Kherson situation: What is happening in Kherson now? Russia Ukraine war

What is happening in Kherson now. The situation in the city on March 8: online

Kherson situation: On the twelfth day of the war between Russia and Ukraine, it is difficult for the people of Kherson, but there is no question of any surrender – a blue-and-yellow flag flutters over the city!

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17:55 Residents of Kherson are asked not to use elevators until 9:00 and after 17:00, because employees of the relevant services will not be able to carry out any emergency work during the curfew.

16:40 In Oleshki, unarmed people have shown that they are not afraid of Russian invaders!

In Oleshki, unarmed people have shown that they are not afraid of Russian invaders!

15:46 Kherson City Council asks local residents to use elevators in apartment buildings only from 09:00 to 17:00. Due to the curfew and temporary occupation of the city, workers will only be able to service the elevators during this time.

14:52 According to the Kherson city council, people in the region help each other. So, in the settlement of Geologists, a woman herself buys bread for local residents, and in Priozerny and Kamyshany, fishermen again distributed fish to people. (Kherson situation)

14:00 Kherson City Council reports that Khersonoblenergo is starting work on resuming electricity supply in the village of Antonivtsi. Specialists will try to do everything today.

12:54 Kherson Mayor Igon Kolykhaev urged local entrepreneurs and residents to gradually return to work as much as possible.

“The city must live and work. If we now miss the moment of supporting our domestic economy, then we will not be able to start this wheel again,” he said.

11:27 In the city of Alyoshki, Kherson region, people took to the streets against the Russian occupation. And in Kherson itself, residents almost every day take to the city squares with Ukrainian flags, insisting that the invaders leave their city.

10:15 The head of the Nikolaev Regional State Administration Vitaliy Kim plans to push the enemy back not only from his region but also from Kherson, which the invaders actually occupied. “We are doing well with fighting spirit, we are pushing them in such a way that we will go to Kherson and knock them out of Kherson. We have such plans, they are not ambitious, they are real. I will go to Kherson,” Kim said on the air of the national telethon. (Kherson situation)

06:15 Russian invaders completely destroyed the largest shopping and entertainment complex in the Kherson region.

02:40 The Kherson prosecutor’s office began criminal proceedings regarding the shelling of a village in the region.

“Prosecutors continue to take all possible and appropriate measures to document war crimes committed by representatives of the armed forces of the Russian Federation,” the statement said.

01:10 The head of the Kherson Regional State Administration, Gennady Laguta, said that the workers of the State Emergency Service delivered 50,000 eggs and 5 tons of chickens from the Chernobaev poultry farm.

“The distribution took place in accordance with the applications received by the Kherson city council. The distribution of meat and eggs will continue tomorrow,” he said.

March 7

23:10 Volodymyr Zelensky is grateful to the Ukrainians for their resistance.

“They forgot that we are not afraid of paddy wagons and batons, we are not afraid of tanks, we are not afraid of machine guns when the main thing on our side is the truth. As it is now – Mariupol and Kharkiv, Chernihiv and Sumy, Odessa and Kyiv, Mykolaiv, Zhytomyr and Korosten, Ovruch and many other cities,” the president said in an evening video message.

21:01 Residents of the Kakhovka community are urged not to succumb to provocations.

“Do not believe the fake information that the Kakhovka geriatric boarding house does not have enough food supplies,” the local authorities said in a statement. (Kherson situation)

19:38 Distributors and wholesale companies selling food products are called to help Kherson.

“The goal is to create a unified system for the delivery of products to retail outlets in the city.
Given that Kherson is not opening a green corridor for the supply of humanitarian aid, the situation is escalating. A separate line is being created in the call center to accept targeted applications: +38 093 503 22 85. To confirm to participate in the program, representatives of distribution and wholesale companies need to call this number,” Irina Nikolaeva, director of the Department of Economics and Investments of the Kherson City Council, addressed business representatives.

18:59 Kherson residents rush at the occupiers, despite the shelling from machine guns!

16:54 On March 8, at 12:00 pm, a peace march “To you, zahisniki!” is scheduled in Hola Pristan. According to mayor Alexander Babich, the action will be dedicated to our future victory and women.

16:00 A hotline for insulin-dependent people has appeared in Kherson, the city council reported. You can contact me by phone: 0 800 60 20 19.

15:07 Peaceful actions against the invaders took place in Kherson, Kakhovka, Novotroitsk and Chaplinka. In Chaplinka, the fire was opened on the protesters, eyewitnesses report two wounded.

