What happened to facebook? Facebook news feed not updating Explained

What happened to facebook? Facebook news feed not updating Explained

After going down for several hours on Monday for users all across the world, Facebook has apologised. Let’s see what happened to Facebook.


what happened to Facebook?

Depending on which social media apps you prefer, you likely have a different relationship with the idea of an edit button. Some platforms like Twitter have long resisted introducing that kind of functionality, while others, like Facebook, have had edit buttons for years. While Facebook users have long treasured that functionality, some have now noticed that the edit button seems to have disappeared.


What happened to the edit button on Facebook?

Many Facebook users have recently complained about the alleged deletion of the edit option from their Facebook postings on Twitter and other social networking sites.

what happened to Facebook

Why on earth has Facebook’s “edit post” option vanished? On Twitter, one individual wrote.

Another individual asked, “Have we returned to 2007 where you can no longer edit posts on @facebook?

In general, people merely seemed perplexed at the button’s disappearance and pleaded for Facebook to offer some sort of justification for the change. Facebook hasn’t yet provided an explanation for why some users are unable to see the button, though. The majority of people appear to have concluded that Facebook changed its functionality on purpose, but it would be a rather significant move to do without making any prior announcements.


Some people speculate that it’s related to the most recent iOS update

After downloading the most recent version of the Apple operating system, some users discovered that they no longer appear to be able to update Facebook posts on their Apple devices.

“So the “Edit” option on Facebook has vanished since I upgraded the Apple software on my iPhone this morning. Comments can be edited, but not your own posts. On Twitter, someone wrote, “WTF.”

Additionally, some people pointed out that while editing is still an option on Android smartphones, it is no longer available on Apple products. This seems to imply that an Apple software update may be at blame, which is certainly not ideal. Updates shouldn’t introduce new bugs that later need to be fixed itself; instead, they should fix bugs that were already present in the product.


Here are possible solutions to the problem with the missing edit button

Although there are no foolproof solutions for this problem, several users have recommended that the best alternative could be to use Facebook’s online application whenever it’s practical rather than the app. You may also try clearing the cache in your browser or uninstalling and reinstalling the app on your device to see if it fixes the problem.

Additionally, you can delete your cache from within the Facebook app. On an iOS device, go to the Facebook app and select the three stacked lines in the bottom right to accomplish that. Then select “Settings & Privacy” from the drop-down box and click “Settings.”



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