What happened to Rasheem Carter? Everything about his Cause of death Explained

Rasheem Carter
Rasheem Carter, 25-year-old missing man found dead


Rasheem Carter was found dead after being reported missing in Mississippi last year. After discovering their son’s remains in three different locations, a Mississippi family is now looking for answers on what happened to him. Let’s see what happened to Rasheem Carter in detail.

What happened to Rasheem Carter?

Rasheem Carter, 25, was last reportedly seen in October at his workplace. On November 2, 2022, some of his remains were discovered. The body of 25-year-old Rasheem Carter was discovered in a woodland area, according to the Mississippi Smith County Sheriff’s Office. 

Later, a second set of his remains was discovered, and a third set was discovered on February 23. The department claimed they had no reason to suspect foul play in a Facebook post from November 3, 2022.

Since that time, Carter’s family has declared repeatedly that they do not think this is the case and have requested a federal investigation, with a civil rights lawyer.

They stated that the young Black man was the victim of a hate crime. But, the Police have denied claims that he was killed. The local county sheriff’s office stated it did not suspect any foul play.

Attorney Ben Crump is now involved since he and the family thinks this could have been a racially motivated murder.

Raheem Carter’s disappearance:

Carter was last seen at the start of October outside a Super 8 hotel in Laurel, about 30 minutes from Taylorsville, where he had been working under contract for the Georgia-Pacific manufacturing company. 

On Monday, the deceased man’s mother, Tiffany Carter, and civil rights attorney Ben Crump, as well as family and friends, attended a press conference in Jackson to discuss his death.

The group questioned the authorities’ evidence, demanded that someone be held accountable, and emphasized details of Rasheem Carter’s autopsy.

Last year, according to the authorities, Rashem Carter’s body was discovered in a wooded area on November 2 south of Taylorsville, Mississippi.  

The press release stated that “Carter was initially reported missing on October 2, 2022, in Laurel, MS. Thank you to the public who turned in pertinent information regarding Carter’s whereabouts.”

“At this time, we have no reason to believe foul play was involved, but the case is still under investigation. The remains were transported to MS Crime Lab for DNA confirmation. Please continue to keep the family in your prayer”

Family demands justice:

Crump stated that the family believes Rasheem Carter was a victim of a hate crime at the news conference earlier this week. 

Carter’s head was “severed” from his body. His vertebrate, his spinal cord was in another spot they discovered away from his severed head”, according to the new autopsy.

Rasheem Carter’s mother earlier informed authorities that the last time she spoke to her son, he said that white males were chasing him and calling him racist epithets. She had advised him to call the police for assistance. 

Crump stated, “We NEED a federal investigation into the killing of Rasheem Carter! Rasheem was ignored after seeking help from police, and no progress has been made to find his killers—his family deserves justice!”

The Smith County Sheriff’s Department reports that the cause of Carter’s death is yet unknown.

The Mississippi State Medical Examiners Officer did a forensic anthropological examination on February 2. No cause of death “could be reasonably determined” by the medical examiner’s office based solely on the condition of Carter’s remains.

But, an independent autopsy revealed his death was NOT due to natural causes!”

Investigation continues…

The FBI and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation also provided assistance, and the press release reaffirmed that the investigation remained open and ongoing. 

During the press conference, Crump said: “This was not a natural death. Images from his autopsy show a skull that had been cut in half. This portrays the murder of a young man.”

“His head was severed from his body, his vertebrae, his spinal cord was in another spot they discovered away from his severed head. They recently discovered remains that they think also belong to Rasheem Carter.”

Joel Houston, the sheriff of Smith County, denied that Rasheem Carter had been slain in an interview with the Washington Post on Tuesday.

He said: “There is nothing to be swept under the rug or hidden in that nature. 

“There’s no evidence to substantiate any” of Carter’s family’s claims that he was murdered. 

 “There’s no indication that someone killed him. The evidence we do have does coincide with what animals would do to a body.”

The cause and manner of death were ruled to be unknown by the medical examiner, but the family disagreed. Crump has stated that Carter’s spinal cord recovered in a different place from his skull.

Crump told reporters at a press conference, “This doesn’t seem like the act of just one individual”. It somewhat corroborates Tiffany’s claim that her son was being pursued by a lynch mob of three trucks before his disappearance.


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