15:00 “The Russian military must have confused us with a NATO base.” Fabrika, the largest mall in the region, showed the scale of destruction after shelling.

13:39 Operators Vodafone, Kyivstar, lifecell launch national roaming within Ukraine. Now, if your operator’s network is not available, you can switch to the network of other operators.

How to connect to the network of another operator. All items are required:

  1. Disable auto network selection on Android: Settings – Mobile network (or Connection) – Operator, on iOS: Settings – Cellular data – Network selection
  2. Find and select an available network: Vodafone UA, UA-KYIVSTAR or LIFECELL
  3. If registration fails, try again or select a different network
  4. Check the possibility of an outgoing call, SMS

Important: every day tries to return (connect) to the operator’s network. Manually or enable auto network selection.

12:22 On the border with Crimea, several thousand people came out to protest against the occupation of the peninsula and the Russian war in Ukraine. (Kherson situation)

12:11 In Kherson, explosions are heard in different parts of the city, the correspondent of Suspіlny reports.

11:03 Kherson Regional State Administration reported operational information on the state of affairs in the region. In general, the situation is changing a little. The main problem is the supply of food and medicine. Now the problem is periodic disconnections of mobile communications and the Internet. So far, they are coping with the disruption of the networks on their own.

10:04 The command of the Marine Corps reported that last night the Ukrainian military “covered” the Chernobaevka airfield near Kherson. “The occupiers decided to partially place their fleet there. 30 enemy helicopters were destroyed, as well as manpower and equipment,” the report says.

08:46 Kherson city council asks to contact hotlines for help only in urgent needs and in cases where people really cannot take care of food, medicine, and water supplies on their own.

07:36 Kherson City Council reports that today at 08:15 8 trolleybuses will start operating in the city. They will run on routes No. 1, No. 12, No. 13.

05:51 Suspіlne Kherson reports that mobile communications and Kyivstar Internet have disappeared again in the city.

05:40 Deputy head of the Skadovsk district prosecutor’s office of the Kherson region, Daniil Filatov, said that the department had relocated and was working.

“From February 24 to February 27, there was a complex, but well-coordinated relocation of the Skadov District Prosecutor’s Office and with only one goal, so that everyone who encroached on the sovereignty of our State with you, on the lives of citizens, would be punished without fail. The Shadow District Prosecutor’s Office works daily and fixes in accordance with the requirements of the current procedural legislation, all criminal offenses committed on the territory of the region by the invaders and their assistants,” he said. (Kherson situation)

02:34 By decree of President Volodymyr Zelensky, Kherson was awarded the title of “hero city”. Mayor of the city Igor Kolykhaev was awarded the Order of Courage.

March, 6

23:40 The Prosecutor General’s Office launched criminal proceedings against the ex-deputy of the Kherson Regional Council.

“It has been established that the ex-deputy of the Kherson Regional Council and the Kakhovka City Council, through the Facebook network, is inciting the residents of the Kherson region, where active hostilities are taking place, to obey the occupying forces of the Russian Federation,” the report says.

21:50 Vivid photos of rallies against the invaders in the cities of the region (Kherson situation)

19:51 The head of the Kherson Regional State Administration Gennady Laguta said that today in a number of cities in the region there were rallies against the occupation – in Kherson, Kakhovka, Nova Kakhovka, Tavriysk, Genichesk, Novoalekseevka, Kalanchak.

18:00 Kherson Regional State Administration provided operational information on the humanitarian situation in the region – the provision of heat, water, and electricity, food.

It is also reported that in the Kalanchatsky territorial bulk, flooding began due to heavy rainfall. Now there are opening locks to discharge water into the river.

16:15 The head of the Kherson Regional State Administration, Gennady Laguta, announced that the issue of transporting meat and eggs from the Chernobaev poultry farm to places where they are most needed is being addressed.

“As for the situation with the export of chicken meat and eggs from the Chernobaev poultry farm. Currently, 250,000 eggs have been exported from there. Today, 46,000 eggs and 150 kilograms of chicken meat have been shipped to Kherson. Three thousand eggs have been provided to enterprises for baking bread. Kherson City advice. Currently, a list of needs of the city’s residents is being formed. That is, the issue of delivering meat and eggs to places where it is needed is being resolved,” he said. (Kherson situation)

13:30 Kherson CHPP, Khersonteploenergo, Teplotekhservis and Khersonteplogeneratsiya are operating as usual. This was announced by the Kherson City Council.

