of Zambia by my father, perhaps because he was a Teacher as well. I actually did not like the idea, but well, what was I to do?

He was my dad. I was not accepted the first time, but dad quickly realized I could appeal the decision. I did so and was accepted.

I later on graduated with a silent Bachelor’s degree in the late 90s. I also recall that during one of the assessments in Mathematics as a course in my bachelor’s program, I scored 100% in a CA. I share this in my book “We Don’t Just Become”.

I went on to be employed by Rhodespark School as a Mathematics Teacher which I taught to the best of my ability. My class of Mathematics became the best class at the school recording a 100% pass rate, a record that is yet to be surpassed.

Natural Public speaker

A certain white man from Australia recognized my speaking prowess during a conversation, he shared his sentiments about what he felt about my abilities.

“Felix, you are a natural public speaker with a huge sense of humor. Have you ever considered public speaking on a much more professional level? You could make money out of this”, he exclaimed during some small-time conversation.

I then recognized I had a natural inclination to speak in public. I exuded so much captivation that I began to speak regularly. I became more confident. I could master the atmosphere of my audience and structure my presentation so well that they could not help but shed tears due to laughter and learning.

I recall at one time, I visited my elder brother Chibamba Kanyama asking for a slot to speak on one of his programs in the mid-2000s. I wanted to perfect my newfound skill.

He granted me the opportunity and I gave a motivational talk to a myriad of attendees and the response was humbling. I began to appear on TV to provide business motivational tips. Fast-forward, I later then enrolled in a Master’s Degree program in Business Administration at Cavendish University in the late 2000s.

By then, I had already quit my full-time employment as a Maths Teacher several years back in 2003 at age 30 to pursue a career in Business Consulting. I also proceeded to do a course in Project Management.

As an Author

At that time, I had already been exposed to different platforms and had consulted for many companies, institutions, and businesses in Executive Coaching and Mentorship, Organizational Development and Strategy Formulation, Team Building facilitation, Performance Improvement Initiatives, and Project Evaluation.

I have so far among others consulted for the American Embassy, USAID, UNDP, ILO, UNICEF, OXFAM, ERB, NGOCC, ZDA, KCM, World Bank, ZICTA, Airtel, Ecobank, Malawi Revenue Authority, etc.

Whilst setting up my firm previously, I had a different name in mind to name my company but when I provided those proposed names to PACRA for registration, they were all taken up.

I then thought of a more catchy name that I was very sure no company had – “Galamukani” to mean “Wake up from slumber”. I thought of this name out of frustration that the other proposed names were not approved by PACRA. Galamukani then became my official Consult name that met the registration agency’s approval.

Galamukani Consult became a household name that exposed me to different environments that I could never have dreamt of. I traveled extensively across Zambia and beyond borders consulting for blue Chip companies. To blow my own trumpet, I became the most sought-after Keynote speaker at most Professional bodies’ annual conferences.

Motivational Programs

I appeared on Chibamba Kanyama’s Business Values Programme on ZNBC on the last segment of the program dubbed ‘Motivation’. I secured a spot on Standard Chartered’s Business Values program that was aired every Wednesday on ZNBC on the last segment of the program consistently for several months.

I have been a master of ceremonies for hundreds of professional and social events including those that have been attended by his excellency the Republican President of Zambia Mr. Edgar Lungu.

I sit on several company boards to assist in the provision of strategic leadership and performance evaluation. I am equally a part-time Tutor of Mathematics for secondary school children and not too long ago managed a private school that I had leased from the Reformed Church in Zambia – Kamwala called Agape in which I oversaw its operations.

Being a teacher & Consultant

In 2015, I released my first book titled “We Don’t Just Become”, a book that was inspired by the many struggles I had endured to get to the level I had become and the lessons that I learned during my journey of being a Teacher and Consultant.

We must be accountable for our time, by not short-changing the world. Family, Career, Wealth, Spiritual, Health, and Social Impact have a particular generic historical trend.

Investing time in preparation, being strategically positioned in society, and thriving in networks whilst taking advantage of our uniqueness, value and our destiny of significance are some of the themes of this book.

Recently last year, I was contracted by the World Bank in which I had to facilitate projects in South Africa and later on in Sudan. To brag a bit, my best record has been providing a motivational speech for one hour only in which I was paid ZMK 44,000.00.

Talking a bit about figures, I have consulted for companies that have remunerated me over ZMK 350,000.00 for a few weeks’ assignments.

I recall having been on a program contracted by a certain multinational firm in which I was tasked to simply facilitate a shortlisting process within their system to establish the best resource. I was paid ZMK100,000.00 for a day’s work.

I have made over $1.5m (Over Zak 20m) in my career in Business Consulting for the last 16 years and invested in properties and other Income-generating assets.

Books written

I write this to simply provide some level of motivation to you to trust the process. It surely does pay off once your relevant skill or gifting has been identified.

In conclusion, I am currently working on my second book titled “Why They Are Broke”, a thought-provoking book that seeks to provoke the mind on why you may still be broke currently or potentially.

I have also formed what I have referred to as the ‘Galamukani Network’. This is a network of people that will share ideas about Wealth creation, Social Capital enhancement, Spiritual growth, Career Development, and Health wellness.

We expect to expand this network gradually to accommodate as many dreamers as possible to influence our current generation and beyond. We can only develop as a nation If we could be solid in these aspects.



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