What happened to Florencia Ramirez? Salinas woman found dead and 7 year-old son still missing

Edgar Espinoza, 7, and his mother Florencia Ramirez were reported missing on Wednesday night, and now multiple agencies are searching for them in the Moss Landing area. Afterwards, the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office verified that Florencia Ramirez passed away in the water after being unconscious. Let’s see What happened to Florencia Ramirez in detail.

What happened to Florencia Ramirez?

A three-year-old kid reported his mother and brother missing to a kind samaritan near Moss Landing at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, according to the U.S. Coast Guard.

The sheriff’s office is still unsure of what caused the report at this time. Currently, the sheriff’s office does not know what caused that report. Seven-year-old Edgar Espinoza was identified by the family.

Florencia’s mother said to KION that she received a call from her daughter stating that she was at the beach with her two children and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. She then learned that her daughter was found unconscious at the beach and ultimately passed away at the hospital.

The mother’s death was later confirmed by the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office after she was found unconscious in the water and transferred to Natividad Medical Center. The mother’s family recognized her as 27-year-old Florencia Ramirez of Salinas.


Search Cancelled the U.S Coast Guard:

The 7-year-old boy’s mother was discovered dead in the water near Monterey County, and the U.S. Coast Guard on Thursday put a stop to its search for him.

By 8 p.m., a 2 1/2-hour journey south of San Francisco in rural Moss Landing, the search had begun.

According to the Coast Guard, the 3-year-old youngster was discovered alone on the beach by a bystander on Wednesday. According to officials, the boy said that his mother and brother were missing.

A 47-foot Motor Lifeboat boat crew and an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter were sent out by Coast Guard Sector San Francisco to help with the search.

The Coast Guard and other agencies searched by air and sea for the boy for 11 and a half hours, covering more than 6 square miles (15.5 square kilometers).


How to report a Missing person case in Salinas CA?

To reach non-emergency dispatch, dial 831-758-7321. For English, press 1; for Spanish, press 2.

Press 1 to report a crime without a suspect listed.

Press 2 if you need to report a missing person, a stolen car, a stolen firearm, or suspect information.

To leave a voicemail at an officer’s extension, dial (831) 775-4201. You can also lookup for more details in the Salinas Police Department directory.



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