13:10 In Kherson and in the settlements of the region, residents go to rallies against the invaders. In particular, people protested in Kherson, Nova Kakhovka, Kalanchak, Novoalekseevka.

12:20 Now a rally is taking place in Nova Kakhovka against the occupation of the city by Russians:

11:50 Free dairy products can still be obtained at two ATB stores in Kherson:

  • shop on st. Ludwika Zamenhof, 1;
  • shop on st. Perekopskaya, 17

11:00 In Kherson, utility services began to work along the streets, whose workers collect garbage with their hands because sweepers are not yet released into the city.

“I beg you not to be indifferent now. Knock on the neighbors, ask if they have food, share what they have with our old people. Please feed the animals, especially those who, fleeing from the city, left the former owners. Communication in Kherson again “Jamming”, the majority do not have the Internet. Whoever read this message, tell others. Let’s support each other in such difficult times,” Igor Kolykhaev addressed the residents.

00:50 Ukrainian cities are rising up against the invaders! We have collected videos from Kherson, Melitopol, Zaporizhzhia and Berdyansk. Look!

5th of March

22:40 Deputies of local councils of the region appealed to NATO and other countries in support of Volodymyr Zelensky’s request to close the sky over Ukraine.

“For 10 days now, peaceful cities have been under air and missile strikes. The cost of delaying the closing of the sky is thousands of dead and injured children, women, the elderly, destroyed hospitals, schools, kindergartens,” the appeal says.

20:00 Now a truck with humanitarian aid has been formed, which should deliver the necessary medical supplies to the residents of the Kherson region. The Kherson Regional State Administration team works 24/7 to provide the most needed area.

However, now everything depends on the creation of a green corridor. The regional and central authorities are working every minute to resolve this issue.

14:10 Trolleybuses 1, 12, and 13 will run on city routes until 16:30.

13:30 The Armed Forces of Ukraine dealt a powerful blow to the Russian troops near Kherson, – said Aleksey Arestovich.

10:00 A rally against the invaders began on the central square of Kherson

03:00 Mobile communication in Kherson and other settlements of the region has been restored. However, interruptions are possible at times. Specialists are working to eliminate the slightest problems.

02:00 Aleksey Arestovich said that there is “a minimum of Russian troops” in Kherson.

00:00 The President of Ukraine reacted to the attempt of the Russian invaders to distribute the so-called “humanitarian aid” to the residents of Kherson.

“Our Kherson, Ukrainian Kherson, which today they tried to humiliate (Russian occupiers – ed.), but failed. They didn’t give it … Russian propagandists thought of them (inhabitants of Kherson – ed.) as themselves, but they saw that Kherson residents respect themselves, respect Ukraine,” Volodymyr Zelenskyy said.

March 4

22:00 In the Kherson region, until March 14, pensions for the first month of spring must be paid. In total, 537.7 million hryvnias were credited for this in the region, the PFU said. The procedure for receiving a pension for March through Ukrposhta is here. (Kherson situation)

20:10 Recall that a rally for the creation of KhNR did not take place in Kherson. Thousands of people with Ukrainian flags came to Freedom Square, not being afraid of the armed Russian military!

20:00 A baby Tibetan yak was born in the Askania-Nova reserve these days. They named him Bayraktar.

A baby Tibetan yak was born in the Askania-Nova reserve these days. They named him Bayraktar.

Little Bayraktar (photo:

18:20 No one approached the Russian trucks with humanitarian aid. People in the square shouted to the invaders that they did not need help. In a word, it was not possible to create a picture for Russian propagandists.

17:40 The correspondent of the channel “Ukraine24” said that in Kherson there was no connection for more than 4 hours. He disappeared after military equipment entered the city, on one of the cars was written “Don Humanitarian Aid”.

Now only Vodafon and Lifecell operate in the city. In the morning, Ukrainian TV channels do not work at all, only through cable. Russian channels work on T2.

As for products, there were small stocks left in the city, stores were giving away what was left in warehouses for free.

17:10 In Kherson, a connection from Vodafone appeared.

15:30 The Russian military did not allow the “green corridor” for the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Kherson region.

15:20 In Kherson, on the Freedom Square, local residents with Ukrainian flags meet the Russian “humanitarian convoy”, which will participate in the action calling for the creation of a “separate republic”.

action calling for the creation of a "separate republic".

