How did Zarihun Wadajo die? Oromian singer cause of death Explained


 How did Zarihun Wadaajoo die? Oromian singer cause of death Explained

Artist Zarihun Wadaajoo Passed Away (Source: Facebook)

Veteran fighter and singer Zarihun Wadajo passed away. He was a famous Oromo singer and a role model for today’s singers. Let’s find out what happened to him and Zarihun Wadajo cause of death in this post.

What happened to Zarihun Wadajo?

Oromo singer and Freedom Fighter passed away yesterday night. As per the official reports, it was confirmed that singer Zarihun Wadajo passed away on April 22/2023 after a serious illness while undergoing treatment in India.

He passed away after long medical treatment in India. He is credited for his liberation movement songs and struggles against oppression for over 40 years.

Artist Zarihuun played a big role in the Oromo liberation struggle. Artist Zarihun Wadajo has been fighting for the Oromo people all his life now the day his life went to the face of God is an artist who was fighting for the rights of his people!

Zarihun Wadajo cause of death

Reports from the second of April state that Wadajo was admitted to the hospital for treatment before dying of his illness after a protracted battle.

April 2 reports stated,

“Artist Zarihun Wadajo is known to travel to India to get medical treatment for his disease.” However, it is said that it has been a week since he entered the ICU (intensive care unit)! Singer Zarihun Wadaajoo is currently undergoing treatment in a hospital due to the beatings he has been suffering in prison at various times.

Zarihun Wadaajoo is one of the oldest and most prominent Oromo artists. Zarihun was sent to India for further treatment after a long illness but could not survive.

Zarihun Wadajo cause of death

Who was Zarihun Wadaajoo?

Singer Zarihun Wadaajoo has performed 95 songs in his 45 years of career. Zarihun is a man who does not back down from his goals and beliefs, says his longtime friend and well-known singer Ilfinash Qannoo.

Artist Zarihun Wadaajoo has released seven albums and several singles. He says he has not earned a single birr from selling his songs and has been releasing them freely so that the people can hear and wake up.

After a brief exile in the United States, he returned home due to political changes in the country. But as long as I am alive, nothing will stop me from singing about art and Oromo issues, Zarihun said. “I will not give up Oromo art until I die. I will write in bed, not something we will leave behind until my country gets somewhere,” he says.

He says the pain and suffering he is experiencing now have forced him to appeal to his people. “O my people, please stand by me. I say do something to help me as long as I live. I never cried out that I was in trouble and now it is beyond my power,” he said.

What illness did he suffer?

(2020 reports)

Singer Zarihun Wadaajoo said that the father does not claim sacrifice, but I have sacrificed his youth for his people and I hope his people will not leave him when I am in trouble. Zarihun Wadajo said he has been bedridden for two months with Nervous disease and on top of that, Kintaro.

Artist Zarihun Wadaajoo, who has been known for his struggle songs for many years, is lying ill and asking for public help.

Zarihun told the BBC that the torture and beatings he suffered in prisons for his participation in the Oromo struggle were the cause of his illness.

“I am suffering from a nervous disease. It started with beatings in prisons at various times. I was patient with it because we had no place to hide or be treated. Now the pain is getting worse,” he says.

He said he had previously been treated by going to the hospital on his own but now he is lying at home because he is too weak to get better treatment.

“I have nothing economically except for some things that my people help me with. I am struggling to pay my rent. I spent my youth fighting but I have nothing economically,” he says.

After a long struggle, he died on April 22/2023. Our deepest condolences will go to Wadajo’s family and the community he was fighting for.


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