Watch Video: Blueface And Chrisean Rock Fight On Street


Watch Video: Blueface And Chrisean Rock Fight On Street

Blueface & Chrisean Rock Come To Crashes On Hollywood Blvd In Another Toxic Moment. Let’s see what happened between them and watch Video of Blueface And Chrisean Rock Fight on Street

Watch Video: Blueface And Chrisean Rock Fight On Street


what happened between Blueface And Chrisean Rock?

Blueface recently got into a physical argument with his girlfriend Chrisean Rock. And it was all captured on camera.

On Tuesday (Aug. 2), a video surfaced of Blueface and Rock duking it out on a Hollywood, Calif. sidewalk. 

In a video of the wild incident, Blueface is initially trying to walk away from Rock. She is telling the rapper to return to the car.

Chrisean seemed to be the one who started things off by pursuing the rapper down the street and tugging at his shirt to pull him backward.

She hits Blueface across the face while holding onto his shirt and pushes him.

Rock is then struck in the head by Blueface. Also, he manages to pull the chain from her neck as she falls to the ground.

Blueface pushes her against the wall. And strikes her many times in the head and body. As she is being pulled by his shirt as she turns the corner.

It’s an odd encounter, sometimes seeming to move slowly. The argument eventually just fizzles out, and they part ways.

Police were called, but when they showed up, Blueface and Chrisean were nowhere to be found. We’ve gotten in touch with Blueface. No response has been received thus far.

Blueface Explains Why He Broke Up With Chrisean Rock?

Blueface addressed his connection with Rock on social media on Friday, saying that while they were never formally dating, he has chosen to cut ties with Chrisean because she failed to “keep up her end of the bargain.”

In a video, Blueface said, “Me and Rock, we vibe. “She’s not trustworthy enough—simply put, we had an agreement, and she didn’t uphold her half of the bargain. That’s it. There is no breakup. We’re still grooving. We remain in contact. We continue to ahh.

She simply isn’t trustworthy enough for me. I’m done now. It is simply that. It’s crucial to have someone you can rely on.

Chrisean didn’t wait long to share her side of the tale on Instagram, claiming Blueface “can’t handle” her being “beautiful.”

Rock wrote, “U putting up a front to hurt me more.” “I just don’t understand the point of acting as though you don’t truly love me. Whatever you’re doing right now won’t last very long.

I’ll just keep moving forward and working hard while hoping that the ominous cloud will pass.
People can see what an immature guy you are by the fact that you are saying all of that to appear a certain way.

You’re making me laugh by behaving like you’re not afraid of losing me.
“Blueface can’t handle dealing with someone everyone is drawn to, so u make a video lying to the world for nothing if we belong together,” Chrisean continued.


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