14:00 In the Kherson region, mobile communication was lost. The occupiers turned off the mobile networks of Vodafone and Kyivstar, according to the head of the Kherson Regional State Administration Gennady Laguta.

13:20 According to the SBU, 60-80 Crimeans have already settled in the Fregat Hotel. Probably, today they will go to the rally with the flags of the Russian Federation and “gratitude” to the Russian “liberators”.

11:10 Bread is distributed in Kherson. Addresses are on the link.

08:05 Residents of Kherson and the region have been warned that Russian invaders have seized the TV tower and will now flood the airwaves with fakes, disinformation, and propaganda. Ignore such stuffing and do not believe the lies, emphasize the SBU.

We add that Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba on his Twitter said that after the capture of the TV tower in Kherson, the invaders are planning a show with the participation of fake “locals” brought from the occupied Crimea. (Kherson situation)

03:00 Our colleagues from Suspilny showed on video what Kherson looked and looks like before and after the Russian invasion.

02:10 On March 4, on Liberty Square, the Russian invaders will wave the flags of the Russian Federation and will shout that Kherson is the “Kherson people’s republic.” For this, 2 large buses, 20 cars, 2 “sprinters” and 7 “gazelles” of unidentified persons were brought to the city.

People of Kherson! Don’t be fooled! Don’t get close to this crowd! Don’t believe fakes!



The situation in Kherson on March 6

Local authorities have formed a headquarters that deals with the life support of the city.

“We are all in the city council – now we are solving the issue of humanitarian aid for the Kherson city territorial community, connecting international institutions. All my deputies are with me – we control the life processes of the city,” says Kherson mayor Igor Kolykhaev.

He emphasizes: in spite of everything, Kherson is a Ukrainian city.

“Let’s move away from panic, use only trusted sources of information – communicate through your district elders, leaders of condominiums, we are all with you,” Kolykhaev addresses the local residents.


In Kherson, a strict curfew is in effect from 20:00 to 06:00.

The work of public transport, the rules for the movement of cars and pedestrians

The following rules are currently in place in the city for the safety of local residents:

  1. You can only visit the city during the day.
  2. Only cars with food, medicines and other things go to the city.
  3. Public transport works so that employees of the bakery, shops, pharmacies, and the like can get to work.
  4. Pedestrians walk one by one, a maximum of two. The military is not provoked. Stop at the first request. They don’t conflict.
  5. Cars that, according to the conditions, can be in the city, drive at a minimum speed. Drivers must be ready at any time to show the contents of the carriage.

How hospitals work in Kherson

As of today, the following are operating normally:

    • Kherson City Clinical Hospital. E. E. Karabelesh (doctors provide medical care in all areas, in the clinics of the hospital, medical care is provided in full);
    • Polyclinic No. 2 of the City Clinical Hospital. A. and O. Tropins (the trauma department accepts on a first-come, first-served basis);
    • City Clinical Hospital. A. S. Luchansky (doctors of the dental clinic provide only emergency care to patients).

Pharmacy addresses

  • avenue 200 years of Kherson, 16;
  • Ushakov Avenue, 67;
  • st. Chernyshevsky, 6;
  • st. Chernomorskaya, 16;
  • st. Suvorova, 13;
  • st. Lavreneva, 12;
  • st. I. Kulik, 139/4;
  • st. Komarova, 2;
  • st. Tiraspolskaya, 1

As well as pharmacies “Low Prices” and “Pharmacy of Your Homeland” on Shengelia Street in the Ostrov micro-district.

Shops that work in Kherson

      • ATB on the street. Patona, 8,
      • ATB on the street. Stravinsky,
      • “Fresh” on the street. I. Kulik,
      • “Walmart” on the street. Dorofeeva, 30,
      • Supermarket “Ukraine” on St. Cyril and Methodius Avenue, 20
      • Small shops on the street. Maria Fortus, 100A,
      • Shop “Ideal” on Tekstilshchikov avenue, 10,
      • “Sita Khata” on the street. Komkova, 75,
      • “Sita Khata” on Nikolaevsky highway, 26,
      • “Sita Khata” on the street. Patona, 8,
      • “Sita Khata” on the street. Shengelia, 11,
      • Market in the Shumensky microdistrict on the street. Lavreneva, 15
      • “Eko Segment” on the street. Chernomorskaya, 36.

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