Deandre Matthews found shot dead: What happened to the 19 year-old Brooklyn man after went missing?


Deandre Matthews found shot dead: What happened to the 19 year-old Brooklyn man after went missing?


According to police, a boy who had been reported missing by his parents was found the next day shot in the head and suffering from severe burn injuries. After a 19-year-old Brooklyn man was discovered dead not far from home, his family demanded justice. Let’s see what happened to Deandre Matthews and this case in detail.

What happened to Deandre Matthews?

On Monday, Deandre Matthews was reported missing. Police were called to a 911 call about a person on the tracks at Nostrand Avenue on Tuesday. They discovered a man who was unresponsive and unconscious. The guy was declared dead on the spot despite having severe burns all over his body.

Later, investigators identified the man as Matthews. According to officials, he had a gunshot wound to the head and displayed symptoms of smoke inhalation.

There have been no detentions. No information regarding a suspect in the case has been made public by the police.

Deandre Matthews missing 

Deandre Matthews found shot dead after missing

NEW YORK- A 19-year-old man who went missing on Monday has been discovered dead only a short distance from his Flatbush, Brooklyn, home, leaving his family in despair and searching for answers. On Thursday, CBS2 spoke with family members.

The Family grieves his son’s loss

DeAndre Matthews’ aunt Tamika Matthews stated, “We love him, we adore him, and I’m so sorry that this happened to him.” They are enduring unfathomable grief as a result of his tragic passing. Danielle Matthews, my son’s mother, stated, “I want justice for my son.” “My son finished his shift on Monday, and that was it.

Around five o’clock in the afternoon, DeAndre Matthews, better known as Dre, quit his work at the Crown Heights, New York, detail business Buggy Service Center. Tuesday, his mother’s burned-out Jeep Cherokee was discovered nearby on Troy Avenue. Then, authorities say, his burnt body was discovered next to train tracks near Nostrand Avenue.

By locating the car, his mother was able to learn this. He was her lone child. “This is repulsive. I can honestly state that my brother didn’t do anything to anyone. He wasn’t a gang member. He was not a rough child.

Who was DeAndre Matthews?

Not a horrible child, but he was. Do you understand what I mean? He remained inside the home, “Dajanae Gillespie, a sister, stated.

DeAndre Matthews has a reputation for being humorous. He enjoyed playing video games, traveling, and spending time with his family. “Nothing is known to us. We don’t know anything, and my sister does not deserve this “stated Tamika Matthews.

Friend Daviona Miley stated, “He was just too sweet to everybody; he was just always too polite, and sometimes people could take that for granted.” But I always made sure to instill strength in him.

DeAndre Matthews was a criminal justice student at SUNY Broome Community College. His relatives stated that he desired to work as a social worker.


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