What happened to Soulja Boy’s teeth? Teeth transformation Explained

What happened to Soulja Boy's teeth? Teeth transformation Explained


Soulja Boy trended on Twitter after photos of imperfect teeth were gossiped to be his. Let’s see What happened to Soulja Boy’s teeth and Soulja Boy’s Teeth transformation in detail  


What happened to Soulja Boy’s teeth?

Soulja Boy is popular on Twitter as a result of a viral teeth photo.

All of 2021 was devoted to Soulja Boy’s battle for respect.

Soulja Boy asserted that he was the first rapper to do practically everything.

Soulja Boy did, however, set the groundwork for the current level of rap artists’ success with streaming.

The first rapper to get signed off the internet was Soulja Boy.

Although Soulja Boy’s rise first seemed unusual, it is now accepted practice.

Soulja Boy also joined the cast of “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.”

Soulja Boy was the richest cast member during the three years he spent there.

For himself, Soulja Boy has achieved great success.

Soulja Boy’s net worth was $30 million last time it was updated.

However, a few years ago, there were claims that Soulja Boy had poor dental health.

Although Soulja Boy was purportedly in some pictures, this was never confirmed.

Since then, more people have begun to pay attention to what Soulja Boy says.

His teeth were not in the best shape in another image that went viral.

Fans are already attacking Soulja Boy’s former dentists on Twitter because of his supposed present state.

Soulja Boy is popular on Twitter as a result of a popular teeth photo.

Although Soulja Boy’s teeth are presently in great shape, this wasn’t always the case. 

A social media user posted a snapshot of his teeth before and after dental surgery, and the resurfacing images have Twitter in a tizzy.

“I’m curious as to why Soulja Boy allowed his mouth to become that bad. 

Don’t use drugs kiddies, his breath must stink with all those decaying teeth,” they tweeted alongside many images of the rapper’s teeth.

Twitter Reactions to Soulja Boy’s teeth: 

Viewers were shocked, with many wondering what was going on with Soulja Boy’s teeth before he got the dental work.

“Soulja Boy’s teeth look like that episode of Ren & Stimpy when Ren stopped brushing his,” another user tweeted.

One user expressed that he didn’t need to see all that.

“Yeah, I didn’t need to see Soulja Boy’s teeth,” they wrote.

“ARAB must’ve been Soulja Boy’s personal teeth brusher cuz it looks like that nigga ain’t brush his teeth since he left,” another added.

Encino Dental Smile posted a picture with Soulja Boy back in October 2021 after an apparent consultation.

 “This rapper, producer, and entrepreneur is the first person to do just about everything…. yes you guessed right @souljaboy in the house,” Encino Dential Smile wrote.

Soulja Boy trends on Twitter because of viral photo of teeth



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