How did Joseph Egbunike die? Top Nigerian police officer death cause

How did Joseph Egbunike die

How did Joseph Egbunike die: Joseph Egbunike, who was in charge of the Federal Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (FCIID) until his death, was said to have died on Tuesday night after collapsing and being rushed to a hospital in Abuja.

According to a police source, the late police chief was rushed to National Hospital Abuja, where he was pronounced dead.

According to two sources familiar with the situation, the deputy police inspector-general died late Tuesday night at the National Hospital in Abuja.

Joseph Egbunike Death Cause

According to an official, police officers have gathered at his official residence in Maitama in preparation for his burial.

“Tragically, he died after battling a long-term illness that left his neck swollen for many years,” a police source said. “He was flown to London for treatment previously, but he did not recover well before returning to work.”

Mr. Egbunike’s Federal Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (FCIID) is widely regarded as the most powerful and preoccupied police force in the country.

A police spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the development.

Mr. Egbunike had been the head of the police finance department for several years before being appointed DIG in late 2020.

He recently led the police investigation into disgraced officer Abba Kyari, drawing criticism after recommending a demotion that was widely regarded as too mild and uncertain for the charges brought against the officer.

Who was Joseph Egbunike?

Joseph Egbunike was a high-ranking officer in the Nigerian police force, serving as the Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG).

Egbunike, a native of Onitsha, Anambra State, has been a member of the Nigerian Police Force for 33 years. He earned a (Hons) Accounting degree from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, as well as a Bachelor of Laws (LLB Hons. ), B.L., a Masters in International Law and Diplomacy (MILD), and a Ph.D. in Criminology.

The astute financial manager belongs to several professional organizations, including the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN), Nigeria Bar Association (NBA), Institute of Cost Management (ICM), Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM), and the Chartered Institute of Fraud Examiners.

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