What happened to Katlego Bereng? Is he dead by collapse or killed? Explained


 What happened to Katlego Bereng? Is he dead by collapse or killed? Explained

The body discovered in the Mangaung cell that was burned has been identified. It was discovered on May 3, 2022, and at first, it was thought that it belonged to Thabo Bester, a convicted murderer.

DNA testing carried out after Bester’s escape and eventual capture, according to authorities, connected the body with the deceased’s biological mother.

The family was informed on Friday that the body was that of their son Katlego Bereng, according to Batho Mpholo. Keep reading this article to know What happened to Katlego Bereng and learn more details about this entire case.

Thabo Bester’s audacious prison break from Mangaung prison was shown to be covered up by Katlego Junior Mpholo, a corpse. Here is what we know about him at this early stage of our inquiries.

Is Katlego Bereng dead by collapse or killed?

Batho Mpholo, Bereng’s father, claims that his son went missing in April of last year. According to City Press, the 51-year-old received a call verifying that the body discovered in Bester’s cell was Bereng’s.

“The call has rendered me numb, and my spirit is gone.” I never imagined losing my firstborn in such a horrific way. He lived in Bloemfontein with his grandma while also renting a room in the township.

Bereng’s father, Batho Mpholo, confirmed on Twitter that his son’s body had been identified as the burnt body used in the cell.

“My son’s corpse was burned by Thabo Bester when he was incarcerated. Our government has let us down. I am shattered. 

The publication claims that the mother of the deceased father, Batho Mpholo, called him to inform him that their missing son’s burned remains had been positively identified by DNA testing.

According to Mpholo, he called Katlego’s mother in April 2022 to inquire about his whereabouts because he wasn’t returning his calls or texts.

“He also abruptly stopped posting on social media, which I found very odd because he loved social media,” she continued. The deceased resided in Bloemfontein with his mother and grandma. According to reports, Bereng’s mother is completely speechless and in shock: This is terrible news,”

Katlego’s last FB post

Katlego ‘Junior’ Mpholo was a somewhat active Facebook user before 7 July 2021. Looking through his gallery revealed that he was a huge fan of “ghetto fabulous” glamour, and his last few posts before “going dark” hinted that he had changed his outlook on life.

Mpholo claimed in this Facebook post from June 8, 2021, that he had been “crucified with Christ.”

“It Is No Longer I who Live , But Christ who lives In Me And The Life I Now Live In,” he wrote.

As soon as word of Mpholo’s fate within Bester’s cell was confirmed on Saturday, his love partner, a woman by the name of Thandiwe, came out with a statement, further solidifying our concerns that he may have vanished around the time he stopped posting on social media.

Thandiwe said on social media that she “was surprised that [he] would dump [his children],” indicating that she may have stopped speaking to Mpholo in the middle to late 2021, just months before Bester fled from prison.

Bereng parent’s statement on the police investigation

Mpholo claims that his son was gone soon after losing his job at a Bloemfontein eatery. “I made the trip down to Bloemfontein, where his grandmother informed me that she hadn’t seen him in a month and a few days.

Mid-May, to be exact. When we arrived at the rental property where he had a room, he was not there, and the neighbors had not seen him in a while. We started a missing person case at that time.

He stated that Bereng’s mother was supposedly only contacted by the Bloemfontein police approximately a week ago to request DNA testing.

They never explained the purpose of the DNA, therefore a few days later she received a call from Pretoria informing her that the test had not been carried out properly.

The test was repeated by someone dispatched from Pretoria, and the findings were favorable. They were silent even this time. We didn’t understand the purpose of the DNA test until they contacted us on Saturday to let us know that my son was the individual who was discovered in Bester’s cell.

What happened to Katlego Bereng?

Police statement on Bereng’s death

The police report claiming that Katlego Mpholo passed out in town and was rushed to the hospital has been denied by his family.

Many crucial details, according to his father, are still lacking. The burned body of Katlego Mpholo was located when DNA tests revealed a match with his mother.

Mpholo claims that the police informed him that his son overdosed on drugs, passed out in the street, later died in the hospital, and was then brought to a government mortuary.

They were unable to explain how he came to be in Bester’s cell. What they are claiming still has no basis in reality. We still need answers to several things. On May 18, Bereng would have turned 32 years old.

About Katlego Bereng 

On May 18, Katlego was born. His birth year is still a mystery at this point. In Bloemfontein, Free State, he supposedly worked as a server at Spur Steak Ranches.

He graduated from Varsity College and may have gone on to earn certifications from the NetCare 911 Academy. He was the father of a boy, age three, and possibly another child. According to reports, he graduated from Lekhulong Secondary School in Rocklands, Mangaung.

Although not much is known about Katlego Bereng, it has been found that he was a devoted Bloemfontein Celtic FC fan, with images of him wearing Celtic clothing making the rounds online.

Autopsy results

According to an autopsy report, Katlego had already passed away when the prison got fire and had died as a result of blunt force injuries to the head.

As per the late Mpholo’s father, the police’s version of events is only part of the story. They want to know how he wound himself in cell 35, he claims.

Investigators examining the case currently face a challenging task in figuring out how Mpholo came to be Bester’s escape route.

Bester, who was serving a life sentence at the time of his escape, and his accomplice, famous dermatologist Nandipha Magudumana, were apprehended in Tanzania.

The alleged conspirators include Magudumana’s father, Zolile Sekeleni, his co-accused daughter, former G4S employee Senohe Matsoara, camera installer Teboho Lipholo, and G4S guard Motanyane John Masukela. The family is adamant about discovering the truth.

On Monday, they will visit the Bloemfontein police station to get additional details and learn when Bereng’s remains will be made public.

Who is Thabo Bester? 

Katlego Bereng Mpholo’s body was discovered in Thabo Bester’s cell. On April 8, 2023, almost 11 months after his spectacular escape, Bester—who was serving a life sentence at the Mangaung Correctional Centre for two counts of rape, aggravated robbery, and murder—was captured in Arusha, Tanzania, with his sweetheart, Dr. Nandipha Magudumana.

There have been questions over Bereng’s body’s entry into the facility and the identity of the person who set the Facebook rapist’s cell on fire before he escaped.

Is there any connection between Bereng’s death and Bester’s escape?

In the wake of Bereng’s death and Bester’s escape, Tebogo Lipholo, Dr. Nandipha’s father Zolile Sekeleni, two ex-G4S workers Senohe Motsoara and Motanyane Masukela, as well as Zolile Sekeleni have all made court appearances.

A week after Bester’s re-arrest, G4S Auditor and Risk Director Gert Beyleveld acknowledged during a meeting of the portfolio committee that at least seven employees had been fired for violating the law and perhaps conspiring to smuggle Bereng’s body.

The firm also disclosed disturbing information about how, on April 29, 2022, the same day that Bester requested to be transferred to the solitary confinement of Cell 35 out of concern for his life, a vehicle carrying a TV stand cabinet was allowed unauthorized access into the prison.

It is still unknown whether Dr. Nandipha and her co-accused were involved in Bereng’s passing. However, we can be positive that when the fire started in Bester’s cell, Monica’s son had already died from blunt force injuries.

This raises two inquiries: When his body was brought into Mangaung prison, was he already deceased? if so, who struck the fatal blow, and if so, when?

This story is still developing, check back later for further updates on this case.


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