What happened to Sebastian Robinson? 12-year-old found dead in Andover home, Massachusetts

Sebastian Robinson
Sebastian Robinson


Sebastian and his parents were discovered dead in their Andover home early on Thursday. Let’s see, what happened to Sebastian Robinson in detail.

What happened to Sebastian Robinson?

The three family members found deceased overnight in Andover have been identified by authorities as Sebastian Robinson, 12, Linda Robinson, 55, and Andrew Robinson, 56.

Officials suspect the father’s wound was self-inflicted. All of them passed away from gunshot wounds.

The family’s Porter Road residence called 911 shortly after 3:21 in the morning, according to Andover Police Chief Pat Keefe.

About five minutes after they arrived, the police “had to breach two doors to get into the house.”

“They discovered the dead bodies of the father, mother, and son, age 12.

At a press conference, Keefe told reporters that the injuries were caused by a bullet.

The Essex County District Attorney’s office released a statement in which it stated that ” The incident appears to be a tragic case of domestic violence and murder-suicide” Andrew Robinson died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.”

Sebastian Robinson- ‘a gentle boy’:

Sebastian Robinson is a sixth grader at St. John’s Prep in Danvers. The boy’s school was contacted by Andover Police, according to Essex District Attorney Paul Tucker, and classes there were canceled for the day.

“Our community is heartbroken by the tragic loss of Sebastian,” Hardiman, head of the school said.

“The loss of a student within the context of a school, especially someone so young, is heartbreaking. The circumstances of Sebastian’s death are just extraordinarily tragic.”

“As I’ve talked with his teachers this morning, the description they’ve continually offered is he was a very gentle soul who felt very grateful to be a part of the Prep community, had a tremendous friend group.”

“He was very connected to our music program, to our campus ministry program, and just someone who was very well-loved as a gentle soul,” said Ed Hardiman, the school’s head of school, on Thursday.

The members of the Saint John’s Prep community have been requested to assemble in a community prayer service at 5 pm.

Andover home
Andover home

Police investigation:

The circumstances surrounding the gunshot incident are still unknown. The Police have now begun the investigation.

Keefe and Essex County District Attorney Paul Tucker conducted a press conference where they both acknowledged that the 911 call originated from inside the Porter Road residence.

“As you can imagine, this being early in the first of several hours into this scene, we have quite a bit of work to do, we’re still in the preliminary stages,” Tucker said.

“We know the how, we’re trying to figure out the why right now,” Keefe said. Police continue to stand outside the Porter Road home in Andover.

No danger to public:

Tucker claimed that there is no danger to the public and that the scene was “contained.” He would not comment on who called 911 from the home.

“But one of the messages we would like to make sure people know is there is no danger to the public at all. This entire situation was contained within the address here.”, he added.

“I think this is also a very good time to remind folks that if you’re suffering from any type of mental health issues, any type of depression, that services are out there,” Tucker said.

“Our office is certainly a community resource for anyone who is having any difficulties.”


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