Who is Torrey Moore? Dead pregnant woman found in home of store Clerk’s Murder suspect

Torrey Moore

Torrey Moore, a 31-year-old man was arrested after a search warrant was carried out at Enclave Apts. Let’s see who is Torrey Moore and why he was arrested in detail.

Who is Torrey Moore?

Torrey Moore is a suspect arrested by the police in relation to the store Clerk’s Murder case. Police found a woman’s decaying body inside the apartment belonging to the Moco gas station suspect.

Police in Montgomery County has accused Torrey Moore of killing a gas station employee on Thursday in White Oak. When police investigated his flat, they discovered a pregnant woman who had died and was well in the process of decomposing. According to police, she was eight months pregnant.

In Maryland, police discovered a woman’s decaying body who was eight months pregnant in a man’s closet who was being sought in connection with the death of a gas station convenience store employee.

The horrifying discovery was uncovered by Montgomery County police on Friday in the residence of Torrey Moore, 31, who they say killed Ayalew Wondimu, 61, earlier that day at the Dash-In convenience store at a Shell station.

Why did the police arrest Torrey Moore?

According to CBS Baltimore, authorities said Moore started yelling at the cashier as he paid for many goods and then shot the man when the argument turned physical.

Later, when Moore was captured on surveillance footage crossing the street to an apartment building, investigators were able to pinpoint his residence. Early on Friday, a SWAT team broke into his rental, according to the report.

Police examined Moore’s home after arresting him and discovered the woman’s body in “an advance stage of decay.”
Moore informed detectives that he had been in a relationship with the woman and that she was eight months pregnant when she died.

Police statement:

At a news conference on Friday, Montgomery County Chief of Police Marcus Jones said, “He told detectives he was in a relationship with the female, who was pregnant — the female who was found inside the apartment — and that there had been some type of fight between the two about one month prior that led to the victim becoming deceased.”

The autopsy of her body was delivered to the medical examiner’s office. She is still unidentified. In connection with the killing of Wondimu, 61, Moore was accused of first-degree murder and gun possession. It is reported that an additional charges are possible once the identification of woman is declared and the cause of her death determined.


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