What happened? How did Joe Rizzo die? Cause of death explained

What happened? How did Joe Rizzo die? Cause of death explained

Joe Rizzo Cause of death revealed: Joe Rizzo, the dynamo behind the Education Foundation and a staunch supporter of All Things Flagler, died at the age of 47.


Who is Joe Rizzo?

Joe Rizzo, executive director of the Flagler Education Foundation, former co-owner of Woody’s BBQ and other eateries, and unwavering supporter of all things Flagler.


What happened to Joe Rizzo?

Joe Rizzo died this morning. He was 47 years old.

“With Joe’s departure, Flagler genuinely lost a great friend of Flagler,” Palm Coast Mayor David Alfin, the foundation’s immediate past president, a business partner of Rizzo’s throughout the years, and a man he called his best friend, stated this morning.

“He had a county-sized heart, and as a friend, there were only two things he’d ever ask: when and where.” If a buddy needed something, the only two questions were “when do I need to be there?” and “where do I need to be, of course in an effort to help.”

“I’ve met Joe Rizzo more times than any other person in my life,” Carla Cline, Rizzo’s long-time friend, sometimes coworker, and fellow Flagler native, remarked. “I shall miss my wild ideas and his quiet determination to make things happen.” The Flagler County School System has lost a champion, our friends have lost someone who would do everything to assist you in your time of need, and his family has lost a hero. Knowing Joe has made me a better person, and I will always remember him fondly.”


How did Joe Rizzo die? death cause

Rizzo’s death comes as a shock to a district that had relied on his confidence and business successes, and which has also lost other notable district leaders in their prime during the pandemic. Rizzo was a common sight not just at Foundation events, but also at school board meetings, civic gatherings, and, on occasion, other local government meetings, where he maintained a close eye on public affairs and used his involvement to benefit the Foundation.

“His love for aiding the whole Flagler County community, but especially the kids and teachers of Flagler Schools,” the Foundation stated in a statement this morning. Joe not only devoted his time at the Foundation to increase its assets and impact on the lives of students, but he also taught and managed a staff that would support him in achieving his goals.”


Joe Rizzo Cause of death

Joe Rizzo passed away early this morning. He was 47 years old. The cause of death has not been made public.

As per the Flagler County Education Foundation, Joe Rizzo passed away suddenly without any prior diseases. As we already knew Rizzo has long suffered from cardiac problems, requiring multiple surgeries throughout the years, Joe Rizzo’s death might be associated with his heart problems.

Sudden death is suggestive of a Heart attack. But still, all these are just speculation based on his health conditions. Flagler County Education Foundation said further details will be shared as soon as possible. Also, the family asked for their privacy at this terrible time.


Joe Rizzo Career

Joe Rizzo Career

When Joe Rizzo learned that Deborah Williams, executive director of the Flagler Education Foundation, was retiring, he asked his wife who she felt might be found as a substitute. She advised him to apply.

“Having thought about it for a day, I don’t think there’s anyone more enthusiastic or caring about the foundation than I am, after being part in it for the previous eight years,” Rizzo said. “It is where all of my humanitarian efforts have been directed.” I’ve contributed to the foundation over the last eight years, whether it’s assisting them with the golf event, putting on the Josh Crews benefit, or anything else, from the past president to board member.”

Some 60 people applied for the position of executive director of the Flagler County School Board’s nearly 30-year-old non-profit and direct-support organization, a $2.5 million-asset entity that raises money on behalf of the board and distributes it through teacher grants, literacy programs, scholarships, etc. Out of the 60 he was selected.


Condolences to Joe Rizzo

Jeanie Boudreau says,

Such a tragic loss for his family, friends, and community. Joe Rizzo will be sorely missed in every aspect. Peace and comfort to his family as they cope with his death.

Paul Renner says,

Joe Rizzo was a cornerstone of our community, and his death was mourned deeply by everybody who knew him. His dedication to enhancing education in Flagler County will go on. He was an outspoken supporter of mentorship for students, particularly those in need. I’m praying for the Rizzo’s family.

Denise Calderwood says,

Joe’s death will be felt deeply by all Flagler County citizens. He was a superb leader who listened to all of our people and demonstrated compassion for everyone, and his desire to serve as an outstanding leader will be much missed. My heartfelt condolences go out to his lovely family, and I hope that his children will return to raise their families here. Joe, may you rest in peace, and may you arrange parties in Heaven to support all those Flagler students who left far too soon!

If you know any updates on ‘Joe Rizzo Cause of death’, Let us know. Until then our condolence to the Joe Rizzo family.


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