Tributes pouring in for Harlem Rapper Edot Baby died at 18



Tributes pouring in for Harlem Rapper Edot Baby died at 18


Tributes pouring in for Harlem Rapper Edot Baby 

We report the passing of talented young rapper Edot Baby, who died after apparently committing suicide by shooting himself in the head, with profound regret. Edot Baby reportedly shot himself in the head late last night and then was taken to a local hospital where he was confirmed dead.

The cause of Edot Baby’s death has been the subject of much conjecture, with many people speculating that he committed suicide.

According to the reports, Edot shot himself in the head before taking his own life. His passing has prompted a conversation about the significance of mental health.

But Edot Baby’s cause of death is unknown, and the circumstances surrounding his passing are still a mystery. Whatever the case, his passing has raised awareness about the need of seeking treatment when you need it and the problem of mental health. Please seek assistance if you or someone you know is experiencing mental health issues. As news of his passing breaks, tributes are flooding in for the late rapper.

Mike tweeted,

Wait, Edot Baby killed himself??? Jesus Christ, man. I’m still heartbroken over Takeoff. Now you’re telling me one of my city’s own died the day after? The music industry is cursed.

Glory tweeted,

He was a young artist from Harlem, New York very very talented Edot Baby, unfortunately, committed suicide, he was 17 years old. Depression can affect everyone it’s not a shame to talk about it take care of your mental health

D Nivas tweeted,

 I’m starting to become convinced they Vlad tv just likes to show a lot of black people being murdered and classify them as (Rappers) to get away with it because most if not all of us have no idea who these people are

James tweeted,

 They are dehumanizing people. By calling them, rappers. This was someone’s son !! Fn is tired of this! Seems like every black male teen or young Adult is a rapper

Aercher tweeted,

 Please call drill what it is . Drill stands for kill what is the only thing y’all promote. So a kill rapper is dead Smh it crazy it’s only freedom of speech when we or any speaks against us.

Haway tweeted,

Fellow New York rapper DD Osama paid tribute to Edot Baby in his Instagram Stories with several posts, which many believed confirmed Edot’s passing. Some reports are claiming that Edot Baby died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, although, that has yet to be confirmed.

Swig tweeted,

Lil Edot this hurts my heart baby boy from the start you were the star you made a way for everybody let everybody eat off your plate & shared your light with the gang this wasn’t the plan for you I don’t even know what to say but I love you man

Selene tweeted,

Nobody knows why edot baby did what he did and how it happen please let his soul rest & mind ya business

Hudgey tweeted,

RIP Edot Baby. Mental health care is so crucial, especially in under-resourced communities like those that drill rappers come from. Hotlines aren’t enough, we need to change the precarious conditions that produce these situations & provide mental & physical healthcare for all.

Alam tweeted,

 RIP Edot baby ! I love you little bro. Thank you for trusting me with your career and to be in your life. It was an honor. The headache u gave me was worth.

Ahaa tweeted,

Depression & Anxiety can affect anyone, doesn’t matter what type of person you are. PLEASE SPEAK TO SOMEONE

Kevin tweeted,

RIP Edot Baby, He committed suicide last night. He was 17 years old.

Hana tweeted,

Popular New York rapper Edot Baby has passed away.

Trapa tweeted,

Rest In Peace Edot Baby (The popular drill rapper passed away today due to potential self-inflicted wounds / he battled with mental health behind all this rappin shxt)

Wrestler tweeted,

RIP Edot baby can’t believe he took his own life this shit is just tragic these super talented young black men just dying on a daily it’s truly heartbreaking

Zav tweeted,

Energy really different at this moment. Matty Gz died and Edot Baby followed in the same 24 hours. Not even to mention takeoff and countless others smh.

Rap shit tweeted,

Harlem Rapper Edot Baby Dead AT 18 After Committing Suicide #edotbaby #kayflock #harlem #nydrill #ripedotbaby #BRONXDRILL #bronx RIP Edot baby ! I love you little bro

Luffy tweeted,

Rest In Peace Edot Baby 2 rappers in a week passed away

Hearty tweeted,

damnnnnnn niggas saying Edot Baby packed himself & now they saying his bitch packed em, hid the chop & said he killed emself tf is going onnnnn ! RIP 17 thou damnnn

Aerial tweeted,

It’s extremely sad but I believe a lot the energy these drill rappers put in the world is what they get back.

Paul tweeted,

Wow. Rappers are dying left and right. I don’t even know who most of them are, but it is still sad

Derek tweeted,

He was never going to do anything positive for the community listen to his music… next

DVS blast tweeted,

RIP edotbaby check on ya mans fr. Mental health is very real. Never bottle up your emotion fr talk to someone and shit if no one there for you write it down talk to yourself. Get clean don’t use drugs to ignore your mental health rip. National suicide prevention call 988 

Worldwide tweeted,

On a serious note, we don’t play bout mental Health on this platform so we’re sending nothing but prayers to #Edotbaby a buzzing 17-year-old rapper from Harlem and his family. it was reported that #Edotbaby committed suicide today make sure y’all check on your people


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