Bungee cord tragedy video: How did Yevgenia Leontyeva die? Explained


Bungee cord tragedy video: How did Yevgenia Leontyeva die? Explained

Yevgenia Leontyeva, 33, was caught on camera dying in Kazakhstan while performing a free-fly leap in front of her husband and friends. The instructor Alexander Muznikas was imprisoned due to the occurrence. Let’s see how Yevgenia Leontyeva die and watch the Bungee cord tragedy video in detail

Bungee cord tragedy explained

Yevgenia Leontyeva, 33, died while participating in Kazakhstan’s extreme sport of “free-flying,” for which instructor Alexander Muznikas received a four-year prison punishment.

She can be seen calmly stepping over the edge of a hotel rooftop in Karaganda, Kazakhstan, ahead of the drop.

But rather than slowing down as she reached the ground, Ms. Leontyeva was swept across the car park and hit head-first into a wall after a supporting rope tied to a tree either failed to bear or was not secured properly.

A mother died after a free-fly leap tragically went wrong and, fell 100 feet to her death while her husband was present.

According to testimony in court in Kazakhstan, her husband Alexander witnessed his wife’s murder in horror.

Alexander stated: my wife has died in front of my eyes, he added.

The Karaganda court was informed that the mother allowed her female companion to do the “rope free-flying” leap first, and it was successful.

The instructor was heard pressing Ms. Leontyeva to jump, although witnesses claimed she had appeared “frightened.”

Before the sad jump, she and a friend had posted messages reading ‘Live it up and ‘We’re going to fly.

Bungee cord tragedy video: What was the video clip portrayed?


The clip portrays a man fixing tackle straps onto Ms. Leontyeva, while another off-screen tells her: ‘I love you.’

There is a countdown before she steps over the ridge and jumps off.

Following her husband Alexander Tkachenko’s “I love you” declaration, she is subsequently seen on a horrifying video leaping from the terrace.

According to sources, Ms. Leontyeva fell to the ground when a supporting rope was not securely fastened to a tree.

Following her horrifying fall, observers below could be seen coming to her aid as they heard screams from onlookers on the roof.

Her rope is tied to a cross-line. It was supposed to break her fall and keep her hanging above the earth, but it broke.

A man was reportedly spotted tumbling to the ground as she crashed towards the ground, according to local sources.

He was reportedly holding the safety line that was supposed to be fastened to the tree when she fell, and the impact of her fall knocked him to the ground.

What was the Employee’s fault?

The grieving husband remarked, “I came to be by my wife’s side. I was shocked and terrified as I watched my wife killed. The employee was at fault.

“They lacked coordination in their movements. The trainer didn’t check to see if the rope was secured to the ground. I don’t want anyone to go through this, and he has to go to jail.

Naturally, this won’t bring my spouse and my children’s mother back.

What happened to Yevgenia Leontyeva?

Ms. Leontyeva sustained severe skull fractures, brain damage, and numerous fractures on the right side of her body. She was taken to the hospital right away but subsequently passed away from her wounds.

Anton Shevelev, a friend of the victim, testified in court that he had told the instructor to remove Ms. Leontyeva’s harness so they could “go home” because she was “afraid to jump.”

But, according to him, Muznikas convinced her to leap.

Three boys under the age of 14 lived with Ms. Leontyeva—two of her own and the deceased relative’s kid.

Muznikas was found guilty of providing unsafe services and of causing a fatality via negligence.
He received a four-year prison term.

What do viewers say about this bungee jump?

The jump was allowed to go ahead before an organizer had time to tie the rope to a tree.

Reports said a man fell to the ground as she crashed down. He is thought to have been holding the safety line. And floored by the force of her fall pulling on the unsecured rope.

Many residents had been preparing to make intense jumps on Sunday.

A criminal investigation has been started into the tragedy, amid suspicion of ‘negligence’ on the part of jump organizers. The possible punishment is a 40-day penalty.

Stomach-churning rope jumping or rope free-flying is an intense sport originating in the US in the 1990s.

It is similar to bungee jumping, but the rope is made of nylon so jumpers don’t bounce.

It is rehearsed on cliffs and high buildings and has been described as a cross between bungee jumping and abseiling, with dizzying rope swings.

People’s Reactions to this incident

The Sun tweeted,

Moment mum falls 80ft to death in botched ‘free-flying’ jump with loose rope

John Nettleton tweeted,

I would never do anything like that – EVEN IF everything had been checked, rechecked, and rechecked again.

mariam tweeted,

It looks like she jumped before she was ready.

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